NVIDIA introduced Xavier – SoC with GPU architecture on Volta

NVIDIA introduced Xavier - SoC with GPU architecture on Volta

Unexpected news NVIDIA CEO said at the plenary report within GTC Europe, which was held in Amsterdam. It is about developing new SoC for autonomous systems. Xavier project will become a new step in SoC for supercomputers and artificial intelligence. It is also noteworthy that in the system on a chip is first used on the new architecture GPU Volta. The latter was supposed to appear as an extension of Pascal next year and provide another performance boost as the desktop graphics cards, as well as computational accelerators.

NVIDIA Xavier: Features

The new SoC has 7 billion transistors and manufactured on 16-nm process technology FinFET. CPU is represented by eight specially designed ARM64 cores. In addition, the SoC uses the GPU to the already mentioned Volta architecture with 512 stream processors. On the CPU and GPU are still many open questions. For example, if ARM64 core is the logical continuation of Denver cores?

Besides the eight CPU cores and new GPU, using so-called blocks SFU (Special Function Units), which include, for example, signal processors, capable of encoding and analyze the two streams in the 8K supporting HDR. The system of Xavier chip or the module must not be inferior in performance of the same Drive PX 2, which is 20 TOPS in double-precision operations. However, the new SoC has to be much more efficient, consuming just a quarter of the energy of the last Drive PX 2. TDP of 80 watts, and Xavier should be limited to 20 watts. A similar ratio of performance to power, obviously, is a pretty ambitious goal NVIDIA.

NVIDIA introduced Xavier - SoC with GPU architecture on Volta

NVIDIA Xavier: release date

Currently, other parts of the project, we do not know Xavier. The next year, perhaps at CES in January, will be more information. However, even then we should not expect a lot of details about the architecture of the Volta. The first parts are likely to appear only after the GPU Technology Conference in spring. Some time later, we can expect new products. By the way, she SoC Xavier will be released no earlier than the fourth quarter of 2017.

Source: anandtech

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