Mini Wired Gamepad: mini-controller for PlayStation 4

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The Sony corporation announced the pointing device Mini Wired Gamepad for PlayStation 4 video game consoles. It was created by the Japanese company Hori especially for children.

The novelty is, allegedly, about 40% more compact than the DualShock 4 controller. The device is allocated with all necessary governing bodies and therefore it is compatible to the majority of games for the PlayStation 4 platform.

The pointing device Mini Wired Gamepad uses wire connection to a prefix. Length of the connection cable is three meters. Because of the compact sizes the novelty is deprived of a row of opportunities of DualShock 4.

Mini Wired Gamepad, SONY, gamepad

In particular, there is no full-fledged touchpad, but some of its functions can be used at the expense of the special button in a complex with the left and right stacks. Besides, the mini-controller is deprived of some DualShock 4 elements.

It is an integrated speaker phone, the slot for a stereophonic typeface, motion sensors and vibromotors. As it is marked, the pointing device Mini Wired Gamepad thanks to the simplified construction and laconic design well lays down in a palm of the small size.

The controller will go on sale until the end of the current year at the estimated price of 30 US dollars. The novelty is interesting, and it is quite expected.


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