OnePlus 3T Review smartphone: Extraordinary update

OnePlus 3T Review smartphone: Extraordinary update

Brand OnePlus, being one of the divisions of the Oppo, loudly declared itself even when the release of the first device. OnePlus One has attracted the attention of almost all IT-community, and the reason for that was the lowest price, asking for the flagship characteristics. Such a step has allowed sub-brand, not only to gain fame in the narrow circles of enthusiasts, but also to go to the masses, dragging a part of ordinary users.

The second smartphone, OnePlus 2, no longer admired as a precursor, and seemed likely pass version, rather than a full-fledged flagship.

And OnePlus X proved to be very controversial novelty, and fans of the company, however, as the conventional mobile technology lovers, hiding in anticipation of the next announcement.

Following them, the company introduced OnePlus 3 smartphone, done not less noise than the first release. Apparatus confidently justify the brand in the eyes of potential customers for the failed experiments with previous devices.

OnePlus 3 was remarkable democratic price (although the dollar has made some changes, moving Russians gadget to train high-budget) and the abolition of the characteristics that make a smartphone in actual use, not only to meet the expectations, but exceeds most competitors. Customers particularly praised photo and video components of the new items, but not all are optimal battery capacity, limiting the time interval of one light day.

At first glance, the lack of a significant, but to date few competitors can boast of very high life expectancy of a single charge.

However, the company decided to release a more advanced and improved version OnePlus 3. The name of the new model of aggravating circumstances postfix T, apparently symbolizing to guide a special meaning associated with faster and more energy-efficient operation of the device.

OnePlus 3T Review smartphone: Extraordinary update

In addition to the amended name, OnePlus 3T different from the usual “three” and slightly modified characteristics with which we will begin to explore the review.

As can be seen, compared to its predecessor increased claimed battery capacity, and an increase of more than ten percent. This factor, according to the company plan, combined with the new processor from Qualcomm’s, consuming less energy, have to give a fairly significant increase in autonomy, which, in fact, users want.

It has been modified and the front-facing camera, which now is based on the 16 megapixel Samsung production module. It would seem that authorization should increase output quality selfie on a completely different level, however, this assumption is opposed to decrease the size of each pixel, which in the aggregate result, most likely, will not allow to improve the already existing results.

Additional improvements have concerned the Asian version of the smartphone, there has increased the number of supported LTE frequencies. For existing added 5 and 8. Among other “amenities” it is worth noting the appearance of version 128 GB, which is the best solution, especially if we recall the impossibility of the use of MicroSD memory cards.

As a result of this testing, we try to figure out whether the changes really allow OnePlus 3T considered a full-fledged new flagship. And also try to figure out whether it makes sense or overpayment still predecessor able to fully meet the needs of the average user, and whether all changes go to the benefit of the device.

OnePlus 3T Review smartphone: Extraordinary update

OnePlus 3T: Packaging equipment

Familiarization with the gadget should begin with a detailed examination of its package, because that box is an element assembly, which first falls into our hands. Oneplus 3T is placed inside the white box of cardboard. The outer surface has a pleasant texture and immediately suggests the idea of ​​premium content. However, the box design is extremely minimalistic, the company as it makes it clear that the most interesting thing is inside, and there is no need to waste your time on the bright packaging.

From design elements can be embossed mark on the front side with tsifernym designation smartphone model. Above it there is a small contrast logo. On the side face embossed with a designation devaysa model. Perhaps, in the presence of T and Postfix is ​​the only difference between the appearance of the boxes novelty and its predecessor.

The back side is painted in bright red, to match the company’s logo, color and contains a brief information about the device.

The first thing we see after removing the cover, it is, of course, very smart.

OnePlus 3T recessed into the plastic niche, which is part of the protective structure and avoid damage in transit.

Apart from the increase of safety tray and acts as an envelope, inside of which is available all the necessary documentation.

Package is standard enough and does not stand out from the competition.

In it, in addition to the smartphone includes:

  • Charger;
  • USB-cable;
  • Complete documentation;
  • Clip to open the card tray.

The OnePlus took care dignified and aesthetically pleasing content box. When you create apply the best raw materials, the quality of the print is on the very high level. Production of accessories is not inferior to the quality of printing. The charger and the supplied cable hypoallergenic and safe for human health, devoid of any odors.

The complete cable made according to the standard USB Type-C on one side and the other USB 3.0. The joint use of these technologies can significantly increase the speed of data transmission. Cable length – one meter.

The charging unit is manufactured using proprietary Dash Charge technology which allows you to fully charge a smartphone in just one hour. Features: 5, 4 A.

Unfortunately, fast charging is only possible when using the original charger.

OnePlus 3T Review smartphone: Extraordinary update

OnePlus 3T: Appearance and design

Design OnePlus 3T repeats predecessor design with one exception – the thickness decreased by 0.5 mm. Change the way, using absolutely not noticeable, but if you remember about the increased battery capacity, it is necessary to pay tribute to the engineers.

The device looks just as strict and expensive, translating the premium device.

The housing is made of anodized aluminum aircraft resistant cosmetic appearance of small nuances in operation.

Knacks is a metal grinding to matt, which excludes the appearance of fingerprints, and thus allows you to keep a presentable appearance of the device even when used without the cover. During the tests, the coating proved to be a positive and not acquired scratches.

In the center of the top of the “back” of the smartphone is the camera lens protruding above the hull. Often, such a decision has been criticized because of the increasing concerns about the safety of glass in its original condition. Below you will notice the LED flash. Despite the fact that it is a single, power shortage is not felt. Under flash engraved corporate logo OnePlus.

The company attended to the solution of this problem, so the standard glass has been replaced by a sapphire known resistance to the appearance of chips and scratches. Among the additional means of protection in addition it is worth noting a metal frame, slightly elevated above the surface of the chamber.

In addition to these elements on the back of the smartphone are placed plastic inserts for improved reception quality signal reception. Antennas are integrated perfectly into the contours of the body, which causes the lack of gaps between components.

OnePlus 3T Review smartphone: Extraordinary update

USB Type C connector for charging, data transfer method is wired on the lower edge of the center. To the right of it has found its place perforation, concealing a multimedia speaker to the left – the microphone and connector format of audio minijack 3.5 mm.

The opposite side is completely empty, any functional or design elements are missing.

To the right is the power button and a slot for the Nano sim-card format. The solution is fairly non-standard, but any discomfort it causes. Location is convenient buttons for the right fingers and left hand.

As for the slots, it is not able to boast of hybridity, as a result, there is no possibility of expanding the internal memory.

The left side is a “rocker” volume control and mute switch having three positions. Progress “rocker” smooth, pressing heard a faint click.

The front part has a very narrow side frames, allowing to enter was given 5.5 inch display in a fairly compact body. In addition, the entire front panel is covered with a protective glass Corning Gorilla Glass 4 2.5D bend.

Above the screen is a bunch of standard earpiece, sensors, front camera and LED.

Under the screen is already much more interesting, namely touch key, hiding under a fingerprint scanner. Yes, the key is really touch and pressing simulation occurs by means of sympathetic vibration by analogy, how it works in the updates from Apple. The same solution was applied in OnePlus 3, released a few months before the iPhone release. scanner job is not satisfactory, the detection occurs extremely quickly. Available Unlock wet or dirty hands.

On the sides of the keys have one more button, each of which is illuminated by a faint point of the diode.

If we talk about the location of the device usability in hand, then a separate “thank you” I want to say a beveled corners, blending smoothly into the “back.” Gadget comfortably fits in your hand and does not slip during use.

It is noteworthy that the release of model OnePlus 3T has brought in a new range of coloring, called Gunmetal.

OnePlus 3T Review smartphone: Extraordinary update

OnePlus 3T: Display

OnePlus 3T features a 5.5 inch OLED screen with a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels. Such permission, though not a record to date, but fully meets the needs of most users, as it is characterized by a density of pixels per inch in the amount of 400,5 ppi.

From the screen it is worth noting disadvantages Pentile technology, making the device unsuitable for use with virtual reality goggles.

The sensor detects up to 10 simultaneous key presses. The sensitivity level is high, the response of the system by pressing an instant.

The picture can be easily called a juicy, bright and saturated.

Black color, as it should be to the OLED, very deep. With the white there is no problem.

The viewing angles are close to ideal, but there is a strange phenomenon – the screen temperature hardly varies with the viewing angle. The pictures could not convey the degree of change.

Thanks refresh rate of 270 Hz, the flicker is absent as such.

For lovers of IPS panels in the settings screen provides an sRGB mode, which allows the screen to make the colors more natural.

Always-on function displays on your lock screen time and came alert. A Night Mode to reduce eye strain by changing the color balance of the display and use of a special dark theme.

To ensure that the objective of the screen test performance, we have measurements were carried out using the basic indicators of the colorimeter X-Rite ColorMunki Display. Let’s start with the contrast of the table.

As we can see, the white brightness in the table does not occupy the position of a record, and even frankly low. However, in real life problems with the perception of the information does not appear on the screen. Margin wide enough brightness, good anti-reflective coating.

Charts look good, the lines are relatively stable and close to each other, not moving away at the same time seriously from the reference line. Getting good, let’s see what’s next?

Colored lines are slightly distorted, especially in the middle graph. But given the other devaysa type of matrix and statistics all too not critical.

We do not see a serious overestimate of the color temperature, although it certainly is. In life, this figure does show itself, probably will not.

The color range is pretty much maxed on the green channel, and the excess is on the blue and red. In real life there is some color saturation, but no irritation.

Points gray wedge settled heap and not far from the borders of the delta. The indicator is good, the parasitic shades to show themselves to be weak and likely to remain unnoticed.

OnePlus 3T: Hardware platform and performance

Compared with OnePlus 3, the new product has a more powerful, but more economical Snapdragon processor 821 in terms of energy consumption.

The difference in performance can not be called an all-out, but it still exists: a new solution Qualcomm faster by 10% percent. SOC consists of four cores, two of which operate at a power of 2.35 GHz to and responsible for the “hard” tasks “, and two limited maximum rate of 1.6 GHz, and are installed in an energy efficient mode.

At the exit point OnePlus 3T has been in the leading position in the top AnTuTu benchmark as the most powerful Android-smartphone. As used video accelerator Adreno 530 chip.

The amount of RAM is 6GB. Of these, more than half available to the user. This amount of free memory lets you keep multiple applications open at the same time without compromising performance.

Bunch of such powerful ingredients makes perfect smartphone to perform all sorts of tasks, up to viewing movies in 4K resolution and use of modern games at maximum graphics settings. Let’s look at the test results in benchmarks?

Indicators synthetic test, of course, warm the soul owners OnePlus 3T, but let’s be honest – a lot of difference in terms of performance compared to the OnePlus 3 will not be able to notice.

OnePlus 3T Review smartphone: Extraordinary update

Although the metal body, the heating device does not passes the critical level and remains within acceptable limits, without burning is very much hands. This slight drop markedly frequency of the processor to the extent and duration of the heating load.

Separately want to note the quick work of the non-volatile memory, allowing the preservation of 4K video takes place almost instantly.

OnePlus 3T: Software and firmware

Out of the box on the smartphone operating system Android version 6.0 Marshmallow, on top of which is a proprietary shell Oxygen OS version 3.5.1.

In general, the shell repeats the sink interface version of Android, except for small additions.

These include the company’s camera app, a file manager, and ample opportunities for customization processing. For example, the user can independently change the color of the main firmware or reassign the navigation keys.

Among other nice features indicate possible assignments of individual color LED on each action. Available switch the screen by double-tapa and run applications through gestures.

Firmware different speed limit in this task, works quickly and without slowdown. Updates come “over the air”.

OnePlus 3T: Multimedia


We continue the testing program of the test device to “omnivorous” of various video formats with the help of a trusted and beloved by us AnTuTu Video Tester.

As we can see, the device shows a good performance. Problems with playing different spots will not grow. All popular formats smartphone “digests” in the light, as something difficult to handle without any problems with third-party video player with software decoding.

In our case, on YouTube it was not pre-installed, but it was decided in a few minutes by downloading the program from the Play Market’a. Problems with video playback is not, all the videos are played back in proper quality without delays or any distortion. User access to all the default settings.


The sound in the headphones can not only compete with other flagship devices, but also to bypass a few steps of many of them. Bass sound is different, there is a good stock volume. With the help of the sound card ASUS Xonar U7 with the signal / noise ratio at a record 113 dB we tested the sound quality of the headphones. The signal level for calibration was -6.9 dB. The indicator is quite good, look at the test results, which are given below.

Despite the slim body, the manufacturer was able to place inside OnePlus 3T speaker, his surprising volume and bass. The sound quality will not only do not miss a call, and use a smartphone, for example, in the company to listen to music.

The earpiece leaves the least pleasant experience, hear the caller’s voice clearly and without ambient noise. The microphone captures and transmits a voice without distortion.

OnePlus 3T: Wireless interfaces and communication

Depending on the version of the smartphone, range and standard supports communication. H and is currently on sale, there are three models of the device:

  • A3000 – a model for the United States. running LTE Band 7 only (2600MHz)
  • A3003 – a model for the European market. LTE operates at all frequencies.
  • A3010 – Chinese version. Work all LTE standards, in addition to Band 20 (800 MHz).

Our case is the third. During the test signal reception problems have arisen. transmission connection quality is high.

Standard software for communication looks neat and easy to use. No problems with it.

Other wireless interfaces available Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.2 and NFC. Wi-Fi does not lose signal in a radius of at least 15 meters from the router – all is well.

Positioning is done by GPS satellites, GLONASS and Chinese BeiDou. Cold start geolocation search for satellites takes less than 5 seconds, and the connection remains stable both indoors and outdoors.

OnePlus 3T: File system

The capacity of the internal storage of 64 GB, expandable memory available. More recently, a version is available for purchase with 128 GB of memory.

Pleasantly surprised by the use of UFC 2.0, whereby the processing speed is greatly increased. Test results AndroBench also encouraging.

To connect your smartphone to your computer using the protocols MTP and PTP. You can connect external storage devices using the OTG interface.

OnePlus 3T: Battery

The company decided to increase the capacity of the battery to 3400 mAh. With this step, combined with the use of less energy processing and optimization of the operating system, it was possible to increase the battery life. Growth can not be considered very high, but, nevertheless, it is and it has a positive effect on the use of a smartphone as a whole.

That’s just for some information on the battery still in the company OnePlus cheated. As we have said in this article, the company has managed a new firmware, which limit the charge voltage has been expanded to 4.35 V to 4.40 V. This allows the smartphone to work a little longer, but eventually may affect the battery life.

To fully charge the standard battery charger does not need more than one hour. Charging up to 60 percent occurs in 30 minutes. But to achieve such a result is possible only when using a brand charger.

We have before us the picture is almost standard for a smartphone of this segment. Reserve enough autonomy to standard medium-day active use, after which the unit will require topping up. Self-discharge is less than five per cent during the day – it’s a good indicator.

OnePlus 3T: Camera

Main Camera OnePlus 3 was almost standard among android-devices. The company’s management has decided not to take any chances with the results and left the unit without modification.

Recall that in the camera includes a 16-megapixel sensor the Sony IMX298 production, the amount of which is 1.12 micron pixel, and the sensitivity is fixed at around f2.0. There PDAF-AF, electronic and optical stabilization. Available video recording in 4K format at frame rates of 30 fps, and Full HD video at 60 fps.

camera application interface is intuitive and includes manual settings that allow advanced users to get maximum results.

We now turn to examples of shooting under real operation of the smartphone.

Focusing takes place instantly, shooting is possible even on the move. When shooting day photo quality can be called excellent, but with a strong decrease in coverage observed some problems with focusing – phase the focus is not always cope with multiple light sources.

The main change occurred in front of the camera. Now its resolution is increased twice, to 16.0 megapixels. It is for this same reason, the manufacturer had to reduce the size of the pixels. Subjectively, this decision did not add any noticeable results. Picture quality remained the same, only their size increased.

Work stabilization when recording video again does not cause problems only in daylight. When recording some of the objects are lubricated at night and walking contributes to an unpleasant ripple roller.

OnePlus 3T: Comparison with competitors

Among OnePlus 3T competitors primarily distinguished Chinese flagships, playing in the same price range. We have selected the most interesting ones.

First on our list is Xiaomi Mi5S Plus Edition 128 GB. This unit can fully compete with a review of the hero, and even ahead of it at some points. Among them, for example, the volume of the battery and an internal drive. Separately, we note a lower cost on the Russian market.

Next on the list is Meizu Pro 6. This Chinese flagship favorably musical component, but considerably inferior to competitors in terms of the viability of the small batteries. Among the advantages of the device can distinguish the 21-megapixel camera manufactured by Sony.

OnePlus 3T: Conclusion

As a result of testing OnePlus 3T shows himself confident flagship, able to compete for the title of one of the best smartphones in its segment. The company finalized the little machine, but these changes can not be called visible due to sufficient capacity predecessor.

Perhaps the purchase will be more rational for geeks who want to get a new product, rather than for the general consumer who is looking for first smartphone for every day. The latter is interesting OnePlus 3, which is at a lower price tag almost as good as a novelty.

Advantages OnePlus 3T:

  • High quality of materials and assembly;
  • Good quality of the display, and its setting;
  • Excellent performance;
  • Stable operation of the interface;
  • Cameras with good pictures;
  • The presence of a fingerprint scanner;
  • Availability of LTE and the normal operation of communication systems;
  • Support for fast charging mode.

Disadvantages OnePlus 3T:

  • The absence of slots for SD-cards;
  • Quick charge only when using the original charger.

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