MSI Core Frozr L Test and review: cooler for gamers

MSI Core Frozr L Test and review: cooler for gamers

MSI is usually waiting for motherboards, video game systems, laptops and video cards, but not CPU coolers. But in our lab just entered MSI Core Frozr L. cooler If the cooler design with a single radiator MSI engineers have used the experience and expertise obtained in the creation of video cards cooling systems. Of course, we note and the beautiful game design cooler.

In principle, MSI step on the proposal of its own CPU cooler for gamers may be called logical. If you bought a motherboard or graphics card MSI, then it certainly will want to take a cooler, which would be in harmony with them. MSI paid appearance cooler MSI Core Frozr L attention. Top flaunts MSI Gaming logo illuminated. However, the user can choose between two different covers.

MSI Core Frozr L is a standard tower cooler. According to information MSI cooler was designed with maximum compatibility. This applies not only to minimize conflicts with other system components, and compatibility with socket CPU. Core MSI Core Frozr L is suitable for the most important modern and old AMD and Intel platforms. MSI also indicated support for the new socket AMD AM4. Stock cooler is equipped with a single fan MSI TORX. 120-mm fan with PWM control is also based on technology that uses MSI graphics cards for their fans.

Cooler Sales MSI Core Frozr L began in January 2017. The price in Europe is 50 euros.

MSI Core Frozr L Test and review: cooler for gamers

MSI Core Frozr L: In detail

Accessories sealed in a separate box. Interestingly, all the accessories packed into the foam, including a back plate, and mounting brackets. There were no quick start guide and a small tube of thermal paste (as she is called MSI, “Premium Thermal Compound X”), the second pair of fan mounting clips and a second decorative cover.

120 mm fan pre-installed cleanly on the cooler, but when you install it will have to be removed. Visually MSI Core Frozr L cooler and fan TORX well with each other – at least if you like red inserts and logo with a dragon. Workmanship raises no objections.

MSI Core Frozr L Test and review: cooler for gamers

The cooler is not exactly the most subtle. Recently tested Thermalright True Spirit 140 Direct has a thickness of 68.5 mm, ie more than 1.5 cm less. But MSI Core Frozr L, at least, significantly thinner than standard tower coolers, for example, the same model Thermalright Macho. So with Memory compatibility issues are unlikely to arise.

In addition, the cooler is slightly shifted upwards, which allows without too much trouble to involve top expansion card. fins have complicated shape with special reflectors directing the airflow towards the heat pipes, which improves efficiency of heat dissipation.

Beautiful dragon logo on the top is illuminated during operation. But the user can replace the lid. If the silver lid with a dragon you something does not suit, you can install a complete black cover. Both covers are made of plastic.

Heat pipes have a larger diameter than the standard 6 mm. MSI has installed four 8 mm heatpipes “SuperPipes”. They remove heat from the nickel-plated copper base to the aluminum fins of the radiator.

MSI Core Frozr L Test and review: cooler for gamers

120 mm fan has double insulation: rubber inserts fan and heat sink rubber pads. Fan TORX interesting two types of blades. The blades Dispersion Fan Blade have a greater angle of attack, they accelerate the air flow. A conventional blades provide a stable downward airflow. Hydrodynamic self-lubricating bearings ensure a long service life. MSI indicates quite an impressive time between failure MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures), at a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius – 150,000 hours. As you can guess from the 4-pin fan connector, it supports PWM control. Speed ​​range is from 500 to 1,800 rev / min.

Core Frozr L can be called a newcomer on the market, but the fastening system is similar to other coolers. You must first install the metal plate by holes and screws to the respective socket, and then thread the screws and secure them with nuts from the motherboard front side. The mounting plate is screwed to the nuts. Then apply enough thermal paste on the CPU, then set on top of the cooler. Last screwed crosspiece and two screws to the mounting plate.

As MSI and promised the cooler to the Intel system leaves sufficient clearance to the upper expansion slot. The same applies to the motherboard components. Problems can occur only with the first memory slot – radiators above we use Corsair Vengeance LP bars may interfere with the fan mounting brackets and by the fan.

MSI Core Frozr L Test and review: cooler for gamers

We’ve put together a new test system that is closer to the mass gaming computers. 8-core Xeon conceded Intel Core i7-4790K place, which is very popular in gaming PCs. The Radeon HD 7970 from Gigabyte energy consumption corresponds to the modern high-end models. We chose housing NZXT H630 . Full Tower offers ample space for the highest CPU coolers, as it allows you to test large CBO closed loop. In H630 housing insulation measures are taken, so it is not focused on uncompromising cooling performance, rather on the optimal balance between noise and cooling. The same can be said about the popular body Define by Fractal Design.

MSI Core Frozr L: Test

MSI TORX fan operates at rotational speeds up to 1,800 rev / min. At this rate we got quite the expected high level of noise. However, the more interesting results at a moderate speed of 1,000 rev / min, the fan was barely audible background noise, we did not find. At 600 rpm / min, the noise level down to 31 dB some more (A), the operation of the fan was barely audible. MSI indicates the minimum speed of 500 rev / min.

MSI added supplied TORX second fan, which made it possible to test MSI Core Frozr L in push-pull configuration. With two fans at the maximum speed the noise level increases significantly.

MSI Core Frozr L Test and review: cooler for gamers

The following test scenario, we evaluate the performance of the cooler with the standard fan at 1,000 rev / min and at maximum speed.

By cooling performance we got mixed results. At full speed MSI Core Frozr L showed good performance, performing at Thermalright True Spirit 140 Direct with a thin radiator. But I have to put up with much higher speed and a large fan noise. By reducing the rotational speed is rapidly reduced noise to acceptable values, but also decreases the cooling performance. It can be a little better with the help of push-pull configuration. At 1,000 rev / min we have improved temperature to 58 degrees instead of 62, 600 rev / min – up to 67 degrees instead of 72.

To compare “pure” performance coolers without affecting regular fans, we equip all our reference cooler fans. We used a powerful fan Noctua NF-A15 PWM, the distance between the mounting holes is 105 mm, speed – up to 1,200 rev / min. If such fans can set on the radiator was absent, we used a more compact Noctua NF-F12 at a speed of 120 mm to 1,500 rev / min. In the case of coolers, designed for “real” 140-mm fans with hole spacing of 140 mm, we used the NF-A14 PWM.

MSI Core Frozr L Test and review: cooler for gamers

Fan Bracing and located near the memory slot is not allowed to use the NF-A15 PWM fan. It is for this reason we had to test MSI Core Frozr L with our reference fan NF-F12.

TORX Fan gives quite a decent performance at 1,000 rev / min – with the NF-F12 we have the same temperature level. By reducing the speed to 600 rev / min CPU temperature again increased significantly. In general, the cooling performance of MSI Core Frozr L benefits from a high fan speed, the speed of decline led to a significant deterioration of the cooling performance.

Our test system uses ASUS motherboard and graphics card Gigabyte, so the cooler MSI Core Frozr L looks at it not so good. Here MSI goal is clear: if you have purchased for a gaming computer components MSI or plan to do so, it is now at your disposal will be the right cooler. In this respect, MSI Core Frozr L seemed to us quite convincing: with illuminated dragon logo, red accents and a removable cover it fits perfectly into the MSI Gaming design, the MSI product can determine at a glance.

But the cooler should not only look good, but also to give convincing results in practice. The installation of the cooler can not be called simple or innovative, it is pretty standard, like many other manufacturers. With all the good compatibility, the cooler is moved away from the top of the expansion card with the components of the motherboard it does not conflict to test the system. In addition, MSI has announced its support for the new socket AMD AM4, which come under the Zen processors. But our test system fan is hung over the first memory slot, so you may experience high heat spreaders problems.

MSI Core Frozr L Test and review: cooler for gamers

But the wonders of the thin tower heatsink with a 120mm fan should not be expected. The situation did not save any 8-mm heat pipes or fan TORX with different blades. At full speed the cooler MSI Core Frozr L showed quite a decent cooling performance. But at 1,800 rev / min fan worked too loud for everyday use, so the speed will have to be reduced. At lower speeds the cooler starts to work pleasantly quiet and cool performance drops significantly. In the usual scenario without extreme loads and controlled through a PWM problem is unlikely to arise. But comparable air coolers are usually given a larger margin of cooling performance. If you are willing to accept a higher level of noise, you can install the second fan in the configuration push-pull. It will positively affect the cooling performance in the case of a small fan speeds.

Of the alternatives with a similar structure can be noted that the Thermalright True Spirit 140 the Direct . Tower cooler with a heatsink provides better cooling performance at medium and low speeds. And he was even thinner, which improves compatibility with memory modules. Visually Thermalright cooler seems a lot easier, but the design – a matter of taste.

In our test system MSI Core Frozr L showed very strong decline in cooling performance at low fan speeds. But let’s not forget about the benefits, so that the MSI debut as a whole can be called successful. Yet cooler MSI Core Frozr L will be an excellent addition to the game system with other components of the MSI.

MSI Core Frozr L Test and review: cooler for gamers

Advantage MSI Core Frozr L:

  • It goes well with the other components of the MSI Gaming
  • Illuminated logo and a removable cover
  • Good cooling performance at high fan speeds
  • Already supports AMD Socket AM4
  • Fan with a wide range of speeds and adjusting the PWM, vibration isolation
  • the second pair of fan mounts Supplied with configuration push-pull
  • Easy assembly

Disadvantages MSI Core Frozr L:

  • By reducing the fan speed of the cooling performance is significantly reduced
  • You may experience compatibility issues with memory modules with high heat spreaders

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