Noctua NH-D15S Review CPU cooler

Noctua NH-D15S Review CPU cooler

Have good cooling systems has always been, and there is one significant problem – they are large, they are very big. Actually otherwise occur and could not, but the fact that they often cover some of the important elements of the “mainboard” especially  in cases with a small fee. The second significant problem of large CO – price, as a rule, they are expensive. The search for optimal solutions continues – today move by Noctua.

In 2014, when the Noctua NH-D15 has released a cooler, cooler was excellent. He was one of the most if not the most-most efficient CPU cooler then. However, it has inherited all the same two problems – bad compatibility and a high price.

Now we review Noctua NH-D15S, which, though not become substantially smaller, but compatibility should be better. And most importantly – it is cheaper. It costs $ 90. Of course, this is not a budget option, but still $ 10 less. How it affected the cooling efficiency, and whether such a cooler compatible with tall memory modules, please see our review Noctua NH-D15S.

Noctua NH-D15S: Packaging equipment

The box at the Noctua NH-D15S fairly rather big, with dimensions 23,5h19h23 see. As usual, everything is made in the inherent to Noctua colors and packages from other coolers companies that can only be distinguished by the model name.

On the reverse side, again the same as usual, are the main features of the model. It mentioned six heatpipes, branded simple system SecuFirm attachment 2, a wide range of memory modules, asymmetrical layout, and more.

As mentioned in the review Noctua NH-S14S, all packed inside straight on envy. All contents of the box on top of the foam covered with a lid for preservation during transport.

Noctua NH-D15S Review CPU cooler

Under the cover of foam two boxes. On the right (the one which is most) is itself a cooler with a fan Noctua NF-A15 PWM, and another whole set. Includes extensive enough and sufficient, but without the frills:

  • Mounting brackets and screws for different sockets;
  • Mounting brackets for installation fans (separate glad that there are brackets for mounting another fan);
  • L-shaped screwdriver;
  • For instructions on installing the cooler on AMD sockets, Intel LGA 115x, and another under the Intel LGA 2011;
  • Rear reinforcement plate for Intel LGA 115x sockets;
  • Resistor, lowering the maximum fan Obory;
  • The tube of thermal paste Noctua NT-H1;
  • Sticker with Noctua logo.

In general, Noctua NH-D15S packaged well, and foam dampeners prevent virtually any possible damage during transport.

Noctua NH-D15S: Appearance and design features

Radiator Noctua NH-D15S is very similar to those of the NH-D15. Earlier this cooler in the hands did not hold, then confused easily. However, all is in the details.

As before, the heatsink 45 assembled from wafers with the intercostal spacing of 2 mm and a total dissipation of approximately 12,5 m2. 12.5 m2 – is the greatest dissipation area, who met on the CPU cooler. Traditionally, Noctua, the fins are made of bare aluminum, which is very easily soiled.

Noctua NH-D15S Review CPU cooler

The dimensions of the radiator – 160h150h135 mm, and weighs only good 1150 bundled fan can move a little up and down. In the lower position it is flush with the tips of the heat pipes, i.e. the total height becomes 160 mm in the same. 160 mm – not much. Fit into almost any housing.

Riddled the radiator with six 6-mm U-shaped heatpipes, and now for the sake of greater compatibility they are not symmetrical, as it was with the legendary the D15, but with a shift in the right. That is all the symmetry axis of a radiator moved from the center to the right side. Thus the entire radiator is also shifted to the right, and the first PCI slot is not obscured.

When looking at the heat pipes is immediately evident that they go even close, but in each section one extreme tube is offset from the series. Possibly, the displacement of one of the tube towards the middle somehow enhances the strength of the assembly.

Noctua NH-D15S Review CPU cooler

And look at the ends of the heat pipes. They look different, different lengths, and is, in fact, in the most prominent part of the cooler. On the efficiency of heat dissipation is not affected, but the look of hurt. This “kosyachek”. Except for the oblique tubes made everything just perfect, as with other products Noctua.

The second feature, to ensure compatibility are cutouts in the bottom of the radiator. The box is not casual was listed compatibility with high RAM modules. High bar indeed stand (at what really tall, 10 mm instead of the standard). Cutouts are on both sections. The owners of mainstream AMD and Intel platforms will not appreciate, but here Intel Socket LGA 2011 owners will appreciate.

The base is well polished, if not to the state of the mirror, and some traces of the cutter, but perfectly smooth to the touch, and most importantly – smooth. Imprint terpomasty confirms it. There’s even necessary to say that this is one of the best thermal paste prints. The best contact is difficult to ensure.

Noctua NH-D15S Review CPU cooler

And finally, a few words about the bundled fan. Complete with Noctua NH-D15S one “Carlson» Noctua NF-A15 PWM with the bearing type SSO (hydrodynamic magnetic autostabilization). According to the manufacturer, this fan can work 150 thousand. Hours, which, for a moment, a little over 17 years.

Characterized by the fan rotation speed 400-1500 rev / min (with a resistor up to 1200 rev / min), 19,2-24,6 dBA noise level and performance 115,6-140 m3 of air per hour. In fact, at the speed of about 900 rev / min, the fan can be called absolutely silent.

As already mentioned, fan only one complete. you can buy the same second, if desired. For him complete even have special mounting brackets.

Noctua NH-D15S Review CPU cooler

Noctua NH-D15S: Installation process

The installation process Noctua NH-D15S is completely similar to any other Noctua cooler with a proprietary mounting system SecuFirm 2. For example, show on the Intel LGA 1151 platform.

To start from the back side of the motherboard to install the reinforcement plate. She is put in one position, so it is impossible to make a mistake.

Further, the front side of the board on the studs are worn Plastic locking cylinders.

On the studs and plastic cylinders placed mounting brackets, which drilled a few holes. For Intel LGA 1151 platform studs should get into the central hole. Other needs for other sockets.

Then the studs are wound nuts. In fact, that’s all. The board is fully ready to install the cooler. It remains only to smear thermal paste. Apply a thin layer is necessary. The thinner – the better. Not like in the sandwich.

At the end of the process the board is placed radiator, and just need to tighten the two spring-loaded screws. Make it with installed fan is almost impossible, so we remove it (the good staples for fans very quickly and easily removed, and then easily put), spin the spring-loaded screws, and then put a fan on the site.

Noctua NH-D15S Review CPU cooler

Also included with the cooler has a good detailed instructions, printed with high quality and concise graphics Installation on AMD sockets, Intel LGA 115x and Intel LGA 2011.

After installation, once it became clear that not lied Noctua compatibility. The cooler comes out at the top edge of the motherboard, it does not overlap the first PCI slot, and does not cover any one RAM slot. However, tighten the screws at the top of the board (the ones that hold the board itself to the body) becomes quite problematic. Especially central.

Memory modules can be set high, with it not just the high and tall. In some cases, even the cooling system RAM is still fit. And, of course, there are no conflicts in okolosoketnom space also does not arise.

Noctua NH-D15S Review CPU cooler

Noctua NH-D15S: Conclusions

Noctua NH-D15S is very similar to its predecessor in the face of NH-D15. Not simultaneously holding both the cooler even difficult to distinguish. Essentially, Noctua NH-D15S can be called work on the bugs. At one time the NH-D15 cooler was great and marvelous, but can cause a lot of headaches because of the overlap of the expansion slots, and on some boards and do overlap the only PCI-Express slot. Without changing the essential structure of the radiator, which has proved its effectiveness, not once or twice, Noctua engineers managed to achieve much better compatibility, and primarily on the form factor mini-ITX motherboards and micro-ATX, gaining more and more popularity.

Noctua NH-D15S Review CPU cooler

The absence of a second fan may seem banal economy, but in fact it was made for the sake of compatibility. Actually, that’s why the price for $ 10 less. And even with a fan Noctua NH-D15S can cope with almost any processor, even in a good overclocking.

Personally, for myself, I noticed only one drawback and that is not essential – sloppy ends of heat pipes, and in the rest of Noctua NH-D15S – an excellent choice.

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