Meizu U10 Review: cheap smartphone with flagship design

Meizu U10 Review: cheap smartphone with flagship design

At the end of the summer of 2016 the company introduced its new Maze line of smartphones, represented by U10 and U20. This inexpensive device with the familiar for its price category iron. Their main feature – it’s attractive design with a glossy casing of metal and glass. In this review, we will talk about Meizu U10, which has a smaller screen (and hence the dimensions), and at the same time is cheaper.

During configuration with 2/16 GB memory sizes are asking from 148 USD, and from 167 USD for the version with 3/32 GB. These prices are about, and expired at the time of this review. It remains to find out what is a smartphone from the Meizu, costing less than $ 200.

Meizu U10: Appearance, connectors, buttons and sensors

Meizu U10 was completely rethought the design. Yes, before smart phones from this manufacturer is also looked good, but now it’s a completely different level. Front and back panel completely covers 2.5D rounded glass.

It is scratch-resistant and covered oleophobic layer, through which the fingers glide over its surface.

Frames of metal got a rectangular shape, and they were raised beveled edges, emphasizing the nature of the material.

The available colors: black, white, gold, and pink. Regardless of the color, the panel will mirror and glossy. The black device looks just gorgeous. However, exactly as long as not to touch it. Even after a brief use of the housing scary to watch because of the many prints and grease stains.

Meizu U10 Review: cheap smartphone with flagship design

Oleophobic layer simply can not cope with them. I am glad that on the panel of a different color (white, for example) such ugliness is almost not visible.

Location is quite familiar elements, not counting the 3.5 mm connector. Tray for installing the SIM card, and MicroSD storage is on the left side of the face on the right is a power and volume buttons. The upper edge is empty, but in the lower fit MicroUSB connector with OTG support, standard audio jack, opening the main speaker and microphone.

Conventional touch buttons for navigation or on a panel or on the screen is not here. Instead, under the screen installed mTouch 2.1 universal button, sensor and mechanical at the same time. Used to navigate the operating system interface has an integrated fingerprint reader. 5 memorizes fingerprints detection angle reaches 360 degrees. The sensor is not as fast as that of champions, but the response speed and accuracy more than satisfactory. Product dimensions: 141.9 x 69.6 x 7.9 mm, its weight – 139 g.

Meizu U10 Review: cheap smartphone with flagship design

Meizu U10: CPU

The smartphone is equipped with 8-core entry-level MediaTek 6750, with ARM.bigLITTLE architecture. The nuclei Cortex-A53 are divided into 2 clusters: 4 of them work with a frequency of 1.5 GHz, and the remaining 4 are limited to 1 GHz. The role of the graphics accelerator performs the Mali-T860 chip. The results of synthetic test Antutu: from 31 to 40 thousand points.. In this example, the performance depends on the firmware version, and on the amount of RAM.

In practice, the smartphone confidently cope with trivial tasks. Load the machine and make to think, of course, possible. But for this price range the device is quite normal. Run any resource-intensive 3D games, though not always at the highest level of graphics. With intense loads of problems with excessive heating of the body is not observed.

Meizu U10 Review: cheap smartphone with flagship design

Meizu U10: Memory

The smartphone is available in two configurations: 2 or 3 GB of RAM and 16 or 32 GB of ROM. As for memory, the version with 3 GB of RAM will show a little better performance in games. And for the multitasking will be a little more free memory. That is, you can safely use the version to 2 GB, the level of its performance for the eyes not enough for the most demanding users.

With built-in storage situation is as follows. If you need a lot of space, and it is planned to use two SIM – will have to take a configuration with 32 GB. If you want to save a little, and it is possible to do without an additional SIM cards, apparently fit and option of 16 GB. In this case, the space is easily expanded up to 128 GB with an external MicroSD storage.

Meizu U10 Review: cheap smartphone with flagship design

Meizu U10: Autonomy

At the beginning of the review mentioned about the striking similarity between the filling and U10 M3s. So, the battery – this is an exception: with 3020 mAh capacity reduced to 2760 mAh. The only logical explanation for such a downgrade may be considered an attempt to influence the size of the manufacturer. As a result – the thickness of the U10 housing is 7.9 mm to 8.3 mm at the M3s.

With average usage the battery can withstand 1 day. For with the same mode of operation to achieve the work during the day, will have to learn to save. For example, do not start the game, reducing the brightness, switch off unused network modules use advanced power-saving mode.

Meizu U10 Review: cheap smartphone with flagship design

Meizu U10: Camera

The smartphone uses a 13-megapixel photo module, which consists of 5 lenses. Complemented he bitonal flash and autofocus rapid phase PDAF. The value of the aperture is F / 2.2. simple and concise camera interface, but has everything you need. There are different modes for portraits, macro, panoramas, a built-in QR-scanner. It is worth noting the presence of manual settings for exposure values of self-selection, ISO, and others.

Daytime shots will be pleased enough high detail, good color reproduction, good picture sharpness. But with a lack of lighting the camera will behave as if it replaced. Just a lot of noise will greatly drop sharpness and detail, and white balance will live their lives. Since the camera does not differ from that set at Meizu M3s, the picture quality will be similar.

Maximum video recording resolution – FullHD. Day rolls are written at 30 f / s, in the conditions of lack of coverage drops to 20 f / s. Supports slow motion. The front camera is a 5 megapixel unit with F / 2.0 aperture. Software in the camera stuffed a bunch of various filters. And all for the sake of smooth skin effect. Supported video at 1080p.

Meizu U10: Display

The smartphone is set IPS screen with a diagonal of 5 inches. Resolution images – 1280 x 720 pixels, pixel density of 296 PPI. Image of smooth and beautiful, nice color, you can manually adjust the color temperature. Maximum screen brightness is not prohibitive (397 cd / m²), but quite sufficient. Apply full lamination technology GFF: the image contrast and the sensor layer clearly fulfills all touch.

Meizu U10: Networking opportunities

The combo slot is possible to install two Nano-SIM cards. Moreover, both can work in 2G networks, 3G and 4G. The device is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 BLE with low power consumption, as well as WiFI wireless module capable of operating in the range of 2.4 or 5 GHz. The work of the satellite navigation system can provide GPS geopositioning supporting A-GPS, and GLONASS. Navigation works as it should, however, like all other network communications.

Meizu U10: Sound

The main speaker at an affordable smartphone from Maisie often criticized for mediocre sound quality. And this despite the fact that people who listen to music through the speakers, there are not too many. There is installed the most usual budget loudspeaker. Volume enough to hear the alarm clock, notifications or call. And to listen to music, you need to use a good set of headphones. Then there will be an appropriate and sound quality.

Meizu U10 Review: cheap smartphone with flagship design

Meizu U10: software part

Meizu U10, which are sold on the domestic market in China, come with OSes YunOS. At the time of this review there is already the first global multilingual firmware Flyme, based on Android 6.0. Typically, sellers and shops set global firmware before the device will fall into our hands. Moreover, self-flashing is not an issue for experienced users.

Flyme shell apart from the standard functional Android has its own interface and advanced settings. Characterized by the absence (all icons are on the desktop) menu button. In most cases, the software on Meizu software runs quite stable. Besides, Flyme constantly being finalized, and is updated as new versions of the software.

Meizu U10: Individual characteristics

Maze in the first segment of the average person uses a combination of design, housing material and workmanship.

Meizu U10: Advantages and disadvantages


  • It looks expensive, elegant and stylish;
  • availability of fingerprint;
  • quality display and a sufficient level of performance;
  • nice price, taking into account design.


  • combo slot, have to give up an additional SIM card or from the installation of the stick;
  • housing impractical. It is slippery, quickly spoiled. Folding design and the glass on the rear is not the best way affect maintainability, and the cost of operation, respectively.

To fit the smartphone

Meizu U10 – it’s a good choice for people with a budget that does not exceed 170 USD expect to get the most beautiful 5-inch smartphone. In addition to the design criteria for the list can include a stable operation of the device, fresh and functional software is decent daytime shots, sufficient performance and a good display.

Our review Meizu U10

Release Meizu U10 (and U20) – a kind of experiment of the company: to take a ready-made successful stuffing, and place in a premium package. Those who follow the novelties, indignant, they say, “ay-ay-ay, Maisie, do so badly.” But what is wrong with such a decision? Previously, a beautiful, high-quality design has been the prerogative of only the image and flagship models. But not all were ready to give their blood for the expensive and glossy high-tech toy. Manufacturers have understood it, so now even cheaper $ 100 state employees can look very well. And this tactic works.

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