MSI Vortex G65-6QF-045NL Review

When Apple introduced the new Mac Pro everyone had an opinion about that. The eye-catching round system that Apple has been active in the workstation market, has its own appearance. MSI Vortex is partly indebted to Mac Pro, but has a different approach. This is a compact system with powerful specifications aimed at gamers. We have tested it.

The other approach of the MSI Vortex is all right to see the appearance. Where Apple has a sleek black look, MSI has chosen a striking red lighting, a bit similar to the stripes on a sports car. Incidentally, you do not always have to choose red, the RGB LEDs can be set in different colors. MSI Vortex is a sweet 4599 euros in our price. That is a considerable sum of money. For this amount, you can also build an ultimate traditional system.

The advantage of this format is that you can carry it effortlessly. The MSI Vortex is compact and light enough to fit in a backpack. As we were wrapping him in a towel to prevent it by a sudden movement incurs a loss. In this way, he is more or less a competitor for a gaming laptop. Although you or the disadvantage that the MSI Vortex does not have a built-in screen, keyboard and mouse. Things that you should have on hand or need to bring in order to use the MSI Vortex. All in all, it is interesting to keep a system with this powerful specifications with a weight of only 4.3 kg in your hands.

MSI Vortex G65-6QF-045NL Review

MSI Vortex: Design

The MSI Vortex design is quite remarkable. On the red striping after, MSI has the appearance kept fairly simple. Leading adorns the well-known gaming dragon which the brand promotes its products.

The compact tower is at the front kept fairly limited in terms of connections. In practice, this is not very convenient, because you now have no access to front connectors quick to attach a stick or any other accessory. All connectivity options are gathered at the back. If you are all in a permanent arrangement, is not natural. It is also well so neat, because if you can properly guide a little out of sight the cables.

The MSI Vortex has a tower design in which the cooling is placed at the top of the cabinet. There you can hear the fan regularly blare a bit when he’s busy. At the top MSI has fitted a metal grille. Because it is part of the refrigerator you must use it not as a place to discard all sorts of extras.

Rear you will find the connections that the system can be connected to the outside world. On that you do not hear us complaining. For coupling accessories has four USB 3.0 ports. For modern appliances he has another two times USB C based on Thunderbolt 3. Adequate screens you can connect twice Mini DisplayPort, and the same number of HDMI connectors. You will also find two gigabit ports for connecting to the network.

The power supply is built into the system and you will find underneath a common connection for a Euro-cord. The lighting is also reflected at the back and there you see the famous dragon by a railing.

The MSI Vortex is to say the least not the most friendly system to tinker with. You can moreover have to open it by unscrewing six Torx screws at the rear. You can then detach the side panels and admire the interior. You can not really speak of a motherboard, rather a combination of a couple of plates that are mounted in a circle.

There are two signs which the GTX 980 video cards are placed as a MXM modules. There is also the ‘board’ with the processor and then four SO-DIMM slots placed that are completely full in our case. On one of the graphics boards you can also see one of the two M.2 SSD modules. Behind the same print you will find the second SSD. The self placing upgrades is very difficult and we have not gone further by viewing the system than was justified. On the internet you can find such a movie of Linus Tech Tips that the system completely take apart, but not thereafter put together.

MSI Vortex: Specifications

For the technique MSI unpacked properly. We also had been nothing but expected for a system with this price tag. The base is an Intel Core i7 6700K, the popular processor from the Skylake generation. A quad-core processor that is devised for those who like what to overclocking.

MSI Vortex G65-6QF-045NL Review

The processor is combined with four 16GB DDR4-2133 modules Hynix. Accounting for a total of 64 GB of memory. A huge amount of natural and really only really useful if you’re really going to run huge heavy duty applications. Frankly, this amount is only really useful if you are going to work with very professional software or for example have very heavy virtualization applications.

We look further into the system we notice that MSI has combined two Samsung SM951 NVMe SSDs in RAID0 setup. Both have a capacity of 256 GB, you will possess a total of 512 GB. If you buy a system with such a price tag you’ll probably need more. There, MSI provided by a 1TB hard drive to add. Given the dimensions of the system, it is not surprising that it has become a 2.5-inch disk. It is a 7200 RPM copy from the factory HGST which you also find in many laptops of this brand.

For network connections, MSI contacted Killer. Two gigabit connections are available that each have access to a Killer e2400 chip. WiFi is not forgotten and that is controlled by the Killer Wireless AC 1535, a card with two antenna connectors which offers a bandwidth of 866 Mbit / s and also provides Bluetooth. The power supply is mounted centrally in the system and delivers a power of 450 watts. It is an efficient Gold Certified power supply. The power seems given the configuration certainly not be oversized.

MSI Vortex G65-6QF-045NL Review

MSI Vortex Dragon Gaming Center

Although this machine is equipped with an Intel Core i7 6700K missing overclocking options in the BIOS. Would you still conjure some more performance out of the processor, then you must be in the Dragon Gaming Center. There you can include adjusting the processor settings to your needs. With a click of your mouse, you have him standing at 4.6 GHz.

Through the Dragon Gaming Center, you can set the lighting also completely at your hand. You can also create multiple profiles, allowing you to easily switch between different institutions.

Very nice is also the app that offers MSI for Android and iOS. It lets you easily switch between the lighting capabilities of the MSI Vortex. Also find the status of your system and arrange your fans.


The MSI Vortex is a small but very impressive system. In a housing which is small enough to be included is a huge potent system incorporated in a backpack. Fast enough to play heavy games in high resolutions.

In technical terms, it is a very special device. A thick quad-core Intel Core i7 from Skylake-generation, 64 GB of memory and then another two GTX 980’s. Indeed a big bin, but in a small package. The MSI Vortex is anything but cheap, it’s the least we can say about the price of 4599 euros. For that amount you can of course build a very nice system itself, based on a slew of hardware. That alone will be not nearly as compact as the MSI Vortex.

The size and weight of 4.3 kg is the advantage of the MSI Vortex. He also has some drawbacks. The placing of upgrades is virtually impossible. In a ‘normal’ system can relatively easily once put a new video card with the rest of your investment just is preserved. Another point is that the MSI Vortex makes a lot of noise if you let him work hard. You have to really put on your head a good headset with closed ear cups to make do not suffer from. The rest of your environment will certainly a thing to hear. Let’s hope that MSI getting again under control.

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