Meizu U20 Review budget smartphone in premium package

Meizu U20 Review budget smartphone in premium package

In August 2016 it was announced Meizu U20, the opportunity to purchase the device appeared in mid-September. PHABLET Meizu U20 is considered to be an update of the popular Meizu M3 Note. Only this time, the smartphone received elegant design using premium materials of the housing. Maze pioneered the practice of installing the glass on both sides, combined with metal frame.

As a result, the back part is significantly different from any other smartphone Maze. For the beauty of the need to pay. In this case, a minimum of 167 USD for the younger version (2/16 GB), and 190 USD for the older (with 3/32 GB). Displayed prices are relevant only at the time of the review. It remains to find out what his stuffing, how it differs from previous models, especially from the M3 Note.

The technical part of the smartphone corresponds to the average price category.

Meizu U20 Review budget smartphone in premium package

Meizu U20: Appearance, connectors, buttons and sensors

As already mentioned, the materials used as the metal housing, and the glass on both sides. In fact, the panel colors (white, black, gold, pink hue) now look much more spectacular.

The front part is made in the same style, characteristic of other smartphones of the company. On top of the screen – light sensor, proximity, light indicator events.

The physical button below the screen is integrated fingerprint sensor mTouch 2.1. To release it will need to push a button, and not just touch. Able to store up to 5 different prints. high response speed, detection angle – 360 degrees, the accuracy of the response to a very acceptable level.

But in the design of the back part there is a lot to do with One Plus X and the iPhone 4. The glossy glass surface is completely impractical, but looks very impressive. Especially due to rounding at the edges of 2.5D.

Meizu U20 Review budget smartphone in premium package

On the side faces can be seen neatly cut chamfer. On the right edge are the power / lock button on the left – the tray under the SIM card and USB flash drive. At the lower edge fit connectors 3.5 mm and MicroUSB.

The latter supports the connection of external USB-devices, thanks to OTG. Lay the device in your hand is not very comfortable, slippery, black panel will always smeared with fingerprints. But the smartphone beautiful.

Meizu U20: CPU

People who are watching with interest the Meizu products, very critical apprehended hardware platform. The fact that a 2016 Maze stuffs their devices with the same processor: Mediatek Helio P10 (MT6755). Meizu U20 is no exception. 64-bit Helio P10 consists of 4 core Cortex-A53 (1.8 GHz), has 4 cores running at 1 GHz. Integrated GPU – Mali-T860. In AnTuTu iron gaining about 47 thousand. Points.

Meizu U20 Review budget smartphone in premium package

In fact, the objective reasons for the indignation simply does not. The smartphone shows a stable and fast work with tasks easily handle. With no overheating problems, the body does not “boil” under extreme stresses, just gets moderately warm. Yes, many 3D games to play at maximum speed does not work, but at medium graphics settings – completely.

Still, this is not the flagship, and developers instead of the pursuit of “parrots” in Antutu focused on optimal in all respects version. The level of acceptable performance, moderate power consumption, the production of the device is not particularly expensive. What’s bad about it?

Meizu U20: Memory

The smartphone is equipped with a dual-channel RAM LPDDR3. Depending on the version, its volume may be 2 or 3 GB. The only difference is that with a 3 GB user will be able to run more applications at the same time a little. At the same time it is able to switch between them without departures. Perhaps with 3 GB smartphone will be a little better “feel” in the games, otherwise unchanged.

Meizu U20 Review budget smartphone in premium package

Memory to store personal data and applications – 16 or 32 GB. The younger version 10.77 GB will be available in the older, of course, more. If you need a lot of space, you can insert the memory card (supports microSD storage up to 128 GB). Unfortunately, the flash drive is installed in a combined slot, instead of the second SIM.

Meizu U20: Autonomy

The smart phone has a removable battery capacity of 3260 mAh (4100 mAh vs. M3 Note). Reducing the capacity allowed to ram all the stuffing in an elegant slim body, but at the same time suffered autonomy. If you actively use the handheld device, without fanaticism, charge lasts for a day, maybe a little more. But you can forget about the two days of intensive use. Fast charging is not provided, although its presence in M3E nobody has stopped.

Meizu U20 Review budget smartphone in premium package

Meizu U20: Camera

Main camera lens module can be manufactured in different plants, depending on the batch. For Meizu is normal. It removes it with a maximum resolution of 13 megapixels, consists of a 5-element lens has a maximum aperture f / 2.2. Complemented PDAF fast autofocus, flash and bitonal (very bright, by the way). The application interface for capturing rich in a variety of settings, including manual.

Example picture on main camera Meizu U20

Example picture on main camera Meizu U20

Compared with its predecessor no progress in terms of improving quality is not noticed. As usual, in ideal lighting conditions to capture clear, detailed pictures with good color, acceptable dynamic range. There HDR mode.

Object shooting Meizu U20

Object shooting Meizu U20


Noises appear at deterioration of shooting conditions, the number is increased “exponentially” with decreasing light levels. Parallel decreases and detail shots.

Night shot Meizu U20

Night shot Meizu U20

More experienced users will be able to partially rectify the situation with the help of a skilled manual settings possession. With the quality of the video situation is similar to taking a picture. Maximum resolution video – FullHD (30 FPS). Auto Focus is not only on the tapas. Using the front camera of 5 MP can get good selfie, with good lighting is a must.

Meizu U20: Display

Meizu U20 features a gorgeous 5.5-inch display with a high-quality IPS matrix. Resolution images – FullHD (1920×1080), the pixel density of 400 PPI. Apply GFF technology, so the image has a high contrast, excellent visibility at an inclination and on the street on a sunny day. Color reproduction is pleasant to the eye, you can adjust the color temperature desired.

The touchscreen is very sensitive, supports 5 simultaneous touches. The glass covering the display, got rounded edges (2.5D). On it is applied really qualitative oleophobic layer.

Meizu U20: Networking opportunities

The combination can be installed slot 2 nanoSIM. Supported types of networks: 2G, 3G, and 4G FDD-LTE / TD-LTE. Network Range 4th generation: 3,7,20. Established Series Bluetooth 4.0 BLE, with low power consumption. Wi-Fi is capable of operating in two bands (2.4 / 5 GHz). The work provides a satellite navigation GPS, A-GPS, GLONASS, and a digital compass. In general, network communications work at the appropriate level, without any complaints.

Meizu U20: Sound

Multimedia speaker hole is located in the right part of the lower edge. Volume average sound quality – typical for Meizu without a dedicated audio chip: no low-pass, with severe upper registers. In short, the usual “chants” to call and alarm. The earpiece has a good stock volume, and decent sound quality. Additional microphone for noise cancellation, and record stereo sound is on the top edge. The headphones sound good (if you connect high-quality headsets).

Meizu U20: Software

Meizu U20 is available separately for the Chinese market and international. In terms of design and filling machines are identical, the only difference is in the operating system. Chinese version comes with YunOS on board: only Chinese and English, there is no Google services, embedded applications targeted at the Asian market. The international version comes with a global firmware (multilanguage with Google Play, without “kitayschiny”).

However, experienced users will not be difficult to manually flash the original Asian version of Flyme 5.2.4. The firmware is based on a standard Android 6, but the shell is strongly modified. This is its advantage, because it is flexible to configure, well optimized, and it looks good. At the same time “eats” not enough RAM.

Meizu U20: Individual characteristics

At Meizu U10, it is the first smartphone from Meizu, having flagship appearance.

Meizu U20: Advantages and disadvantages


  • aesthetic design;
  • good display;
  • stable work.


  • Hybrid slot for nanoSIM and MicroSD;
  • as usual, side effects flagship design is slick, impractical building with uncomfortable grip.

Meizu U20 can be an excellent option for those looking for a functional PHABLET with spectacular premium design, no more than 200 dollars.

Our review Meizu U20

Based on this review, the only conclusion arises. Meizu U20 – is nothing more than restyle Meizu M3 Note, the conversion of the national smartphone image model. Filling almost identical, only the battery capacity is reduced. However, this tactic quite working: most buyers like a nice wrapper, so is human nature. As a result, a good smartphone, but other than the updated design, we have not seen any improvement.

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