MEIZU PRO 6 Plus Review Android smartphone

MEIZU PRO 6 Plus Review Android smartphone

After MEIZU Pro 5 many were waiting on us a similar model in 2016 – uncompromising on performance, with a large screen TV, Hi-Fi audio, and so on. Instead, MEIZU decided to make a “half flagship”. MEIZU Pro 6 released quite interesting: a compact, neat and easy to use smartphone with good options – but the title of the leader, even within a brand does not pulling. So the question of the appearance of the leader remained open. And on November 30 the company submitted it – MEIZU Pro 6 Plus, this heir Pro 5.

MEIZU PRO 6 Plus Review Android smartphone

MEIZU Pro 6: Design, body materials, assembly

Take MEIZU Pro 6, make it a little thinner and increase the screen size to 5.7 ”, will MEIZU Pro 6 Plus. The company did not invent in terms of design, materials, and arrangement of the elements is nothing new – metal, glass, plastic trim inserts for wiring antennas, all, like MEIZU Pro 6.

The difference except that the colors and the design of the rim of the chamber. Colors for MEIZU Pro 6 Plus – silver and gold from the front panel in white and gray with a black panel. Last I like the most, and yes, it’s a pity that did not completely black!

MEIZU PRO 6 Plus Review Android smartphone

MEIZU Pro 6: Dimensions

Despite the tangible screen sizes and dimensions as a whole, the smartphone is surprisingly nice and comfortable fits in your hand. Maybe his role is played by a small thickness of the shell or smooth curves and move the back edge of the side, can not say exactly, but the inconvenience of using a shovel I have not had that amazing.

MEIZU PRO 6 Plus Review Android smartphone

MEIZU Pro 6: Controls

As with all other devices of the company, there are three buttons on the side of – power and volume rocker and a proprietary key under the screen mTouch. This sensory-mechanical button with inscribed in it a fingerprint scanner, as well as, for the first time for the MEIZU, heart rate monitor.The presentation noted that due to the presence of heart rate scanner more accurately analyze the prints and gives a higher than ever before, the level of security.

MEIZU PRO 6 Plus Review Android smartphone

MEIZU Pro 6: Screen

The MEIZU Pro 6 installed Plus 5.7 ” screen with a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels, used SuperAMOLED-matrix from Samsung. The display is excellent, even with the typical AMOLED-display high contrast and some (minor) color distortion under strong slope. Is eye protection mode, you can adjust the color temperature.

MEIZU PRO 6 Plus Review Android smartphone

Also appeared AOD mode – always on display. Unfortunately, it very simple: on off screen shows the time, date, day of week, and battery level.Hopefully, in the new firmware MEIZU make this mode really useful (about the way he was in the Samsung Galaxy Note 7).

MEIZU PRO 6 Plus Review Android smartphone

MEIZU Pro 6: Camera

The most important innovation in the MEIZU Pro 6 Plus as compared to any other company’s products – the main camera. The module with a resolution of 12 megapixels based IMX386 sensor with an aperture of f / 2.0, and the phase of laser focus and optical stabilization – a collection we see in the smartphone MEIZU first time. Yes, the same sensor used in the MEIZU MX6 and MEIZU Pro 6S, but there is no stabilization, and another important moment. At the presentation it was said that when working on the camera helped employees MEIZU the Samsung, as well as the ArcSoft company, known for his work with Vivo brand to create one of the best camera phones – Vivo Xshot.

MEIZU PRO 6 Plus Review Android smartphone

Talk about the final results of this work on pictures from the test sample, probably sooner, but we can already say with certainty that the camera in the MEIZU Pro 6 Plus is down more than any other company’s products, and can compete on a photo quality with such smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S7 / S7 EDGE and Apple iPhone 7/7 Plus.

MEIZU Pro 6: Audio

The smartphone installed a dedicated Hi-Fi audio chip ESS ES9018K2M with a dynamic range of 123dB, amplifier ADI AD45275, the Japanese company RYBICON capacitors and amplifier circuit Solo. That is roughly the same set which was MEIZU MX4 Pro and MEIZU Pro 5. Given that these smart phones today are among the best in terms of sound quality, you can expect something like that and the new MEIZU Pro Plus is 6, but as you probably know, I have the specialist sounding smartphones, so just be limited to this description of the characteristics associated with the audio portion.

MEIZU Pro 6: Platform and Memory

The device is based on a Samsung Exynos 8890 (Samsung Galaxy S7 / S7 EDGE) platform. This eight-chip Exynos M1 four cores running at a frequency of 2-2.3 GHz quad-core Cortex-A53 – at a frequency of 1.5-1.6 GHz.

The handset 4 GB RAM and 64 or 128 GB of internal memory.

Talking about the performance makes no sense, I think, at the moment 8890 – one of the top and fastest platforms in the market and its stock performance will be enough for at least a year and a half (I think so (c) k / f “Mimino”).

MEIZU PRO 6 Plus Review Android smartphone

MEIZU Pro 6: Conclusion

What’s left to say? The company Meizu is definitely the end of the year to get a true flagship. Finally MEIZU did exactly what was expected of us, many fans of the brand have been waiting the whole year – has released the device in a familiar configuration: good sound, the usual design, a top “iron”. Yes, MEIZU Pro 6 Plus has turned out not cheap to say the least, but we should not forget that last year the brand has gained strength and became more popular not only in his native China, but also abroad, in Russia and the CIS, appeared in Spain, Italy, some other countries. Yes, most people still perceive Chinese smartphones as something second-rate, but, as we see, the companies have successfully overcome this barrier, and sales positions Huawei and Oppo / Vivo perfectly demonstrate this trend. So let MEIZU Pro 6 Plus – and most affordable flagship “Chinese”, it could definitely become popular in its segment, which now is not that a lot of really interesting devices.

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