Nintendo Classic Mini Review retro gaming

Nintendo Classic Mini Review retro gaming

Surprisingly, Nintendo announced in the summer a reissue of his first home console, the Nintendo Entertainment System from the 1980s. Since a few days is the Retro-console with significantly more compact dimensions and modern connections available in the shops – due to the huge popularity, but is already sold out. Whether the Wait is worth it, we have to clarify on the following pages.

After numerous setbacks in the past years, the year 2016 for Nintendo, is likely to be a resounding success. Not only because with Super Mario Run the first Nintendo Hero in a few days officially its Smartphone debut on the Apple iPhone under iOS to celebrate, but also because it is in the summer, with pokemon Go to hit the headlines, one of the most successful Augmented Reality games involved. Worldwide, the title moved over many weeks, several million players on the road, which went in part jointly in public places, on Monster-hunting, and in the arenas were playing against each other.

Nintendo Classic Mini Review retro gaming

But that’s not enough: Also during the summer months, Nintendo announced the Nintendo Classic Mini a Retro-console , at the beginning of the month in the stores came in and after a few hours in many places, out of print. Still, it is the availability of the Nintendo Classic Mini bad. The one who has it and not even play with her to, sold them to the moon prices on eBay. But also third party retailers on Amazon have shortages of the popular console detected and short-hand at the price screw is rotated.Had to pre-order, and customers of the first hour around 70 euros for the console, pay for the Nintendo Classic Mini these days far above 150 euros call – on eBay it was even for about 500 Euro offered. The same is true for the corresponding Retro-Controller. Instead of slim 10 Euro are now at least 60 euros.

Those who can wait, should do so and not to resort to the overpriced, limited, or otherwise artificially scarce Nintendo does not have the new edition of his Entertainment system.Why also, was the NES after their European launch in the year 1986 with more than 60 million devices sold for a long time the best selling console.With your video games were able to celebrate the breakthrough in the home – while in the early 1980s, still in the game halls, and in front of a clunky machine had to put rolled up my Nintendo the video game market with the NES completely.

The Nintendo Entertainment System was the first game console for home use with interchangeable game modules, and a first usable Controller that laid the Foundation for today’s Gamepads. Both the Controller of the Sony PlayStation 4 and the Microsoft Xbox One set to a control pad or D-Pad, some extra buttons surrounded.

Nintendo Classic Mini Review retro gaming

Nintendo Classic Mini: Old classic game for a new experience

With the NES, the so far most famous game heroes were born, and shows the light of the world, including Super Mario, Donkey Kong, Kirby, Zelda, Pac Man or Final Fantasy, and Metroid. Almost 30 years later, Nintendo bans a selection of old classics to a more compact console, in the same Retro Design from the past and equips it with modern fittings, to be able to on a current Flatscreen TV can easily be used. The new Nintendo Classic Mini is, as the original boring mouse grey, however, was slimmed down considerably.

It brought the Original in the 1980s, yet the dimensions of 255 x 85 x 202 mm, the new edition of 130 x 43 x 100 mm, is much smaller and is only about as large as the former Cartridges that had to be plugged in to the Game in the console. Although the shaft is not indicated for Nintendo Classic Mini, however. The 30 pre-installed games are pre-installed on a small flash memory chip. This makes the Game easier, but the console is also on the selection of Nintendo limited. Other games over the years have beenover 750 titles for the NES released – you can not install. A memory card slot there is not, an additional connector is also missing, and also a connection to the Internet can not be established.One or the other is likely to miss the favorite game of his Childhood. We are thinking here, among other things, to Tetris, Lemmings or Prince of Persia.

Nintendo Classic Mini Review retro gaming

Probably Nintendo in the next few months, different versions with different game packages on the market. To Start but there is after all, the most important and successful titles, including Super Mario Bros 1-3, Castlevania 1+2, Donkey Kong, Dr. Mario, Final Fantasy, Ghosts’ n Goblins Kirby’s Adventure, The Legend of Zelda, Mega Man 2, Metroid, Pac-Man and Punch Out.

In fact, some of the game classics of the NES to the current Wii U via the Virtual Console without any license problems. In isolated cases, up to 7.99 euros per title, however. In sum, the offer of the Nintendo Classic Mini so that is respectable and quite attractive.

Particularly praiseworthy: The game progress can be conveniently controlled in four different Slots per game save. Many of the titles had to be played entirely in one go, or words gave the free according to the game progress pass that you had to enter to be able to at a later progress in the game to get in. These passwords are almost already obsolete.

Nintendo Classic Mini Review retro gaming

Even the previous Glitches and graphics errors were taken at the Nintendo Classic Mini.Who’s running, for example, in a Sidescroller like Super Mario Bros. quickly from the left to the right, forcing the console to fast-Recharge then it is at the right edge of the screen to jerk of learning and smaller errors in the image. The Trick is to hide in Super Mario Bros. 3 from behind the bushes and make a layer behind it that also works in the new edition.

All games will be shown including your game saves in a clearly structured menu, which is automatically loaded after the console was launched. The titles can be sorted by name, game number, or by popularity. Some of the titles can be played with a second Controller of a second in front of the TV.

Nintendo Classic Mini: Hardware and the scope of delivery

Nintendo Classic Mini short, is a simple Emulator, the Hardware is housed in a get the plastic housing with plenty of space and air said. Instead of the 2 MHz fast Rhico processor and about 5 MHz graphics solution, the new Nintendo Classic Mini and a modern SoC with ARMv7 cores of Allwinner. This can draw on a 256 MB DDR3 memory and do not have to give, as then, with 2 KB of satisfied.Occasionally, the console had to be retrofitted at the time, but also with additional RAM on the Game cartridge to the graphic splendor of, for example, Super Mario Bros. 3 on the CRT to bring the screen to. The plug-in modules of at the time, took 192 KB per game, today the 30 pre-installed titles, 512 MB of flash memory.

Nevertheless, it remains also in the case of the Nintendo Classic Mini in the 8-Bit and low resolution. After all, there are three different picture modes, which allow some even more Retro-Feel to it. The CRT Filter, the typical Scanlines age tube are simulated TV and the picture overall is very restless and washed out. In addition, there is a original resolution mode, each Pixel square is shown. In 4:3 mode, the page is stretched ratio. For the Latter, most of the Classic should buyer decide.

Nintendo Classic Mini Review retro gaming

To the TV, Nintendo Classic Mini is connected, of course, not via the AV cable, but via HDMI. Power to the Retro console is powered via a micro-USB cable. The power supply for this, Nintendo is not in, unfortunately, but from any Smartphone and Tablet charger purpose alienate. According to the manual, support for USB power supply with 5 V and 1 A. The power consumption is both in the Game world, as well as in the main menu, at just over 2 W, which is actually also a relatively low-power network allowed to operate. After all, the cable for this is included in the scope of delivery, exactly as for the HDMI Port.

The Controller of the original NES, Nintendo has been recreated virtually. Proportions, dimensions, color and weight are nearly identical to the Original. The keys, however, are common something easily than in the case of the now several decades old models. Significantly shorter the cable was: With a total length of just 75 cm, the Controller cable is much too short. A cozy Play from the couch is not possible. An extension is, however, due to the proprietary connection not possible anyway, and Nintendo is also not considered. The reason: if you want to change the game, no way this could be via the Controller, the player must press the Reset-button right next to the Power Button on the console. The Nintendo Classic Mini should be always within reach.

The only way to get around the short cable strands, is the HDMI cable. Then, however, also think of the power supply. After all: When Nintendo uses the same plug as in the case of its Wii U. The Classic Controller can be used in conjunction with a controller on a modern console.

Nintendo Classic Mini: conclusion

With the Nintendo Classic Mini have managed this year is another highlight. Since the days of the Retro is out of stock console or is traded at significantly higher prices. Actually, the time travel back to Childhood a lot of fun – fast-memories be awakened to long game nights. It’s just a pity that the cable is for the Controller too short, and the game selection is much too low. Some classics are missing, especially if you are sitting at second in front of the console.The fun is likely to be only of short duration – too demanding of the level of difficulty in some Games, the frustration factor is so high. The level design is compared to today’s straight-forward, the graphics are very pixelated. Quickly, video game fans are likely to grab that back to the current Generation. Die-hard NES Fans already own the Original.

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