ONDA V80 PLUS Review tablet PC

ONDA V80 PLUS Review tablet PC

Tablet computer with a full Windows? Yes, and Android as a second operating system? Costing less than $ 100? Fantastic, is not it? But as it turned out – no, not a fantasy, but Onda V80 Plus is . In such situations, always start to look for some kind of trick, but there it or not, we will try to find out in this review.


The plate comes in a small white cardboard box, which shows the main faces of the device. Inside the protective device and the package is pretty scanty equipment: microUSB cable and documentation kit. Charger is not supplied.

ONDA V80 PLUS Review tablet PC


Onda V80 Plus is a classic tablet with 8-inch diagonal screen. The front panel is made of white plastic. The main part of an 8-inch screen with a fairly large scope. Above the display is eye front camera, and at the bottom – touch button «Windows»; in Windows, pressing it causes the “Start” menu, and in the running «Android» – return to the home screen.

The back cover is made of metal and is integral with the lateral faces. Assembly and quality of materials used is surprisingly praise: no backlash, no creaking, almost perfect fitting parts. But scratch as on the body as well as appear on the screen instantly, quality protective glass screen tablet is not equipped as oleophobic coating. On the back is the speaker, memory card slot and a peephole in the main camera. Box around the chamber is made of plastic and painted in the same golden color, as does the body of the tablet. This plug is necessary for the normal functioning of the wireless interfaces. .

On the right side edge are the volume buttons and the power \ lock, but on top – MicroHDMI connectors, MicroUSB and 3,5 jack for headphones. MicroUSB is designed not only for charging, but also to connect via OTG adapter peripherals that is not odd for comfortable work in Windows.

ONDA V80 PLUS Review tablet PC


The heart of the tablet is a quad-core Intel Atom X5 processor with a frequency of 1.44 GHz, 1 GB RAM and 32 GB of built-in, which is divided between the two operating systems: Android allocated to 10GB (user available 4.84 GB) and 20 GB for Windows ( 7 GB) available to the user. Moreover, a system memory is not available in the other. The amount of available memory can be expanded with microSD cards up to 128GB.

From wireless interfaces in the tablet Onda V80 Plus available Wi-Fi (b \ g \ n) and Bluetooth 4.0. Of the sensors – an accelerometer.

Onda V80 Plus: Screen

Onda V80 Plus has received an 8-inch display with a matrix of type IPS and a resolution of 1920 × 1200 pixels (density of 284 pixels per inch). The quality of the image issued by any claims to present complicated: it can be seen from almost any angle, the brightness is sufficient (adjustable by hand). But with scratch resistant things matter: the protective coating and no scratches appear the slightest touch with a hard object. Moreover, after conveying the film peeling few scratches were found on the screen, which seems to have appeared during assembly \ packaging plant.

Multi-touch support 10.

ONDA V80 PLUS Review tablet PC

Onda V80 Plus: Camera

The main and the front camera equipped with a 2 MP sensor – by today’s standards it is extremely weak solution. Judging sensors are absolutely identical in quality of images issued. Naturally, no serious PhotoChances can be no question. The cameras are suitable except for video calls in to Skype.

Onda V80 Plus: Battery

The capacity of the built-in rechargeable battery – 4200 mAh. In normal use it lasts for a period of 6 to 8 hours (depending on the operating system and the type of use). For example, video playback in Windows up to 6 hours, with the same scenario in the Android result showed only a 3 hour of that we were somewhat puzzled. Did not expect from the wind to the best performance in energy consumption than on Android. But, as it turned out, it’s pretty easy to explain – it seems that the tablet was created and sharpened it on Windows, and Android OS was added to the residual principle and without any optimization for your platform. Only this can explain such a low battery life on Android and the presence of a large number of bugs and incompatibilities with certain applications on Android. More details about this will be discussed in the section on this operating system.

ONDA V80 PLUS Review tablet PC

Onda V80 Plus: ANDROID OS

The tablet Onda V80 Plus installed just two operating systems – Windows 10 Home and Android 5.1. Android installed almost intact, there is no third-party applications, just switch the OS icon.

But with OS optimization for used iron everything was sad. Many applications are installed though, but an attempt to start results in an error, and close the application. Also arbitrary restart has been seen several times just when the screen is locked, with no applications are launched.

Screenshots for android standard way to do it is impossible. To do this, a separate icon on the curtain notifications by pressing with a second delay occurs saving screenshots.

ONDA V80 PLUS Review tablet PC

Onda V80 Plus: Tests

In general, the use of Onda V80 Plus in terms of Android OS leaves a bad impression. One gets the feeling that the manufacturer has added this OS solely for marketing reasons. So, if you want a tablet on Android, it is – obviously not best choice.

With games, everything is quite good, if we forget about the periodical system glitches and random reboot the tablet. Same Asphalt 8 at medium graphics settings makes it comfortable to play, but at the maximum – noticeable slack freezes and comfortable gameplay out of the question can not.

Onda V80 Plus: Windows

The second operating system is a full licensed Windows 10 Home. Wonder is not necessary, Microsoft made a free Windows for devices with screens less than 9 inches to promote Sway OS on tablets.

Such a step has become an additional incentive to manufacturers of tablets to create solutions based on the operating system from Microsoft, that’s just easy to use Windows 10 on them is poor. Especially on plates with small screen sizes. Years sharpened programming interface for keyboard and mouse, resulting in the use of these same elements at the interface on the touch screen control fingers far from facilities. Take the standard Explorer. The left panel has a fixed folder to jump, just do not get to go fast – Icon size is relatively small in height and very often opens adjacent the tab, not the one on which you clicked. A look at the Device Manager – the first time to select the desired category is very difficult. Over time, of course, you get used to press the tip of your finger, and hit accuracy is greatly improved, that’s just it – all the bones and to the ease of use of OS-level Android or iOS Windows is still far.

Separate unpleasant thing is the constant need to call the keyboard for typing. Android and iOS have time to teach us that if the window is supposed to text input is possible, the on-screen keyboard pops up itself and you are typing text. But in Windows it is not so: every time you need to push yourself on a small keyboard icon call. For people …

However, all the existing disadvantages outweigh the fact that the cost of the tablet is less than 100 full set $ Windows, and it works with a relatively comfortable and long enough from the full charge (up to 6 hours). A couple of years ago about such could only dream of, and we have to admit that Microsoft and Intel made a big step towards the fulfillment of this fantasy.


Onda V80 Plus was interesting solution, which is, first of all, it should be considered as a full-fledged tablet computer to Windows 10. The presence of Android is secondary and his performance raised more questions than the realization of Windows. The ability to establish a small and cheap tablet Windows-based applications – this is a very strong argument in support of this decision. Yes, not everything went smoothly with the performance. By getting used to the device: there are substantial delay in the launch of the application, and a strange reverie of the tablet by pressing the power button to unlock, but it works.

And in parts of Windows is not noticed any problems with application compatibility, or running. Suppose you have a complaint to the management and optimization of the interface for the touch screen \ control of the fingers, but nevertheless it works fairly well. Of course, to run a demanding modern game you do not succeed, and the management of most Windows – Games enchanted by the mouse and keyboard. But for web surfing and some workers needs this tablet may well come in handy. As for the problems with the Android OS, no one bothers you to reflash the tablet so that there will be only the Windows, appropriate instructions for a long time is on the discussion forums. As a result, you get a little more memory in Microsoft Windows, but lose the second operating system.

Pros Onda V80 Plus:

  • cost;
  • Availability of Windows OS full;
  • IPS screen.

Minuses Onda V80 Plus:

  • Errors and reboot into Android OS;
  • Not optimized for finger control of the Windows interface.

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