Oukitel C3 Review: ultrabudget smartphone on Android 6

Oukitel C3 Review: ultrabudget smartphone on Android 6

Oukitel C3 released in early 2016, and the efforts of Chinese have done a lot of noise. The machine belongs to the category of smartphones, “cheaper just malfunctioned”. It is equipped with Android 6, and got an interesting design. But more importantly, the manufacturer managed to release ultra budget camera, and not to screw it up.

In online stores the minimum cost is 66 USD. In China, sold for 10 dollars cheaper. Prices are approximate and current at the time of review. Of course, much flattered and expect something incredible don’t need. The manufacturer will in any case need to skimp on certain components. But about all under the order.

Better — worse — it is impossible: the smartphone has a minimum required configuration suitable for operation of the smartphone.

Oukitel C3 Review: ultrabudget smartphone on Android 6

Oukitel C3: Design

Oukitel C3 is dressed in a simple plastic case. The front panel is covered with glass. It is not pressed streaks on the display when pressed does not appear. Touch buttons for navigating in the interface is not highlighted.

The back cover is removable, covers not only the rear but also the side faces. On the panel there is a relief pattern reminiscent of the facets of a diamond. When viewed from different angles the figure changes its color. Looks interesting and fresh.

Oukitel C3 Review: ultrabudget smartphone on Android 6

The choice of panel colors is rich: in addition to black and white there is grey, blue and gold options. The slots for the main speaker are in the lower right corner of the back panel.

As usual, the volume rocker and power button located on the right side.

Headphone Jack placed on the top face. There is also a MicroUSB connector, which had received support OTG. A single microphone is located on the lower edge.

Oukitel C3: Processor

As the hardware platform selected was an old 4-core processor MediaTek MT6580. Its 32-bit cores are capable of running at up to 1.3 GHz. But the graphics core Mali-400, cut down to a single cluster (MP1). In synthetic test AnTuTu without surprises — 24 thousand points with a “penny”. This combination of hardware configuration with enough RAM already not once tested on a variety of devices.

Oukitel C3 Review: ultrabudget smartphone on Android 6

Smartphone demonstrates an acceptable level of performance in partial load scenarios. Judging by the unofficial standards gaming hardware is not considered. That does not prevent to run on the device in practically any 3D game. Many of them will only work on a minimal level of graphics.

It is strange that with budget hardware the smartphone noticeably heats up near the camera. But no reason to worry, because in this case no adverse effects, the heating can not be held.

Oukitel C3: Memory

RAM — 1 GB, more than half of which “eats away” the OS and system processes. This amount of RAM enough for operating system Android is 6, so count on a fast interface or multiple applications at the same time – not worth it. Saved by the fact that the smartphone is no heavy corporate shell that can load the app but there is a small launcher that changes the look.

The user also gets personal use about 5 GB of internal memory 8. The remaining part is required for the OS. Optionally, you can install a MicroSD card up to 32 GB. Besides, the operating system allows you to programmatically merge it with the internal drive. Finally, with the help of OTG you can connect USB stick or external hard drive.

Oukitel C3: Battery

The smartphone is equipped with a removable battery capacity of 2000 mAh. If the active load device, will have to charge twice a day. But at moderate loads to achieve full-day battery life. Importantly, do not forget to monitor the level of brightness, and to limit unnecessary background data transfer. Time of continuous HD video for up to 5 hours.

4 hours battery discharged in the mode of active web surfing. At the maximum possible loads the device can withstand 3 hours. The battery is gaining capacity in a long time: 0 to 100% in 3.5 hours. When using a smartphone while recharging with the supplied power adapter notice incorrect behavior of a touchscreen.

The whole thing in low quality charger. Need to replace it as the problem disappears. In some instances, incorrectly displays the current charge level. This creates the impression that the device runs on a few percent too long. The problem is software in nature, and is solved by installing a special “tweak” or update the firmware.

Oukitel C3: Camera

For shooting we use a standard app with the usual interface to stock Android. Main photo module — megapixel, software the image is stretched to 8 MP. Has auto focus and flash. Day pictures suggests too, are present in abundance noises and blurred areas at the edges of the frame. Photos including far off objects resemble painted pictures.

Photo on Oukitel C3

Photo on Oukitel C3


At least the picture quality is significantly better than the Doogee X5 2015. The best result, the camera shows the subject in the shot, with good light source. That is, if you take a picture text in the picture, it will be perfectly readable.

Photo on Oukitel C3

The videos are recorded for a maximum HD resolution in 3gp format. The video quality is depressing — the picture is Unsharp and blurry. About front camera nothing special to say: Yes, Yes, okay. Images with a resolution of 0.3 MP, interpolated to 2 MP, are of low quality, tamilanadu and bad detail. Frontalka will fit except for the… design element of the housing.

Oukitel C3: Display

The smartphone has a 5-inch display. Uses a matrix IPS, with decent viewing angles, though not maximum. The screen resolution — HD (1280 x 720) pixels, which provides high pixel density for 5 inch — 297 ppi. As a result, clear, sharp picture with a high color temperature (the image will be juicy). The maximum brightness level is acceptable but not the highest.

To improve the readability of the image in Sunny weather contributes to the bonding technology OGS screen. At the minimum backlight level the screen is not “blinding” the user at night. Multi-touch capacity: 2 simultaneous touches maximum. When zooming images or pages in the browser no problem. With the sensitivity of the screen is all right, he clearly responds to the finger.

Oukitel C3: Networking opportunities

Under the lid there are separate slots for two MicroSIM and one MicroSD card. Supported networks 2G and 3G. The device shows strong signal reception. Working wireless modules Wi-Fi, 2.4 GHz and Bluetooth 4.0 is also satisfactory. As for navigation, everything is predictable, since the CPU MT6580 problems on this front.

On the search for satellites takes time, and the location accuracy is not significant. GLONASS is not supported. But, more importantly, the GPS still works even without Internet connection. The room is only two satellites.

Oukitel C3: Sound

In devices of this class are often problems with this item. But not in Oukitel C3. Of course, using the main loudspeaker hardly anyone will be able to enjoy the fifth Symphony of Beethoven. The sound quality of the ordinary: includes high frequency, no bass, but also rattles either. Dynamics is a good stock volume (slightly above average).

That is, he does his job: incoming call loud and clear. And to listen to good music, simply connect the appropriate headset. The earpiece is also normal, your interlocutor is heard well. With the sensitivity of the microphone all right.

Oukitel C3: software part

Gone are the days when cheap smartphones were shipped with outdated operating system versions. Oukitel C3 out of the box runs on Android 6.0. And sometimes stable. There is a utility to obtain wireless firmware updates. The system has integrated a third-party launcher, colorful icons.

Also added a “floating” button Float Gesture for quick access to certain functions. It can be freely moved around the screen, or disable, as desired. For example, with its help you can call window media player. You can watch videos and switch music tracks without turning the active application. To prevent accidental pressing on the touch of a button during the game, using the Float Gesture you can turn on “Game mode”.

Perhaps a fresh operating system more minus than plus. It is more demanding to resources, which in this smartphone is the minimum. Perhaps it would be better behaved system Android 4, but most users the necessary figures on paper.

Oukitel C3: Individual characteristics

In front of us — one of the cheapest smartphones in the world Android 6 Marshmallow on Board. Cover with the “diamond” design has already met earlier in the Bluboo Picasso, for example. However, this figure gives the smartphone a certain something. And finally, support OTG. At the moment, the ability to connect flash drives, external hard drives, keyboards, etc. in most cases only found in more expensive models.

The pros and cons Oukitel C3


  • OTG is supported;
  • separate slots for SIM and memory card;


  • a bad power supply from the kit;
  • bad receiver for navigation satellites;
  • mediocre battery life;
  • poor build quality;
  • the minimum amount of RAM for Android 6;
  • bad camera (it corresponds to the level of competitors with the same price).

To fit smartphone

If you are looking for as cheap as possible, and while normally operating the mobile — no need to. Perfect for calls, Internet, launch, light apps social. networks, and as a multimedia player.

In other words suitable for those who are not ready to shell out a large amount of mobile, for temporary use or as an additional phone (e.g., smart phone exclusively for work). Also suitable as a first smartphone for a child-student who can afford to lose or break.

Our review Oukitel C3

It may seem that the device is deliberately praised in the review. Not at all. There’s just nothing to compare with the experience of using smartphones in this price category. Often competitors from the same segment appears many schools. Their background Oukitel C3 looks like a perfectly balanced machine. Despite the shortcomings, this is a good option for the money, but can expect outstanding returns in anything – not worth it.

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