MSI Core Frozr L Review and test CPU cooler

MSI Core Frozr L Review and test CPU cooler

In the summer of 2016, MSI announced the release of its own production CPU coolers MSI Core Frozr L and Core Frozr XL. The intentions of the company proved to be true , and the first of these coolers models in December last year has already reached the stores, and one of the instances we even managed to get to the testing.

Expanding the range of products – not unusual among the hi-tech-companies. Some have developed including a side view and cooling systems. Suffice it to recall the very good series coolers ASUS Silent Knight or Triton, or LSS Gigabyte. The only pity is that the further development of these activities in both cases did not receive. Let’s hope that MSI will all else, and now let’s get acquainted with the features of new items, the name of which literally sounds like “zamorozhivatel core”.

MSI Core Frozr L Review and test CPU cooler

MSI Core Frozr L: Packaging equipment

Making the box cooler MSI Core Frozr L holds in the general style of Gaming series of products with which our regular readers are well familiar with the tests of video cards and motherboards . Box bright, she is sure to attract attention in a store or online.

The front side of the box is reserved for a photo of the cooler, the list of supported processor sockets and a brief list of the main advantages, and the side and back sides of the cardboard packaging will tell the buyer about almost all the features of the cooling system.

Inside the cardboard box is inserted into a plastic shell, consisting of two halves with additional reinforcement ribs and molded in the form of the cooler.

This is a good option in terms of ensuring the safety of the device, but still not the best, because in such a strong impact plastic breaks, but the soft shell of polyethylene foam is ready to withstand more severe loads.

On top of the cooler placed a cardboard box with accessories.

MSI Core Frozr L Review and test CPU cooler

As it is inserted into the substrate with compartments for fastening screws and other accessories.

Besides screws supplied cooler can be found mounting and clamping plates, backplate, a brief installation guide, a removable panel, two additional wire staples for the second fan and anti-vibration bars, as well as the thermal grease Premium Thermal Compound X.

Characteristics of thermal paste, unfortunately, the manufacturer did not disclose.

Cooling System MSI Core Frozr L is produced in China, and her three-year warranty is provided.

MSI Core Frozr L: Design

MSI Core Frozr L is a tower cooler design with an aluminum radiator with heat pipes. The cooling system has turned out quite attractive in appearance. Radiator, heatpipes and base nickel-plated, making them visually noble and allows for longer maintain the look.

On top of the radiator there is a plastic strip with a built-in backlight Gaming Series logo, which ideally harmonizes 120-mm fan, made in the general style of the same line of MSI products.

In short, in our opinion, the cooler looks very interesting and attractive.

MSI Core Frozr L Review and test CPU cooler

The height of the MSI Core Frozr L is 155 mm, width – 140 mm, depth – 89 mm.

Weighs 953 grams of the cooling system, of which 773 grams fall on the radiator.

The first feature of the MSI Core Frozr L is shifted to the right side of the radiator, which is clearly seen when looking at the cooler, so to speak, full face.

Obviously, this is done in order to ensure compatibility with graphics cards cooling system in the first PCI Express slot on the motherboard, which are often located very close to the CPU socket area. The examples are not far to seek, rather remember our recent review of the motherboard the MSI XPower Z270 Gaming Edition is the Titanium .

Thus when viewed in profile, the cooler looks symmetrical, although here its displacement forward along the air flow would allow to increase the compatibility with high RAM modules in the first slot.

As for the radiator, it consists of 51 plates of 0.45 mm, which are placed on the heat pipes to the intercostal spacing of 1.7 mm. In other words, the radiator is very tight – it is designed for medium and high speed of the fan (s). At the same time, because of this the number of plates and their size, the calculated radiator area is 7560 cm 2, for odnobashennyh coolers is a very good indicator.

To reduce the resistance of such dense edges radiator fan air flow, MSI engineers tubes were placed on the edges so that adjacent ribs are offset by 4 mm relative to each other.

MSI Core Frozr L Review and test CPU cooler

Incidentally, this view clearly shows that the bottom two curved heat radiator tubes are not in contact with the bottom plate pack (about 5-6 plates).

At the top of the cooler installed plastic overlay. Silver may be replaced by a set of black cooler.

But the lid itself MSI Core Frozr L Gaming series with logo attached with four screws on the perimeter and under it placed the plate of LED backlight.

After removing it, you can see how a radiator placed in the body of the four eight millimeter heatpipes.

Permeate tube radiator pairs offset with respect to each other, whereby a more uniform heat flux distribution over the fins and the heat exchange efficiency is improved as a whole. In addition, paying attention to MSI eight stamped depressions in each plate, called Airflow Control Technology – they should direct air flow from the radiator to the thermal center of the tubes.

Each heat pipe in the base of the groove lies in, and all the seats soldered interfaces (including concerned and places heatpipes contact with the plates). The distance between the heat pipes in the ground does not exceed 1.5 mm and the minimum thickness of the plate beneath them is 2 mm.

Despite the fact that visual contact surface treated well enough, tactile traces of this treatment is not felt – the surface is smooth and that the most important thing, even. On LGA1151 processor constructive we got almost perfectly uniform prints across the heat spreader area.Dimensions of the contact base plate made of aluminum and nickel, is 40 × 38 mm.

MSI Core Frozr L Review and test CPU cooler

MSI Core Frozr L is equipped with one 120 mm fan TORX with impeller diameter of 112 mm, 43-mm stator and PWM control.

This fan model is notable in that it has a dispersion impeller blades. Simply put, instead of the usual seven or nine blades TORX fan has just fourteen, seven of which are wide, and another seven – narrow, with mute different angle of attack. This combination of blades, according to the developers, can achieve higher performance without increasing noise. As for the characteristics of the fan, they are quite typical for 120 mm models: the rotational speed from 500 to 1,800 (± 15%) v / min air flow from 19.8 to 71,3 CFM, static pressure from 0.16 to 2.09 mm H 2 O, and the noise level from 17.2 to 33.6 dBA.

On the fan stator there is a sticker with the electrical characteristics and markings of the original manufacturer – Power Logic (model PLA12025S12H-4).

Claimed fan power consumption is 4.32 watts, and the results of our measurements fan consumes 1.88 watts and could start at a relatively low voltage of 3.1 V. The term fan hydrodynamic bearing life should be at least 150 000 hours, or more than 17 years of continuous operation.

On the radiator MSI Core Frozr L fan is secured with two fairly rigid wire staples, and to reduce the vibrations are four rubber strips, glued at the corners of the radiator.

There are supplied and extra pair of brackets with adhesive strips on the radiator through which it will be possible to install another 120-mm fan.

MSI Core Frozr L Review and test CPU cooler

MSI Core Frozr L: Compatibility and Installation

The new cooler MSI Core Frozr L can be installed on any modern processor, without exception. The list of compatible claimed have not even released AMD processors with Socket AM4. The installation procedure is described in detail in the instructions included in the package of the cooler, but its electronic version, we could not find. We have established a new product on a motherboard with a constructive performance processor LGA1151.

First, you need to prepare a reinforcement plate with adhesive seal, installing in its screw holes, fixed plastic washers.

Then, this plate is installed in the hole card, which is fixed with threaded bushings, and have them mounted base plate, are fixed with screws.

Just in time for this plate and the cooler is attached using the clamping plate and the two long screws.

MSI Core Frozr L Review and test CPU cooler

Note the high clamping force, and the height from the motherboard to the bottom plate heatsink 42 mm. However, when properly securing the fan (not to blow the top plastic cover) is set just 25 mm from the board and barely fit on a conventional memory module without a radiator in the first slot.

Inside of the PC case cooler it looks nice and fairly bright. That is sure to attract attention, but it does not alienate too sheer pretentiousness, as sometimes happens with computer components.

The height of the cooler installed on the processor does not exceed 160 mm, which means that it is compatible with the majority of the system block.

The special charm MSI Core Frozr L gives light top cover, whose brightness depends on the fan speed.

Here you have the flame, so even with a dragon on the shield – no association does not arise? Incidentally,   since the radiator cap is symmetrical, it can be flipped to MSI Gaming Series logo is oriented properly.

Test configuration, instruments and testing procedure

Comparison of the effectiveness of cooling systems was carried out in a closed system the following configuration:

  • Motherboard: MSI Z270 Gaming M5 (Intel Z270, LGA1511, BIOS 1.30 on 12.06.2016);
  • processor: the Intel the Core i7-7700K 4.2-4.5 GHz(Kaby Lake-S, 14 nm, B0, 1,25 V, 4 × 256 Kbyte L2, 8MB L3);
  • thermal interface: ARCTIC MX-4 (8.5 W / (m · K);
  • graphics card: the Gigabyte the GeForce 1080 the GTX Gaming the G1(the GV-GAMING-N1080G1 8GD) 8 GB, overclocked to 1786-1925 (2050) / 11008 MHz;
  • RAM: DDR4 2 × 8 GB GeIL Evo × GEX416GB3000C15ADC (XMP 3000 MHz, 15-17-17-35_2T, 1,35 B);
  • system drive: the Intel the SSD 730 480 GB(SATA-III, BIOS vL2010400) ;
  • disk for programs and games: Western Digital VelociRaptor (SATA-II, 300 GB, 10,000 rev / min, 16MB, NCQ);
  • backup disk: Samsung Ecogreen F4 HD204UI (SATA-II, 2 TB, 5,400 rev / min, 32MB, NCQ);
  • Sound Card: Auzen X-Fi HomeTheater HD;
  • body: the Thermaltake the Core X71(five be quiet Silent Wings 2 (BL063)! at 900 rev / min);
  • control and monitoring panel: the Zalman the ZM-MFC3;
  • PSU: Corsair AX1500i Digital ATX (1500W 80 Plus Titanium), a 140-mm fan.

The stand has been updated, the other processor, so that other and Conditions. Tests were carried out on non-overclocked CPU, but with a fixed frequency of 4500 MHz and activated on Load-Line Calibration fourth level function at a voltage in the BIOS of the motherboard in the 1,185.

Hyper-Threading Technology to improve the heat activated. Voltage memory modules was fixed at 1.35, and its frequency was 3.2 GHz timings 16-18-18-38 CR1.

Testing was conducted on Microsoft Windows 10 Professional operating system. The software used for the test:

LinX AVX2 Edition 0.7.0 – to create a CPU load (the amount of dedicated memory – 5120 MB, Problem Size – 25854, two cycles of 10 Linpack iterations);

HWiNFO64 5.43-3065 – to monitor and control all visual parameters of the system during acceleration.

Full screen shot during one of the test cycle is as follows.

MSI Core Frozr L Review and test CPU cooler

CPU load created by two successive cycles LinX AVX2 with the above settings. On the CPU temperature stabilization between cycles allotted for 8-10 minutes. For the final result, which you will see in the diagram, received the maximum temperature of the hottest of the four CPU cores in the peak load and idle. In addition, in a separate table will be given the temperature of the processor cores and their average values. The room temperature is checked next to the system with an electronic thermometer with a measurement accuracy 0,1 ° C and with hourly monitoring temperature changes in the room for the last 6 hours. During this test the ambient temperature ranged 23,0-23,4 ° C.

The noise level of the cooling system was conducted electronically sound level meter ” OCTAVE-110A ” in the period from zero to three o’clock in the morning in a fully closed room of about 20 m 2 with double-glazed windows. The noise level is measured in the system case, when the source of the noise in the room was just the cooler and fan. Sound Level Meter fixed on the tripod is always located strictly at one point at a distance of 150 mm from the flat fan rotor. Cooling systems were placed at the corner of the table on the polyurethane substrate. The lower limit of the sound level meter measurements is 22.0 dBA, and subjectively comfortable (not to be confused with low!) The level of noise coolers at measurements at this distance is about the level of 36 dBA. For conditionally low noise levels we take the value of 33 dBA.

MSI Core Frozr L Review and test CPU cooler

Today’s competitor MSI Core Frozr L is similar to the cooling system size and cost – the Thermalright to TRUE Spirit 140 with one full-time fan.

Thus, as you can see, the top plastic panel with the cooler was removed.We tested MSI Core Frozr L is not regular with only one fan, but with the two fans Corsair SP120 High Performance Edition , mounted on the radiator on a “blow-blowing.”

Add that the variable speed fan cooling systems made using a special controller with an accuracy of ± 10 rev / min in the range of 800 rev / min to a maximum of 200 or step 400 rev / min.

Test Results and Analysis

Cooling Efficiency

Cooling efficacy testing results are shown in the graph and table.

Unfortunately, the efficiency of cooling MSI Core Frozr L yielded direct competitor in the face of Thermalright TRUE Spirit 140. At the maximum speed of regular fans of these coolers lag MSI news was 4 degrees Celsius, which is not so much if you do not take into account the obvious difference in the noise level. At minimum 800 rev / min MSI Core Frozr L behind already at 5 degrees Celsius in the peak load but here noise advantage is likely to be on the side of the MSI. It is noteworthy that, if installed on new items radiator two powerful Corsair fan at a rotational speed of more than two thousand revolutions per minute, the win itself MSI Core Frozr L may be no more than two degrees Celsius in the identical fan speeds, and therefore serious reason to put two fans instead one is not.

MSI Core Frozr L Review and test CPU cooler

Next, we slightly overclocked the processor to 4600 MHz at a voltage of 1.24 V and the same level LLC.

With this overclocking MSI Core Frozr L consulted, but only at a maximum rate of one full-time fan – 1800 rev / min, and the peak CPU temperature reaches 92 degrees Celsius.

Install the heat sink on the two 120-mm fan Corsair in the processor mode allowed to play all the same two degrees Celsius, but no more.


Noise testing participants was measured over the entire range of work for their fans set out in the relevant section of the article and the method presented in the graph.

As for cooling efficiency, noise level MSI Core Frozr L could not avoid his opponent in the face of today’s Thermalright TRUE Spirit 140. However, we note a soft job MSI TORX fan speed throughout the range of operation, the lack of cod or whistle bearing. It remains comfortable fan speed to 950 rev / min, and quiet it can be called up to 850 rev / min.

MSI Core Frozr L: Conclusion

The first new CPU cooler MSI Core Frozr L is interesting in terms of design and lighting, which is ideal lovers MSI products and very successful will enter the cooler in the system unit housing with the motherboard and graphics card of the manufacturer. Replacement pad on the cooler lid makes it more versatile in terms of compatibility with motherboards MSI different colors and unobtrusive and very original lighting, certainly attract the attention of your guests.

If we talk about the level of cooling performance, despite a decent heat sink area, four 8 mm heatpipes, several optimizations in the plates and the solder, it could be higher. However, the obvious miscalculations in the design, we have not identified, because MSI Core Frozr L made in the best traditions of the tower cooling system. To the level of the cooler fan noise we have serious claims, it is quite typical for a 120-mm fan. The strengths of the new items are high performance, nickel-plated, the possibility of installing a second fan, full compatibility with all CPU connectors, fastening reliability and simple installation procedure.

Given that the cost MSI Core Frozr L for the cooling system of this class, and the brand is not too high, we can recommend this model to all fans of MSI.

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