Official: Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air received support of 4G

Official: Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air received support of 4G

Less than six months since the release of the first generation laptops and Xiaomi has already released an updated mode Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air. Highlight news was anticipated before the release – the computer has received support 4G. Now, however, everything was confirmed and we have all the details.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air was designed exclusively for the home market. Even in the official twitter account of the company – there is no mention of updates presented today.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air: Features

Official: Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air received support of 4G

Firstly, there is not a dedicated slot for SIM-card. 4G-modem is already integrated in device. So you cannot insert a “SIM card”. It is a reasonable question. How it will work outside China, is patrimony of the native operators (China Mobile in this case)? I think that in any way. At least, without disassembling the device, reinstall Windows, and other manipulations.

The creators of the updated model Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air motivated installation cellular communication module that, in crowded places public Wi-Fi networks are not working, because of the huge number of users connected to it simultaneously.

In addition, here the winged fears those who are afraid to make bank transactions or shopping over public wireless networks. Ostensibly it is safe and all personal data can easily take away the attackers.

However, you can always use the smartphone for Internet distribution to other devices. But here, at the CEO Xiaomi found a counterargument. It is banal – a smartphone can easily discharge and you run out of calls, SMS and instant messengers.

Official: Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air received support of 4G

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air: 4G network

The basic rate includes 4 GB of prepaid traffic cost of 130 yuan per month or 1560 yuan per year. Plus, all users get additional 48 GB traffic per year. As you are such tariff packages?

However, installing a wireless module – it’s not all the innovations that have received new. There are a couple of pleasant moments.

For example, a 13.3-inch configuration acquired Intel i7 processor with a maximum rate of up to 3 GHz. Performance, say, improved by 10 percent. Other specifications remain the same: GeForce 940MX, 8 GB “RAM» DDR4 and a 256 GB SSD, which occupies the PCIe slot.

If you think that the 12.5-inch model remains behind the festival wireless life, you are mistaken. The compact device also received the support of LTE networks. The characteristics, however, there are no changes.

We turn around. I must say that they have increased so much and buying laptops for use outside of China now becomes a dubious action.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air: Price

So, for the younger model Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air will ask for 4699 yuan ($670). Let me remind you that without the support networks of the fourth generation of the device is $504.

Senior modification Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air is quite inhumane – 6 999 yuan, or $1 007. In the past, the price tag was quite a interesting $720.

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