The Most Anticipated Events in 2017: what new year is preparing for us?

The Most Anticipated Events in 2017: what new year is preparing for us?

2017 has begun, it will last for twelve months. What products in 2017 will be able to surprise the users? What revolutionary technology offers manufacturers to improve our lives? And what products and technologies sink into oblivion?

The new year opens CES 2017

How to start the forecast of expected events in 2017? Of course, with the first event. Traditionally at the beginning of the year in Las Vegas, an exhibition CES. Our editors are already in Las Vegas, so our readers get the news firsthand. However, as is often the case with the exhibitions, any revolutionary announcements do not expect.

In Las Vegas this year again there is confusion and vacillation, which for many years suffered the CeBIT, and the last IFA does not inspire optimism. Organizers do not know what they want, collecting various industry representatives. So that in 2017 the exhibition will continue to rot and die, although this is not only true for the IT sector.

Can we expect significant iPhone upgrade?

The Most Anticipated Events in 2017: what new year is preparing for us?

Following the CES opens MWC exhibition, which is a landmark event in the beginning of the year for smartphones. Samsung needs to recover from the fiasco Note 7 and regain the trust of users. On the other hand, competitive pressures increased significantly. It can be expected that one or two of the brand, is active only in China or Asia, will expand the area of ​​influence to Europe and Russia. In heavyweights like Samsung and Huawei, no problems expected, but HTC, Sony and LG all may not be as smooth.

But in September it promises to be even more interesting. According to sources familiar rumors, Apple will surprise users of the new iPhone in two or even three versions. Among the expected innovations – curved or flat-panel display OLED or IPS, as well as wireless charging. Do not forget the anniversary iPhone, so Apple engineers have prepared something special. For example, they can use the space above and below the display panel to install a larger size. As for performance, it will be impressive.

Who needs a Surface Studio?

The Most Anticipated Events in 2017: what new year is preparing for us?

In 2017, we can expect not only new technologies and products, but also new frustrations. Bar Microsoft Surface Studio is expected not later than March. Bar is aimed at creative users – designers, artists, illustrators, video editing professionals. So users do not interfere with high-speed Thunderbolt interface 3 for connecting disk drives, so you can conveniently work with large amounts of data, including video 4K. Of course, from the monoblock 2017 waiting Kaby Lake processor and graphics card Pascal.

But none of this you do not get. Despite the price from 2.999 to 4.199 dollars. Interestingly, the iMac with a comparable filling is even cheaper, but offers Thunderbolt 2.

However, taking into account all the critics Surface Studio is not a bad product, not at all. We just get a typical situation – the manufacturer has ceased to rely on the middle class, which is the largest market for candy bars and laptops. And it is unlikely that 2017 will change.

3.5mm headphone jack will remain in the past

The Most Anticipated Events in 2017: what new year is preparing for us?

In 2017 you can finally say goodbye to the headphone jack. Motorola started this trend in 2016, Apple went after a few weeks. Of course, we are referring to the 3.5-mm jack for headphones and headsets, which used a long time ago. And whose will mark the end of the same Galaxy S8.

From a technical point of view, such a move was long overdue. Yet connector occupies a relatively large volume, but the sound quality on the market, there are better solutions. Unfortunately, the smartphone industry behaves as always. Instead of developing a uniform standard, each manufacturer pulls the blanket over himself. The loser is the consumer. Now we have to either buy an adapter or new headphones, whose lifespan is difficult to predict.

Frankly, the old socket can be left alone, and smartphones make one or two millimeters thicker. In this case, there will be more space for the battery, and the differences in the thickness of eight or nine millimeters interesting, perhaps, the designers.

Virtual reality is unlikely to become a mass

The Most Anticipated Events in 2017: what new year is preparing for us?

2016 should be a year of virtual reality, yet entered the market two models of glasses Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Later, the Sony PlayStation version added PSVR. But the revolution did not happen, and it is unlikely in 2017 something changed.

Why? The main problem will not disappear in 2017. Sami glasses are too expensive, the image quality is low, additional technical stuffing, except Sony consoles, remains expensive. On the software side the breakthrough is not necessary to wait. New games do not reveal potential is stronger than the already available applications. There remains the problem of exclusivity, since many games are available only for certain platforms.

But still the topic of virtual reality is not necessary to sink. Because of cheap points, such as Daydream and Gear VR, we can predict the further popularization of virtual reality. Not only because of the cheapness of such decisions, but also because of the good matching of similar solutions to user needs.

Think about it: the video card in 2017 is unlikely to fall in price, so for a complete system that supports VR will have to pay in full. Neither AMD’s, nor NVIDIA does not wish to part with the profit to accelerate the spread of the VR glasses. Of course, it’s pretty sad, including users who are planning to buy a display in the coming months. 4K monitors continue to cheapen, so many people are looking for them. But if you plan to play in 4K resolution, it can not do without a powerful graphics card.

RYZEN can become successful

The Most Anticipated Events in 2017: what new year is preparing for us?

Spring will come processors RYZEN, but in sufficient quantities they will appear on the market in the summer. This situation is quite typical for AMD. Stated in the past turned out to be a paper release date announcement. And if you wanted to buy a new product, you have to wait a few more months.

In any case, Intel processor competitor is going to be successful. If the promised performance is really observed in practice, and the prices will be lower than Core-i chips, we get a very attractive solution in terms of price / performance. If only for the production of motherboard partners will not let us down. At Computex computer manufacturers are ready to show the system, but for some reason find them for sale will be difficult – we can get a repeat of the situation with laptops.

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