MSI GT83VR review: beast of laptop

MSI GT83VR review: beast of laptop

MSI GT83VR is a giant, with a weight of over five pounds and an 18 inch screen. In this article we look at this over 5400 euro-dollar monster expanded.

It is literally and figuratively a tin beast. A laptop that we, with effort, even a laptop can call it that, because for use on your lap, he is actually much too large. It is a machine that is different than any other, except, perhaps, than the ASUS ROG GX, a laptop that is combined with a dock with water-cooling. That it is not just a laptop, it is also immediately evident when you see him drop it, because it comes with two adapters. That be via a Y-cable with the laptop connected. The power supplies provide a unit capacity of 330 watts and weighing together a total of 2.5 pounds. If you add up the weight of the laptop, then you have a lot of drag as you go.

If you’re in the market for a device such as MSI GT83VR, then you will probably not assume you have it for next to nothing on the head can tap. Still, a price of an average of nearly 5450 euro to swallow.

MSI GT83VR review: beast of laptop

We look at the workplace then we come, of course, the first at the keyboard. If you put your fingers on the keys let go then you notice how wonderful the touch of this mechanical copy. It is, as is customary in MSI in cooperation with SteelSeries developed and it uses Cherry Brown keys. The Windows key is on the right side of the spacebar and the keyboard with red lighting.

It is of course personal, but working with a touchpad to the right of your keyboard requires quite some getting used to. The advantage is that when playing a game using your keyboard the touchpad does not get in the way. If you have a game to play, are you using the mouse controls, then most people will a real mouse prefer.

MSI GT83VR: Screen

The screen has a diagonal of 18.4 inches. That is very large for a laptop. There are also all-in-one desktops with this screen size on the market. Although the trend for laptops at this time in the direction of 4K, Ultra HD, it is surprising to see that MSI has chosen for a screen this size with only Full HD resolution.

MSI GT83VR review: beast of laptop

An advantage is, in any case, that the video card effortlessly high framerates on this resolution will be able to supply, but what about the image quality? The screen shows on the basis of our measurements, both good and lesser aspects. Taken by the bank, we would like more than enough to qualify for it. The good news: the maximum brightness is 346 cd/m2 is remarkably high, presumably made possible by the larger size and thus larger backlight, combined with a relatively low number of transistors in the screen. Anyway, with this brightness you can also in bright-lit rooms, excellent gaming, and only when in direct sunlight, will this brightness is not sufficient. Also positive is the color fastness, the DeltaE 2000 value of 3.5 is very good – most people will have variations in colour with the naked eye to see. The grijsafwijking is also nicely low with 4.3. The gamma value of 2,09 can with it. The saturation is mostly quiet, though we had red, green, and magenta, like some intense seen.

Where we are less to speak about, are the native colour temperature and black level. With the first to begin, we measure 7697 K and that is much too high. It provides a visible blauwzweem, what we also see in the display of the grijsverloop. Especially at high brightness flying blue really too much out of the turn, at the expense of the red channel. The black level is off on a much too high 0,64 cd/m2, which means that black is rather grey. As a result, the contrast despite the high brightness, on a very meager 541:1.

Since this is a gaming laptop, we find a good contrast and neutral colour rendition is just a bit more important than a high degree of accuracy in the colours. And that is exactly where the problem lies yet. Combined with the relatively low resolution we come out on ‘more than enough’, but in this price range we would of course prefer a somewhat more positive assessment sheets.

MSI GT83VR review: beast of laptop

MSI GT83VR: Specifications

This is appearance a less than subtle laptop and that also applies to the technical specifications. It is the first time we have a laptop encounter with the Intel Core i7-6920HQ on board. This is a significantly faster chip than the 6700HQ in many high-end laptops find. This variant works at 2.9 GHz instead of 2.6 GHz and also has a higher turbo: a 3.8 instead of 3.5 GHz. If topped with whipped cream, this version is also equipped with a larger smartcache.

Although he is not meant for, we could see the 6920HQ clocks at 4 GHz.

The 6700HQ has 6 MB cache and this variant offers 8 MB. In contrast to the Core i7-6820HK is this processor is not officially to overclock, our managed to get him to 4 GHz to clocks using the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility.

The working memory is composed of four 16 GB DDR4-2400 modules, for a total of 64 GB, an amount which you are also a very powerful server to run. Also virtualization applications is a such amount of memory is nice to have.

MSI has two GTX 1080’s mounted. Both have 8 GB of ram on board, working at 1557 MHz and provide a boost to 1734 Mhz. The cards have 2560 shaders at their disposal and are using a 256-bit bus with the memory connected. Graphically, these are real powerhouses, especially in the mobile field.

MSI GT83VR: Conclusion

MSI GT83VR is a very special laptop. Two GTX 1080’s in SLI and with an 18.4-inch and a weight of almost 5.5 kilos. If you count the double adapter in, it means you with 8 kilos on the path may be if you want to take. He is too big and heavy to be a laptop called to be.

Although MSI is a very beautiful configuration, in comparison with a Core i7-6920HQ, 64 GB, 2 SSD’s, hard drive and even a Blu-ray burner there is still plenty to be desired. Although the brand is also in many smaller laptops all have an Ultra HD screen is processed, this should be a model to do with only a Full HD screen. This machine deserves a Ultra HD screen. It is nice that MSI has chosen for a top model Intel Core i7 processor. If we look at the benchmarks then look at the processor, the graphical technique keep up and therefore we would have a faster chip want to see or the 6820HK with just a little more overclocking capabilities. It is of course not surprising that the best battery life quite disappointing. You could say that the battery is not more than a built-in UPS.

Although the MSI GT83VR a pretty ultimate laptop is, there is still plenty to be desired and that is having regard to the amount of nearly 5500 euros that this laptop costs a great pity.

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