Operated humanoid robot Toyota!


Operated humanoid robot Toyota it will be presented in December

Toyota provided the android of third generation T-HR3 whose movements are synchronized with movements of the operator. For control the user puts on special gloves and the helmet of the virtual reality HTC Vive bound to cameras which show what sees the robot. Height of T-HR3 is 1,54 m, it weighs 75 kg. The operated humanoid robot Toyota was developed as the possible assistant to people on building sites, in house conditions, medical institutions, zones of disasters and even space.


The operator controls all over the robot by means of system under the name Master Maneuvering System (MMS). It consists of 16 servomotors in a seat and sensors which register movements of hands of the person and also from 29 servomotors in movable connections of T-HR3 to which all these signals are transmitted.

The user can move the robot forward or sideways. Also in the machine built-in system of monitoring of balance, therefore when it faces some subject, saves equilibrium.

Force can be controlled too: it is shown in the video below when T-HR3 lifts a brittle ball. “The Partner Robot command is betrayed to the idea of use of technologies in T-HR3 for creation of friendly and useful robots which could coexist with people and help them with daily affairs — Akifumi Tamaoki, the general manager of subdividing of robotic technology of Toyota said. — In the future the main technologies developed for this platform will help with development of robots which will provide the best mobility for everyone”. atarax without prescription

T-HR3 will show at the International exhibition of robots 2017 in Tokyo from November 29 to December 2.

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