NVIDIA Xavier: 8-core SoC ARM with GPU Volta becomes even more powerful

NVIDIA Xavier: 8-core SoC ARM with GPU Volta becomes even more powerful

At the plenary NVIDIA at CES report, special attention was paid to autonomous driving. In particular, NVIDIA has told details SoC NVIDIA Xavier, focused on this area. SoC will be used for the Drive PX platform is interesting Cluster GPU Volta on the chip. Recall that NVIDIA officially unveiled at NVIDIA Xavier GTC16EU.

The project envisages the chip SoC NVIDIA Xavier with seven billion transistors, which is produced by 16-nm process technology FinFET. The chip has eight cores ARM64. There is also a built-in GPU architecture on the Volta, it contains 512 stream processors. And on the CPU, and GPU is still a lot of questions. So, it is not clear whether further development of Custom ARM64 cores Denver kernel.

In addition to eight CPU cores and GPU Volta, on the SoC contains function blocks SFU (Special Function Units), such as signal processors, which can encode and analyze the two video streams 8K with HDR. SoC or the module should be as powerful as the Drive PX 2. But for the last comparable performance computing Parker uses two blocks and two GPU Pascal. Project NVIDIA Xavier will reach a computing power of 30 operations in the TOPS DL (8INT), that is, here it is 50% faster than Drive PX 2. But if the summer there was talk about the power consumption of 20 watts, but now NVIDIA says about 30 watts. The reason is the increasing computing performance with 20 TOPS DL summer to the current 30 TOPS DL. But NVIDIA still adheres to the paradigm 1 TOPS / W, announced in the summer – a very ambitious goal.

NVIDIA Xavier: Autopilot is always active

Hardware blocks like Drive PX 2 and of NVIDIA Xavier, already used in cars with the autopilot. For example, the Tesla in the latest versions of vehicles using Drive PX 2 in its current state, and can go to NVIDIA Xavier next year. Available computing capacity and is used at a time when the autopilot is turned off, but to track driver behavior. It helps the camera and microphones inside the cabin.

Even when the autopilot is driving, the system of artificial intelligence continues to monitor the environment, for example, warning of obstacles. facial recognition system determines the location of the driver, automatically adjusting the seat and mirrors. The tracking system detects the position of the head when the driver is talking on a cell phone, giving an appropriate signal. Even when in a noisy cabin, artificial intelligence system can read voice commands on the lips of the driver.

At the plenary report NVIDIA announced collaboration with Bosch and ZF. Both companies are working together with NVIDIA and offer their solutions with computational accelerators NVIDIA. Audi and NVIDIA are working together for a long time, the company announced the consolidation of the partnership in the future.

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