Nomu S30 Review smartphone: fast, secure, long-lived

Nomu S30 Review smartphone: fast, secure, long-lived

Smartphone Nomu S30, the hero of our review, yet little known in our country, as well as its manufacturer – Chinese company Shenzhen Xin KingBrand Enterprises Co., Ltd.But at home, this company has long been known as my job she started back in 1994.

Its main products – secure smartphones and tablets, manufactured in China under the brand Oinom. Of course, they can be found in our retail and retail in other countries, but it was “unofficial” delivery. Now, when the company established its international brand – Nomu, it is hoped that this interesting product will meet more often in the domestic market, including through official channels.

Our portal systematically pays attention to the class rugged mobile solutions. We have already talked about the economy, medium, and expensive models. Nomu S30, which is a purely Chinese “twin brother» Oinom V19H (aka V1900), is one of the most advanced devices of the company. The developers have tried to combine it in a good level of protection against adverse effects of the high technical level of electronic “stuffing.”

Let’s start review of our hero with the main part. The smartphone is the processor used the top of the “middle class» MTK6755 eight-core Cortex-A53, working at a frequency of 2.0 GHz. But the amount of RAM and flash memory are not “average,” and the flagship, 4 and 64 GB respectively. The unit itself is running the operating system Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Nomu S30 Review smartphone: fast, secure, long-lived

The rear camera is average parameters of today, 13.0 megapixels, though now such flagships and install. But this is not the case … in megapixels front facing camera also has a good resolution – 5.0 megapixels. Regarding the rest of the devices should be added that here there is the vibration motor, automatic brightness control sensor, orientation sensor (G-sensor), proximity, magnetometer and several others. Notification LED unfortunately absent.

The actual weight of the smartphone with the SIM and memory card Coy was 266 g, so that the data on this parameter can be regarded as confirmed by the manufacturer. And finally, it must be said about a special unit appearance. Nomu S30 looks big and heavy. And he did it so and there – big and heavy.

But this is not a mistake designers, as a direct consequence of its high security and increased battery capacity. And yet at the same time it does not look somehow vychurno- “perebrutalnym”: appearance remains close to “the Public” standard, and only some elements suggest that it is not easy.

Nomu S30: Packaging equipment

Packing the device is made in «Military» style that is consistent with its content, intended for heavy-duty applications:

On the side faces of the box there is no technical information, and on the bottom side of the information is also extremely low:

Now disclose packaging (protective bag is removed from the device):

Here we see the smartphone in a plastic “bath” with glued on him transport a protective film.The rest of the equipment is under the “tray” in the lower compartment of the box.

Nomu S30 Review smartphone: fast, secure, long-lived

Complete set bit, and now we all study it quickly. Let’s start with the charger:

Battery charger – black and tangible dimensions. The parameters applied to its “plug” laser engraved small print, in this connection, consider this part separately on an enlarged image:

Charger supports a return to the output of a number of stress – 5, 7, 9, 12 V to give a current of 1.67 A for voltages 5-9 V and 1.25 A for the voltage of 12 V.

Thus, the state that the battery charger supports the “fast charging” mode (increasing the transmission power by increasing the voltage). Accordingly, the smartphone battery controller must perform the reverse operation (conversion of the received power in an increased charge current). How it works – check the chapter “Runtime”.

This model of the “droplets” of an unknown manufacturer. The headset is added to the set only for phone conversations and for listening to music, it is desirable to buy something better.

Nomu S30 Review smartphone: fast, secure, long-lived

In addition to the above products, complete was discovered sverhkratkaya guide to the smartphone in English and Chinese, as well as the “paper clip”, which is commonly used in smart phones to open the tray with the SIM card. But our hero is not such a tray, and therefore the availability of this tool and remains mysterious.

To summarize smartphone packaging:

  • The very smart;
  • Charger;
  • USB-microUSB cable;
  • Headset;
  • User guide;
  • Extraction tool tray (which is not).

Packaging can be assessed as modest. Despite the security of smart phone, would not prevent the presence of even a cover (to preserve appearance), and a cable adapter-USB OTG, because testing shows a smartphone OTG mode supports.

Next, go to the main part of the package – to your phone.

Nomu S30: Appearance and design

Physical test instance of the smartphone is made in the dark shades of gray. Here’s what a smart phone is turned on:

Side frames the smartphone is quite wide. In the corners to enhance the security of your smartphone insert made of thick rubber, the upper and lower bound of reinforced rigid plastics, and lateral faces – metal plates (all of which we will see in other angles).

Nomu S30 Review smartphone: fast, secure, long-lived

However, the arrangement of the faceplate smartphone significant differences from the standard is not. Below are touch-sensitive buttons and a microphone hole, in the center – the screen, from the top – front camera, earpiece and proximity sensors and lighting. Touch buttons are equipped with backlight that turns on automatically when you touch any of them, but only when the screen is unlocked.

Now look at the back of the smartphone. In contrast to the front, it has the features:

Let’s start with the fact that the rear panel of the smartphone is made of hard plastic appreciable thickness, on which a raised pattern, roughening of the surface.

It located at the top not designated (including instructions) hole is likely intended for noise reduction microphone. Further down are the rear camera with LED flash (aka flashlight).

Window camera done correctly – with a little deeper into the drowning of his frame (to prevent scratches). Flash – plain, one-color. In a flashlight flash light is very bright. It is a tool that can really come in handy on a camping trip or on the night road.

Then comes the plastic insert with the company logo. It’s not just the insert, and a lid that hides the slots for the SIM and memory card approx. In the open form of this part of the smartphone can be seen in the following photo:

On the left is a slot for microSD memory cards, and in the center and on the right – two slots for microSIM cards. Very pleased that all three independent slots, as the so-called combined slots have long unnerving many users.

In addition, due to free access to all the slots, they allow “hot swapping” of cards (though, in some cases, may still require device reboot).

A lid covering the compartment, looks (view from inside):

Nomu S30 Review smartphone: fast, secure, long-lived

Here in the center of the rubber seal is clearly seen from the rows of grooves to ensure tightness of the compartment with SIM-kami and memory card. For the outer limits of the rubber seal, water can penetrate. And indeed, during the humidity test after the opening of the cap under its edges detected drops of water, but under the rubber seal was perfectly dry.

The following photographs presented in four smartphone inclined lateral angles.

On the bottom is the lattice dynamics of the ring and a micro-USB connector, covered by a rubber flap. With an open plug connector is as follows:

The plug is held in a smartphone with a flexible rubber “column” -soedinitelya that prevents its loss.

All corners on the perimeter of the smartphone are made of thick rubber, softening the collision, if dropping a smartphone.

On the upper face is only connector for headset / headphone is also covered with a rubber cap, similar to cap USB-ports on the bottom. With the inserted plug the headset, this part is as follows:

Continue to check the lateral faces.

The left side strengthened by an additional metal plate, attached with three screws with hexagon socket head, a star. Cover slightly recessed relative to the rubber corners smartphone.

Nomu S30 Review smartphone: fast, secure, long-lived

On the right side of the patch is visible additional function button that can be programmed to call any application or as an «SOS» button, and left “as is”. In the latter case, it can only cause you double-click a photo app.

In the case, if it is programmed as a «SOS» button, then the duration of its holding pressed (to avoid accidental activation), it sends a pre-programmed SMS-ku coordinates, date and time of sending the message, and approximate location (up the street). Checked!

When programming is the challenge of any application for a long press of the button it is the application and causes. In addition, this extra programming buttons as the «SOS» button and the call applications are mutually exclusive.

The right side has a volume rocker and a round button on-off device. Just above the volume rocker visible dark stripe recess required for removing the cover compartment with SIM cards and memory cards.

Smartphone collected qualitatively, as it should be “not killed” product, no squeaks and backlash are impossible in principle.

To test the moisture resistance smartphone pool was selected with a more or less pure water, which apparatus and for half an hour in the ON state have been loaded:

Smartphone survived this test without problems.

To summarize on the smartphone form factor. Design and assembly are made with high quality and provide good protection for your device. But as you know, “should pay for everything.” In this case, the “payback” are increased size and weight of the product.

Nomu S30 Review smartphone: fast, secure, long-lived

Nomu S30: Display

smartphone display has a size of 5.5 inches diagonally, the resolution is 1920 x 1080 (Full HD), the aspect ratio of 16: 9, the pixel density of 410 ppi. pixel density is very high, individual pixels can be seen only with a magnifying glass, and even then only with great diopters.

The screen is traditional in our time, IPS technology, combined with OGS technology (the One Glass Solution). When OGS technology, display assembly no air gaps between layers, which reduces the level of reflection from external light sources in the display.

The touchscreen supports 10 simultaneous touches. Maybe this is too much for a 5.5-inch display, but in this case, the more the better. As for the responsiveness of the touch screen, it is a very good level, management is enough even light touches.

In addition, to increase the sensitivity of the touchscreen can be setting in the settings mode “gloves”. Thick winter gloves, however, do not work, but in the autumn of thin gloves can work.

The overall result of the display quality – it turned out to a very high level, close to excellent.Some discovered “roughness” in the parameters can be attributed more to the cavils Overclockers.Ru lab than to real problems.

Nomu S30 Review smartphone: fast, secure, long-lived

Nomu S30: Hardware platform and performance

The smartphone is applied to the processor MTK6755, 64 bit, 8 cores Cortex-A53 x 2.0 GHz.Today it is the architecture of the middle class, not the flagship. The amount of RAM (4 GB) and the amount of flash memory (64 GB) can be described as excellent.

Two screenshots upstream confirmed the statement by the manufacturer of the smartphone processor.

The above screenshot has confirmed the operating system and the amount of both memory types.

In just presented the screenshot there is an interesting detail: the smartphone claims that the battery temperature is 14 degrees. Alas, the evidence of this sensor in the smartphone understated by about 15 degrees.

And last screenshot confirms the presence of multiple sensors that help in handling the smartphone, and the user’s geographical orientation. Yet, one of the sensors of this list – an atmospheric pressure sensor (PRESSURE), apparently fictitious. Installed external application “Barometer” showed no pressure.

Hero review was purely symbolic 35th place, comfortably ensconced in a large group of “good-quality middling.” But at the same time remember that the performance is not the only parameter that determines the level of the device.

Epic Citadel test failed to pass. When I saw the third consecutive time the same scene, I realized that the test fixated forever. The phenomenon appeared stable.

Nomu S30 Review smartphone: fast, secure, long-lived

Then the GFX benchmark. In the first four – the results of the test scenes, on the fifth – a comparison of the tests with other devices:

The moral of these tests is as follows. Performance smartphone as a whole is at a good level and is sufficient for most tasks, including for the majority of 3D-games. In addition to this we must add a significant proportion of the large amount of positive operational and flash memory.

But as games, some of which have to correct the settings in a “light” side, and some most difficult game and even then can “slow down.” Still, it is impossible to assign a smartphone to a 100% “gaming grade”.

Nomu S30: Firmware and software

List of applications pre-installed on the smartphone manufacturer, can be viewed at the following two screenshots:

The smartphone is not heavily loaded with pre-installed apps, but when the amount of memory, and evez a greater number of applications would not have caused significant damage.

Software and hardware features of the smartphone – an extra button on the left side of the device, which can be configured as either a «SOS» button, or as a call button of a predetermined application. The following example shows the screen with the settings as «SOS» button, which can be useful (even vital) lovers of extreme sports:

These screenshots show that the smartphone’s settings menu is not fully Russified; English there quite often. But, fortunately, the Chinese language has never met.

Nomu S30: Multimedia

Now we go to the multimedia capabilities, and check the video.

Built-in video player of the smartphone, as it usually happens (with rare exceptions), does not understand the video with audio encoded in AC3. Therefore, as usual, it has been installed VLC player; although there are other players with the correct support for running audio and video formats.

Nomu S30 Review smartphone: fast, secure, long-lived

As a result, smartphone anyway, but coped with playing all the test files. As a result, the installation of a third-party player can be considered mandatory (VLC player is given only as an example, there are other options).

We now turn to the detailed verification of the sound quality. The sound quality on the internal dynamics of the smartphone is quite good, but unfortunately, mono (only one speaker located on the bottom side of the device). Basov slightly lacking, although the high and mid frequencies are reproduced in balance. But the volume of stock is enough to “pull” even “silent” audio tracks in movies.

Qualitative assessments are also RMAA program. This test proved to be a smart phone at a good level. The audio path in the smartphone can be approved.

As for the video, then everything is fine, except for the usual problems: a built-in video player “does not understand» AC3 audio format. The problem is easily solved, but it definitely will have to decide, or, at least, half of the movie will be played without sound.

Nomu S30: Memory and file system

The test smartphone has a very large amount of internal flash memory of 64 GB, some part of which is occupied by the operating system:

Accordingly, the user can use about 53 GB. This amount should be enough for a long time.However, if this memory to someone is not enough, you can expand the memory installing additional memory card format micro-SD (check the connection card of 64 GB, have to work and greater volume card).

In addition, the “temporary” can be as a storage device and connect an ordinary USB-stick (via USB OTG-adapter cable). These memory devices can operate simultaneously and do not interfere with each other:

By the way, usually when the “hot” connecting the USB-stick smartphone it “has not seen.”But after rebooting the flash drive becomes “visible” and worked without problems.Connecting to other devices via USB OTG was unsuccessful: the smartphone categorically refused to work with the camera, player, portable hard drive.

In general, it is necessary to evaluate how different the level of self-storage, and the ability to work with external drives (except hard drives).

Nomu S30: Wireless interfaces and communication

The smartphone has an advanced set of wireless communications: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile Internet up to 4G, NFC near field communication, mobile voice and FM radio.

4G communication in real mode operates at a rate (typically):

Only that the above screenshot should be considered only as a confirmation of the 4G communication capacity, and not as a specific value of the speed, because it depends too much on external conditions.

As for the connection Wi-Fi, then it has no claims. In real mode, Wi-Fi worked perfectly adequate speed local “transit” providers. Near Field Communication NFC also functioned properly and allowed, for example, to read the status of a ticket on the subway (after installing the appropriate application):

Now – a few words about the FM-receiver. This is also a link, albeit one-sided. FM-radio usually worked: “strong” station were caught well (and those turned out to be the majority), “weak” – bad. Unfortunately, the RDS system (display text information from the radio station) did not work (or its data is not passed on to the screen).

And a little about the voice. Our hero, like the vast majority of smartphones (except champions), only one radio (although simok two). Accordingly, Simcoe can only work in alternate mode: as long as the conversation is one second “pretends to be dead.” Audibility is good in both directions.

Nomu S30: Navigation

In a “cold” start of the inclusion of navigation in the open I took about 1 minute (a good result).

AndroiTS program showed that the smartphone supports two navigation systems: the American GPS and GLONASS domestic:

“Hot” navigation starts in a few seconds.

To check the accuracy of the navigation in the “real world” was held the track record walks in urban areas. Track Detail is as follows:

In the screenshot there are two tracks: the way “there” and “back”. They have a good agreement with each other, and the “buffeting” tracks is very small for the urban environment within.

Emphasizing competent mathematical processing navigation data from the different systems of navigation in the smartphone. In smartphones with support for multiple systems it is often the case that, due to defects “mathematics” tracks periodically give anomalous errors. There is nothing similar to this effect was not observed.

It helps navigation case in our smartphone, and the presence of the electronic compass:

However, their own electronic compass support smartphone application does not, you have to download a third-party. However, for the navigation set hero Confidence Survey “excellent.”

Nomu S30: Battery

Battery capacity Nomu S30 – 5000 mAh. This is quite a lot, especially when you consider that the processor is built on power efficient cores Cortex-A53. You can expect high levels of autonomy.

But let’s move on from theory to practice. The test results in three modes of energy consumption (high, medium and low) are presented in the following table.

Now we give the place that gave AnTuTu test in its ranking

The level of autonomy of the review of the hero is significantly higher than the average, which can be attributed to him to the “oldest old” category . In addition, it is worth noting a small heating smartphone under heavy loads. Probably, the large battery with a high metal content also performs the function of the heat-spreading.

In addition, look at the graph of discharge and subsequent battery charge cycle “view movies – short pause – Battery charge”:

The curve obtained is not quite a perfect view from the acceleration region fall in the bottom of the discharge curve. This should be remembered and possibly start charging the battery early.

battery duration was about three hours. For conventional battery models that would be the norm, but for such a capacious battery it can be seen as confirmation of the effectiveness of “fast charging” mode for the Nomu S30. During the first hour of charge was about 45%.

Nomu S30: Camera

Surround Camera Resolution – 13.0 Megapixel (it now, we can say standard as used everywhere, down to the flagship), the front – 5.0 megapixels (also very typical).Smartphone allows you to save images with increased resolution (interpolated), respectively, 16.0 and 8.0 megapixels. This, of course, clean “shamanism” and increase the granularity does not.

But now, when the “megapixel race” can be considered successfully completed, the main issue – not their quantity, but about quality. That is something that we are going to do!

Nomu S30: Camera Test

Let’s start with the test shots the main (rear) camera. Shooting Nature (ISO 38):

This story is one of the most difficult, because it contains a lot of small details. And we can not say that the hero of this review with it coped fine. On the left side of the frame there is a palpable loss of clarity. The band with an area of confusion is about 25% the width of the frame that does not decorate a picture.

The reason is obvious: not enough high-quality optics and “distorting” the front window of the camera on your smartphone. In the future, this problem will be visible in all photos, and separately it will not mention.

Last picture turned out to be good for this quality solutions. The front camera is suitable not only for video but also for the Self, though without any claims.

Next, check the video recording main camera (format Full HD). Day shooting:

The file is recorded in 3gp format with a resolution of Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution, the frame rate is 30 fps to, the flow of 17 Mbit / s. The video quality is quite good for its size (only a little lacking clarity) and is commendable.

Night Scene:

Purely technical parameters are the same as for the day of shooting. The file is recorded in 3gp format with a resolution of Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution, the frame rate is 30 fps to, the flow of 17 Mbit / s. But the video quality when shooting at night fundamentally different, the scene was very dark. Trying to improve the situation by means of the exposure compensation has not given results. not suitable for night video Nomu S30.

The results of the test shooting. Smartphone cameras can be called good, if not the loss of definition at the left edge of the main camera frame. Perhaps someone from the users are lucky, and this effect will be less pronounced, but the guarantee is “luck” can not.

Nomu S30: Comparison with competitors

In the class of protected smartphone focuses on the protection and less – hardware “stuffing” and the screen size.In this regard, most of the competitors offer a small overview of the hero and the diagonal of the display is not too high performance. However, there are exceptions to this rule.

In the table below we compare the Nomu S30 with other secure devices with a large screen (five inches) in different constructive design and different price ranges.

Let us represented competitors and start with the most brutal models – Runbo F1 64Gb. It can offer not only “cool” appearance, but also good-quality electronic “stuffing”

On the other hand, some “monstrous” appearance is not to everybody’s taste. And its price as well as the weight, not all have and can afford.

Next opponent is much more modest, it Blackview BV5000. This option looks less severe, and “stuffing” offers weaker. The latter can be seen as a plus, because the less energy efficient processor and will consume less, which may be important.

A low price and good accessibility in the Russian retail can become additional “bait” for potential buyers. Among the shortcomings: the front glass panel in the smartphone appears on the framework level, which increases the likelihood of break (which is mentioned in the user reviews on the Internet). If the diagonal of 5.5 “seems high, it is possible to pay attention to its 4.7-inch counterpart Blackview BV6000 .

And finally, the last competitor, Alcatel OneTouch Go Play 7048X. It aims to prove that the protected smartphone is not required to be “terrible” and is able to offer low weight and jaunty appearance.

In the ease of this option has a downside, which is low battery capacity compared with the above devices. As a consequence, it is unlikely to suit those users who are concerned, in addition to security, and high autonomy.

Nomu S30: Conclusion

Tested Nomu smartphone is part of the small group of devices that combine good protection with high performance. Rather, if among the “regular” smartphone, it could be attributed only to the “strong average performance”, among the protected device is very close to the flagship.

In addition to security and performance, the hero of the review, there are plenty of other positives: good screen, quality sound, support “fast charging” a wonderful memory.

But it was not without problems. Chief among them – this is an area of confusion on the photographs of the main chamber. If the overall quality of the Chinese manufacturers improving from year to year, the optics in the cells remains a “stumbling block”. As a result, even with a good template pictures are “so-so”.

The review can be said that Nomu S30 will please fans of sports, and especially tourists, hikers. For the latest mobile solution with good protection, autonomy and navigation – just a godsend! As for ordinary users, for them purchasing a smartphone protected – only way to save on all repairs. Let us not forget that the broken screens and “drowned” – this is the main “bread” smartfonoremontnoy industry .

Pros Nomu S30:

  • A good level of protection;
  • Sufficient for most productivity tasks;
  • Good work wireless communications, 4G support, and NFC;
  • Excellent quality of navigation;
  • High RAM and flash memory;
  • Good quality of the display with OGS technology;
  • The presence of a memory card slot, and support for two SIM cards in the independent slots;
  • Good sound;
  • Support for USB-OTG;
  • The high level of autonomy and support “fast-charge”.

Cons Nomu S30:

  • Mediocre quality images of the main chamber (perhaps test problem instance).

Can not arrange:

  • Significant size and weight of the smartphone;
  • The absence of an indicator of missed events.

Finally, I give a personal recommendation, as the owners of this device, and other models with protection. It is designed for extreme conditions and not for the public demonstration of her friends and acquaintances (for example, by immersion in water). Suffice only a demonstration with at least one tightly sealed cap (there are three in this unit), how things can end very badly.

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