Meizu M5 Review budget smartphone with Fingerprint

Meizu M5 Review budget smartphone with Fingerprint

Recently, a technical giant of China tries to produce more models. Only a few months after the release of Meizu M3S, as already 31 October 2016 on the stage there is a representative of the same Meizu M5 line.

Behavior of bit strange. First, in such a short period of time produces two very similar models. Second, out of sequence numbering in the title: Meizu immediately transferred to five. You might think that this trend this year: Samsung also decided not to release the Galaxy Note 6, and immediately introduced the Galaxy Note 7. True latter fate was very sad. Though looks more plausible version of that in China, the number 4 is considered unlucky, and therefore missed the model number 4.

Will the machinations achieve such high sales, we will see later, but what lies inside Meizu M5 or as it is called Blue Charm 5, we consider in our review. The novelty is starting at about $ 120 c0. For the money it equipped with a fingerprint scanner and a good hardware stuffing.

Compared with its predecessor, increased screen size, battery capacity, and changed the design.

Meizu M5 Review budget smartphone with Fingerprint

Meizu M5: Design, body materials, dimensions and weight

The main and the most noticeable difference in the appearance – metal parts of the body is now made of polycarbonate. The design is strong enough, after the fall of the smartphone with a relatively small height on it does not leave marks, but it is unlikely that he will stand strong external pressure. Designed in the style of Meizu, and like most other smartphone manufacturer.

There are five color options: white, black, gold, blue and mint. All variants of the front panel is black. It looks quite impressive. Under the screen is oval-shaped button. It is also integrated fingerprint reader. On its functionality we describe below.

Above the display is the earpiece and front camera without flash. Above there are no connectors.

On the left are inserted Sim cards right on / off button and volume rocker.

At the bottom of the microphone, audio jack, USB port and speaker.

Meizu M5 Review budget smartphone with Fingerprint

The back cover is removable. The rear panel is located at the top of the main camera, which is recessed into the back panel and does not go beyond it. Under the main camera flash and Meizu logo.

The upper edge is empty.

Have a good smartphone for the budget-screen aspect ratio to 69.5% body area. Physical dimensions are not too large height 147.3 mm, width of 72.8 mm and a thickness of only 8.2 mm. The device weighs 138 grams.

Meizu M5: CPU

Inside Meizu M5 set Mediatek chipset last year 6750. It consists of eight core Cortex-A53, one half is clocked at 1.5 GHz and the second at a frequency of 1 GHz. Made chipset on 28 nm process technology. Graphics processing is engaged in graphics processor Mali-T860 MP2. It operates at a frequency of 650 MHz. The popular test AnTuTu smartphone scored considered little more than 40 thousand points.

Meizu M5 Review budget smartphone with Fingerprint

The device works quite quickly, when the process is already running, but at the start of the application will take some time. While surfing the internet pages quickly turned over, some serious brakes not. Games are started, they can play, but it slows down a little heavy toys. However, for the hundred-dollar smartphone is quite an excellent result.

Meizu M5: Memory

The Chinese company has released two versions of the smartphone: with 2 or 3 GB of RAM, and, respectively, with 16 or 32 GB of non-volatile memory. This may seem a little memory, a slot for memory cards with a capacity up to 256 GB, but it is a hybrid.

The operating system takes about 4 GB of memory, the remaining space is available to store personal files and install applications.

Meizu M5 Review budget smartphone with Fingerprint

Meizu M5: Battery

Compared with the predecessor model slightly increased battery capacity up to 3070 mAh. battery will last for a full day of use. When viewing video from the Internet with the brightness level set by half the average battery loses 11% charge per hour. With moderate use the battery should last for a couple of days.

Meizu M5: Camera

The main camera has a maximum resolution of 13 MP photos. The quality of photos is customary for this level of a smartphone, there is a phase autofocus. Photos obtained excellent in bright sunny weather and in daylight, but the sky may be overexposed. HDR mode helps to get a photo of objects with the best exposure in tricky lighting conditions, but only slightly.

In poor lighting conditions deteriorate sharply in pictures detailing. Present the flash does not help.

On the front 5-megapixel camera, things are worse in this regard, because the front there is no flash. However, it has wider aperture of f / 2.0 (in the main camera – f / 2.2).

Maximum resolution when shooting 1080p video. frame rate is 30 fps. The quality of the videos is quite suitable for the not picky lovers occasionally shoot for social networks.

Meizu M5 Review budget smartphone with Fingerprint

Meizu M5: Display

As noted above, the display size is slightly increased to 5.2 inches, and resolution, as in M3S, remained unchanged 720p, therefore pixel density decreased to 282 pixels per inch. The display is bright (380 cd / m 2), in sunny weather will not be difficult to see that it depicts. The smartphone has an IPS matrix.

It is worth noting that the screen shows the natural colors and has great viewing angles. The color temperature is adjusted. Contrast medium level 1000: 1. The display is covered with glass with oleophobic coating. On the surface of the fingers glide easily, and it is pleasant to the touch.

Meizu M5: Communication

Two SIM-card have the Nano in size, one of the slots in a hybrid and it is possible to insert the microSD card. Supported communication standards: LTE, 3G, 2G. Navigation is done with the help of A-GPS and GLONASS. For wireless transmission there are dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0. The smartphone supports LTE Band 20 and VoLTE technology.

Meizu M5: Sound

A special grace in the audio system Meizu M5 no. However, the sound from the speakers is heard clearly without interference and hiss. The frequency range is represented almost entirely, but most of the middle frequencies. Of course, if we compare this unit with modern flagships, it would be a little quieter. However, its volume is sufficient to hear the call.

Meizu M5: Operating system

Initially, the operating system Android 6.0, which is superimposed on top of the user interface Flyme 5.5 from the company Meizu. Given the current trend, this model is unlikely to be updated to Nougat, while improving its own user interface and adding useful features is possible.

Device Control does not seem to manage other Android-smartphone. The only physical button performs several actions. Touching it will return the user back one step. If you press the button, the on-screen home page appears.

The UI Meizu has the ability to customize the application discovery and awakening of the device using gestures drawn on non-luminous display. For example, if you draw the letter M with your fingers, run Google Maps.

Meizu M5: Features

The apparatus in question relates to the budget class, and nice to see in this price range fingerprint scanner. And in the Meizu M5 it is not for show, and copes well with its direct responsibility. On some record fingerprint recognition rates are not talking, but it works and identifies the user correctly.

Pros and cons of Meizu M5


  • low price;
  • HD screen;
  • Fingerprint’s scanner;
  • 2 GB of RAM;
  • battery lasts the whole day.


Given the cost of the device can not identify significant disadvantages, although some will not like the lack of a separate memory card slots and a removable battery.

The smartphone is well suited for those who want to have a stable and modern Android-powered device. Or those who need steady state employees to perform simple daily activities: check social networks, climb on the Internet, listen to music on headphones and watch a short video.

Our review Meizu M5

Gone are the days when Chinese goods were considered consumer goods. Considered Meizu M5 is able to compete with more expensive devices from well-known brands. In addition, as shown by our survey, the smartphone has everything you need: a normal camera to capture the day, a large display, a fingerprint reader and a good battery life.

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