MSI Z270 Gaming M5 Review motherboard

MSI Z270 Gaming M5 Review motherboard

It’s no secret that the motherboard manufacturers stepped up long before the sale of processors Intel Kaby Lake. But some leakage in the news only teased users, increasing expectations degrees.

If in fact, the processors themselves has changed little, but concept of motherboards designed for the new products, has undergone significant changes: some old chips were removed, some interfaces lit anew.

And since the PCH added four additional PCI-e line from motherboard manufacturers an opportunity to rethink the design and offer the buyer a little more room.

We have already clarified the possibility of the seventh generation CPU Intel Core i7-7700K as an example, and reviewed the ASUS ROG Maximus IX Formula, now pay attention to our readers already familiar model MSI Z270 Gaming M5.

MSI Z270 Gaming M5 Review motherboard

Differences versions MSI Zx70 Gaming M5

Not always the customer need an abundance of features, often we look narrowly at models with modest capacities. Such true MSI Z270 Gaming M5, despite the fact that its equipment is close to the top solutions. The manufacturer has provided additional protective covers, a couple of M.2 ports U.2 slot with support M.2 Shield, four USB 3.1 and high-quality sound.

MSI Z170 Gaming M5:

MSI Z270 Gaming M5 Review motherboard

MSI Z270 Gaming M5:

MSI Z270 Gaming M5 Review motherboard

The changes mainly concerned the connection methods and the list of ports and slots. Disappeared one slot PCI-e 1x, which took place U.2 slot. Add a single USB 2.0 port.

Asmedia 1142 USB 3.1 controller is updated to version 2142, and is now able to transmit data at a faster rate – up to 10 Gbps on a single device instead of 8 Gbps, or 8 Gbps on the two devices instead of 4 Gbps.

On the other hand, disappeared SATA Express ports. It seems to be not the most demanded protocol, but it was backwards compatible with the SATA, and now this is not possible. But instead of the previous codec installed ALC1150 ALC1220, which gives some hope for improvement in the sound quality in general.

The data storage system intersects with interfaces M.2 slots. SATA connectors 1/5 disabled when SATA protocol involved in slot M.2 1/2. If the second set M.2 PCI-e SSD, the disabled SATA 1/5 Ports. Port U.2 shares resources with the sixth slot PCI-e 1x on the principle of “either-or”. In addition, modifications Gaming M5 provides only two ports USB 3.1 – Type A and Type C.

MSI Z270 Gaming M5 Review motherboard

Review MSI Z270 Gaming M5

Contents of delivery

In this case, the grade corresponds to the positioning of new items. There is everything you need to get started, and at the same time, nothing more.

  • Motherboard itself;
  • Four SATA cables;
  • One bridge 2-way SLI;
  • Set of stickers for the SATA cables;
  • Extension to connect RGB strip;
  • Back panel;
  • Manual and CD with drivers;
  • MSI Gaming Sticker.

Specifications MSI Z270 Gaming M5

chipsetIntel Z270
CPUIntel 6/7 generation
Memory4 DDR slots 4 from 2133 to 3800 + MHz
Slots2 x PCI-e 3.0 x16;
1 x PCI-e 3.0 x16 (x4);
3 x PCI-e 3.0 x1
Graphic artsDisplayPort 1.2 up to 4096 x 2304 @ 24 Hz;
HDMI 1.4b 4096 x 2304 @ 30 Hz
Some video cardsAMD Crossfire 3Way, Nvidia SLI 2Way
Hard disks1 x M.2 Mkey 2242-22110 (PCI-e 3.0 x4 and SATA);
1 x M.2 Mkey 2242-2280 (PCI-e 3.0 x4);
6 x SATA 6 Gbit / s; Smart Response and Optane
NetKiller E2500
AudioALC1220 Codec
USB7 x USB 2.0;
6 x USB 3.0;
1 x USB 3.1 Type A;
1 x USB 3.1 Type C


MSI Z270 Gaming M5: PCB design

PCB MSI model is decorated on the back side patterns, stylized electricity discharges.

On the front side of the cooling system and PCI-e slots provided guards.

MSI Z270 Gaming M5 Review motherboard

It keeps the old interface PS / 2, USB 2.0 near neighbors to restore the BIOS, although it can also work as a simple USB 2.0.

On the reconstruction of details: the motherboard BIOS image can perezalivat without CPU. To do this, copy to USB-drive FAT32 BIOS image with name MSI.rom. Then, insert the USB flash drive into this port. Press a button Flashback + (located on the DIMM slots), and the process is automatically activated and records the image. This LED flashes, and it is switched off after the recording.

A small button next to the port USB 2.0 – BIOS reset button. A pair of USB 3.1 Type A and USB 3.1 Type C divorced with a new generation Asmedia 2142 controller.

U.2 standard. not particularly prevalent in the desktop (with rare exception) and has long found its use in servers and workstations. Because of his board were missing even a single PCI-e 1x.

After removal of the casing and the cooling system opens the following form. Alas, for the PCH heatsink no one was watching, no sensors. Keys adjacent to the PCH switch PCI-e line between u.2 / M.2 and SATA. PCI-e connectors DIMM and equipped with a metal protection. Similarly reserved slots U.2 and upper M.2.

MSI Z270 Gaming M5 Review motherboard

The board is not familiar to many users, power and reset buttons, but there is a simple system status display initialization devices (VGA, CPU, Dram, Boot). Near hid the stress measurement area. For it was not chosen very successful place, and contacts is too small and without holes. Perhaps because of this, the manufacturer does not even mention this possibility in the instructions.

A small box with the inscription VR aims to reduce fluctuations in the USB port voltages for more stable transfer via USB.

Ten power phases are composed of five pairs of phases. Presumably used PWM controller of uP. Applying the electronic components of high-quality components in accordance with the original concept of Military Class 5. It is composed of solid-state capacitors and inductors Dark CAP Titanium Choke.

To support network connections, a Gigabit LAN-controller Qualcomm Atheros Killer E2500, has a number of hardware and software advantages to choosing priorities gaming and multimedia traffic. Set can be in the MSI Gaming Lan Manager.

CPU power supply system is cooled by two radiators through simple thermal pads. No heat pipes because of what can be said even without testing the installed where phase more strongly will heat radiator.

For the second slot M.2 MSI developers should consider their own cooling design: the metal plate installed thermal pad after installing SSD through it he will be in contact with the metal, improving heat dissipation. Unfortunately, for the upper SSD passive cooling is not provided, in his theory of the incident will cool the CPU cooler airflow.

On the set of PCH is a massive heat spreader with backlight. We note an interesting way of fastening – instead of thermal paste or pad it is glued to the bridge.

MSI Z270 Gaming M5 Review motherboard

MSI Z270 Gaming M5: Conclusion

MSI Z270 Gaming M5 is good-quality motherboard with optional M.2 SSD pairs and then combining them into an array. Among other advantages – POST with temperature display, voltage measurement with contact pads, a simple display device initialization and good audio codec. As a bonus there is a trendy connector for water pumps with capacity up to 2 A. Note, only one – only three fan connectors. But they can be configured in the BIOS or firmware and bind to the temperature CPU. Note and two external enclosure USB 3.0 connector. And with the option Flashback + can not worry about the BIOS, because of it available without firmware rollback processor.

MSI Z270 Gaming M5 Review motherboard

Not without artful settings from MSI. Poster instance i7-7700K at default settings constantly clocked at 4.5 GHz and voltage 1.3 V, which is a lot even for the CBO, and heated considerably. Perhaps later release the correct BIOS firmware with normal presets, and yet had to hand edit vCPU to reducing energy consumption and heating. In defense of the company’s development is to say that Load Line Calibration and falls perfectly in automatic mode at the target, providing a stable power supply, and the choice of settings in the BIOS overclocking the CPU is adequate for all levels.

Standard test (the frequency of the processor – 4.5 GHz memory clock – 3600 MHz) Model MSI Z270 Gaming M5 spent, the more unlikely it is necessary in real life. In my opinion, the motherboard lacks only the power and reset buttons, but this option is desirable for the open stand and is not required in the system unit. But with a single setting in the BIOS (MSI Fast Boot) achieved a lightning system load, takes five to six seconds.

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