Oukitel A58 Review and test of smartwatches

Oukitel A58 Review and test of smartwatches

Oukitel A58 is not only wearable device manufacturer. Present another A28 and A29 models. By numbering it can be assumed that it is the oldest of them A58. The way it is. However, smart watches Chinese manufacturer have a very democratic price tag. It remains to find out how good they are in business.

Oukitel A58: Specifications

Technical specifications are not impressive. MediaTek MT2502 – very “weak” single-chip system, which performance is hardly enough for a smooth rendering interface.

On the other hand, its power consumption should be extremely modest. We will see. Nice to see a microphone and speaker that lets you talk on the phone with the help of watches.

Oukitel A58 Review and test of smartwatches

Oukitel A58: Packaging equipment

Available Oukitel A58 in a compact black box with a nice engraving. Of course, it is possible to directly determine the price positioning of the device, but when the manufacturer every penny counts, it is quite acceptable.

There are no markings except for shopping sticker on it is not.

Inside lie the clock itself, sunk into the soft substrate.

Oukitel A58 Review and test of smartwatches

Together with them, you can find the following accessories:

  • Documentation;
  • The charging pad;
  • Cord MicroUSB.

Alas, since the device does not support the non-contact charging, about any dock out of the question.

The charging pad is attached directly to the body clock from the reverse side. Through serving on the case button, disrupt the polarity will not work.

Made of plastic playground. It is very light and compact, it is quite easy to lose.

Oukitel A58: Appearance and design

Dial Oukitel A58 is made in a rectangular format, the body is made of metal and plastic.

The plastic back cover here, which contains on itself contacts for charging and heart rate monitor. Build quality is high, do not flex and does not creak, but the materials of low quality.

Especially frustrating plastic back cover, which is perceived by the hand, to put it mildly, strange after conventional metal clock.

Oukitel A58 Review and test of smartwatches

The watch case is very thick, but when compared it with other smart watches , it makes no sense to resent.

Only one button is present from physical controls. It is even possible to twist in the manner of a mechanical watch, but to sense it will not add.

The manufacturer claims about the degree of protection IP53. This means a partial dust-resistance and protection from splashes. Wash hands with such a clock can not be! This falls under the following classification has protection – IPh4 (water jet protection).

Safety glass is slightly curved and rounded the edges. When off Oukitel A58 screen look neat, but the matrix borders still visible.

The speaker is hidden under the strap, located next to it and a microphone, resulting in a decent echo when speaking. In general, talking on Oukitel A58 is only in case of emergency – audibility is poor.

The speaker is surprisingly loud for watches. In alarm mode, it can wake up the owner, even when muted pillow, for example. About not speak as playback.

Oukitel A58 Review and test of smartwatches

The disadvantage may cause a type of connection, the smartphone recognizes the clock as a normal Bluetooth-device and begins to transmit to him all the sounds and calls by default. In fact, for Oukitel A58 smartphone – Wireless Headset.

The manufacturer assures that the strap is made of genuine leather. However, I got the impression that the “natural” only then padded strap, and everything else – the “young skin Colour Options” artificial.

Oukitel A58: Display

Oukitel A58 endowed 1.61 “screen, which is made on IPS technology. It does not take a very large part of the housing area, so that looks the most stylish gadget is not. The screen clock is not always turned on, it is necessary to view the time each time to press the button.

Oukitel A58 Review and test of smartwatches

The manufacturer claims the use of either sapphire glass, or sapphire coating, in that little hard to believe. Most likely, «Sapphire» is just the name of the screen.

The viewing angles are not very wide. Especially noticeable staining gray tones in different colors even at the minimum inclination angle. Yet the very matrix of IPS budget in front of us.

Lowering the contrast with diagonal viewing angles rapidly.

Like most smart watches, Oukitel A58 does not have a super-clear display and the individual pixels can easily see with the naked eye. But again, such a trend can be observed in much more expensive models, so it can hardly be written in the cons, looking at the cost of the device.

Disappointing sensor whose sensitivity is clearly low. And coupled with the slow processor, navigation turns into a slideshow with the element of surprise.

Oukitel A58: Software and firmware

Oukitel A58 running its own operating system. Let’s look at its interface and functionality.

Oukitel A58 Review and test of smartwatches

The main menu there is one, it is called a dial swipe from any direction. Scrolling is stepped down to 6 icons. From the appearance settings you can change the background only. Available options for the whole 5.

Settings options do not abound. As already could be seen in the interface is completely absent scroll bar, so to understand whether there are more items below can not be without action menu. Also, I note very small numbers and letters, which must literally vytselivat little finger on the dial.

There is a minimum required set of tools: calendar, stopwatch, timer and calculator.

In addition, you can track the number of proydёnnyh steps and calorie consumption. However, for this it is necessary to activate the application each time the button “Start”. After recharging the battery should be run all over again. It is called “pedometer”. Whatever it meant …

Thanks to the heart rate sensor watch can calculate the optimal sleep time. Name the interface intuitive, probably will not work.

Oukitel A58 Review and test of smartwatches

Judging by the built-in file manager, 64 MB available to the user stated … 506 KB. Unprecedented generosity of the manufacturer.

There is also a remote control the music on your phone. Controlled application is given by the universal utility for all devices based on the MT2502.

There sync address book and dial directly by connecting your smartphone.

To view the device costs to install the utility MediaTek SmartDevice, which enables you to control notifications and tie playing the music program to the console on the clock.

Without it, refused to carry out the clock synchronization with the test smartphone Sony Xperia Z3 + on Android 6.0.

Based on the information before us MediaTek SmartDevice watch the screen of 240 x 240 pixels on the basis of MAUI Wear system.

The list of compatible applications, small watches.

Also, the program allows you to install the update over the air.

Interestingly, the dials can not be pumped with this utility. The clock itself is preinstalled seven options. Consider the navigation interface and the smoothness of his work on the video:

As you can see, the interface is smooth low and the sensor is not always correct reads touch. However, this is all to be expected for a budget gadget, while awkward interface difficult to understand and forgive.

Wireless interfaces and communication Oukitel A58

Oukitel A58 can be connected to your phone only via Bluetooth. In this case also connect headphones will not work. Wi-Fi and a GPS device is not supported.

Oukitel A58: Battery

The manufacturer’s official website notes that the watch can work out in standby mode up to 120 hours.

When testing Oukitel A58 can be between three and five days of standby time without having to connect to your phone. If connected to walk clock and use their functions as often as it may generally be necessary, autonomy ranges from one to two days. It’s a bit strange, with such humble SoC expects more dramatic results.

Oukitel A58: Comparison with competitors

Competitors get a very interesting situation. When we get to the review of the clock based on Android Wear (for example, TAG Heuer Connected or Motorola Moto 360), the opponents loom themselves.

In our case Oukitel A58 play on the little-known manufacturers, who almost everyone has its own operating system based on Linux. And compare the model directly will not work: it was too different principles laid down in their base.

Some watches trying to imitate a shell Windows Phone system, bribing the ability to conduct covert filming. For example, iRu W4G.

ColMi GT08 is based on the ability to make video calls through the front facing camera (!). I’d like to look at the quality and smoothness of the video …

And someone just trying to get over the Apple Watch. For example, GlobusGPS GL-SW1.

This unit of one segment. And even create a consolidated data plate does not always work, because most manufacturers do not indicate the model and type of use SoC, while the individual representatives noname-community does not even have its own official site. Therefore, in order to understand this huge set of options, I would recommend studying a specific model in the price range and its operating system.

Meanwhile, the cost models on Android Wear begins from 10 000 rubles with the Sony SmartWatch 3.

Oukitel A58: Conclusion

Oukitel A58 are ideal for those who want to try a new type of gadgets in the case. Once this device may look and feel for users who repeatedly miss calls and messages. Smart clock with vibration motor and a loud speaker work fine as a backup device for your smartphone. In addition, they do a good job and alarm functions.

But those users who want a huge number of dials, integration with the latest services and working closely with the Android OS, it is better to look in the direction of devices based on Android Wear . Although they are more expensive, but the functionality is there is not an example richer.

Pros Oukitel A58:

  • A good level of autonomy;
  • Watches look much more expensive than its price;
  • Heartbeat Sensor;
  • Ability to work with iOS and Android;
  • The presence of vibration motor, speaker and microphone.


  • Considering the price, there is no meaningful.

Can not arrange:

  • Partial resistance to moisture;
  • Inaccurate sensor;
  • Fully occupied Bluetooth-channel;
  • The display does not run continuously and does not switch according to the sensors;
  • Limited functionality of the operating system and not the logical interface.

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