Monster StreamCast S1 Review: Multi-room wireless speakers

Monster StreamCast S1 Review: Multi-room wireless speakers

Wireless audio system Monster StreamCast S1 is the most compact speaker in the range of multiroom systems Monster. It is intended primarily for those who do not need a lot of power (for those who like louder, there are more overall models StreamCast S2 and StreamCast S3).

The device is marketed primarily as a component multirom, but can also be used as a separate speaker. Look, what can the Junior representative of the ruler.

Monster StreamCast S1: Packaging, equipment and appearance

Speaker comes in a colorful cardboard box of small size and an unexpectedly large mass.

Equipment fully corresponds to the ideology of wireless audio. In the box you will find only the power adapter (100-240V 50/60 Hz — 14.5 V 1650 mA) and the speaker.

Of course, there are documentation inside put multilingual user manual, a separate manual for the firmware upgrade of StreamCast, a letter of thanks from the Chief Monster Noel Lee in French and English, and instructions on how to connect to music streaming service Spotify.

Monster StreamCast S1 Review: Multi-room wireless speakers

The entire series is available only in black color. The streamlined geometry of the hull and a slight bend of the front panel looks elegant and strict, however, if you want to move the speaker, you need to make sure that it does not slip out of hands as to grasp especially not for that.

Monster StreamCast S1: Capabilities and specifications

Before considering the speaker from all sides, let’s examine its functionality.

Monster StreamCast S1 is designed for a small space, therefore it is the most compact in the lineup. Despite this, it has a decent weight of 2 kg and is clearly not intended for use as a road-portable option. In addition, it cannot accommodate the possibility of Autonomous operation from the internal battery.

Monster StreamCast S1 Review: Multi-room wireless speakers

From the table, in principle, everything is clear (except for the power, its manufacturer conceals), but I would like to stress a few points. First, note the support for the aptX format is the transmission of sound via Bluetooth with good quality. Second, the acoustic diagram two shirokopolosnykh (stereo) and one passive bass radiator. Finally — there are support multirom Qualcomm AllPlay, which means that the speaker is able to relay signal received by the main speaker via Bluetooth or via line-in input on other devices (up to 10).

Monster StreamCast S1: Design and functionality

Now the time has come to consider the speaker more closely. The curved facade is protected at the edges by a metal grid with the logo of “Monster” that houses 2 full-range speaker. On the back panel and a centered oval passive low frequency radiator, which, according to the company, provides a recognizable “Pure Monster Sound”.

Below the radiator is the power connector and rubber cover, covering the other ports. The case itself is made of thick durable plastic, very nice texture.

The lower part of the speaker is made of a rubberized material, so the device is very stable, does not slip even on polished surfaces and not scratch them. Here is the thread for wall mounting (the kit is, unfortunately, not included) — the older model such a possibility does not provide.

One way to control speaker Monster StreamCast S1 with touch pad on top of the device. Unfortunately, this is the only part of the speaker, which quickly gets dirty and prone to scratches.

Monster StreamCast S1 Review: Multi-room wireless speakers

Once you apply for a food speaker, on the top panel illuminates red diode power button. After that it will take another 5 seconds to hold your finger on it a 30-60 seconds the system boots, the led will turn solid blue, and the speaker will be ready to use. Sometimes you have to press the power button a few times.

Directly from the speaker s you can change the volume, switch tracks, pause/play and change the sound source (the default setting is wifi, but you can switch to Bluetooth, digital and analog inputs).

Monster StreamCast S1: app and the extended functionality

Initially, the speaker can be used as a normal wireless speaker systems with connectivity via cable or Bluetooth. But in order to access an extended set of features and additional settings, you need to download the free app Monster StreamCast (available in the App Store, in Google Play, for Windows Phone). It will allow you to update if necessary the firmware and to collect interior the radio from several speakers.

Unfortunately, the app is completely in English, but understand it will be easy — for every action displays detailed instructions with pictures. The only thing that will make the application to remotely change the physical sound source: this can only be done manually from the control panel of the device.

Monster StreamCast S1 Review: Multi-room wireless speakers

There is a choice of music services (to go in them, you will need to enter your username), it is possible to play music from the device or lose it over the network via DLNA.

In order to use the possibility of combining multiple speakers in multiroom system, connect Monster StreamCast to your home network via Wi-Fi. In the case of a router’s WPS button will be sufficient to click it, and then the WPS button on the rear of the speaker. Otherwise, you can either activate the WPS mode of the router software through the settings or from the phone to connect via Wi-Fi directly to the speaker, and then launch the browser and in the appeared window select the desired network and enter the password. The procedure is quite long, but you’ll have to do it not so often. To withdraw the device from the home network by a single press of the Mode button. 10-second press of this button allows you to reset the network settings.

Monster StreamCast S1: Sound

Monster StreamCast S1 is a typical representative of modern music systems. It sounds bright and bazovica, which is unexpected for such a modest size. When you connect via Bluetooth it is by far the “tears” on the clean sound all hitherto tested me wireless speaker system (unfortunately, my hands are the only devices that support SBA, so that’s no surprise). AptX technology allowed us to make a huge step forward compared to traditional Bluetooth connection.

In General, the quality of sounding Monster StreamCast S1 is at a high level. The main advantage of this system is the wide frequency range. Through the use of speakers the system can be full voice frequency range, a passive radiator covers lower case up to 60 Hz. For acoustics compact size this is a very decent figure.

Monster StreamCast S1 Review: Multi-room wireless speakers

The tweeters are located at the edges of the shell of the speaker and removed at the maximum possible distance from each other. This allows to achieve good stereo effect even at a substantial distance from the speaker. A strong focus of the sound from StreamCast S1 are not, and with a significant deviation from the axis of emitters seen only a small drop in saturation. It is important that the timbre in the mid range remains intact. Crystal detail on the treble expected from StreamCast S1 is not necessary, however, for mobile speakers is the amount of distortion is normal.

Our measurements confirm and illustrate smooth sound throughout the entire playable range of frequencies. Very significant is the lack of uniformity in the most important mid-frequency region. With regard to the use in acoustics StreamCast S1 passive radiators, the sound quality is not negatively affected. The emitter operates in the range of 60-100 Hz and saturates balanced sounding bass.

Monster StreamCast S1: Conslusion

The highest quality sound Monster StreamCast S1 is achieved at small and medium volume level. With a significant addition of the level system quite quickly goes into clipping, however, the working volume is sufficient for background sound of small spaces and the workplace.

The main purpose of Monster StreamCast S1 to use as home speakers for casual background music listening, perhaps part of a small multirama. Independent power supply at the pump there, so take it with you on nature will not work. The sound of the device as good as is possible at such sizes.

A unique advantages of the solution include an unprecedented amount of connectivity options (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, optical cable, cable minijack 3.5 mm). AT the same allows you to work with all types of audio files (including high definition) and knows a lot of popular foreign streaming services.

Price speakers are uniquely positioning it in the premium segment.

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