Meizu M5 Review Android smartphone

Meizu M5 Review Android smartphone

Smartphones with metal bodies have long ceased to be perceived as something extraordinary. Even inexpensive models made of steel metal. Not spared this trend and the Chinese manufacturer of smartphones – the company Meizu.

Even low-cost devices have become carried out in a metal housing, which has a positive impact on the durability, appearance and body stiffness. However, with a new low-end phones, it was decided to go back to basics and offer the consumer a plastic housing. What came of it? It turns out by newest test results – Meizu M5.

And to start pay attention to the specifications of the model.

Smartphone Meizu M5 features allow us to attribute it to the budgetary decisions, which is logical, given the positioning. And it is positioned as the cheapest device in the series. However, for its segment specifications are standard, some outright failures in this regard is not observed.

By the way, careful users are likely to notice a suspicious resemblance to the characteristics of the Meizu M3S Mini. All right, these models are based on the same platform, and differ in body, diagonal display and the battery.

Meizu M5 Review Android smartphone

Meizu M5: Packaging equipment

Box repeats that of Meizu M3S Mini – all the same classic design of the boxes with a lid, and the familiar white cardboard.

Cardboard traditionally hale and hearty. For the contents during transportation can not worry and unnoticed access to content will prevent the factory seal.

On the front side of the designated device model and nothing else. The ends completely empty, nothing but the manufacturer’s logo on the long edges will not find.

On the back of the main area occupied by the label with the identification information.

Inside we immediately meet the unit itself. Despite the plastic casing, the device is protected by conveying films on both sides.

At the bottom of the space is divided into two boxes, in which the delivery is packed.

By itself, the complete set of accessories is standard and unremarkable.

Meizu M5 Review Android smartphone

The package includes:

  • Power adapter;
  • Cable USB – microUSB;
  • The key is to extract a card slot;
  • Technical documentation.

Meizu M5: Appearance and design

Meizu M5 is a classic piece with a touch screen. The entire body is made from a single piece of plastic. Moreover, the polycarbonate used herein, differing in wear resistance and mechanical strength.

In addition to the traditional colors, white and black, provide a few more – gold, blue and mint. For color photos look interesting, see how would it actually is.

The whole front side is closed by a protective glass. It has rounded edges and has a good oleophobic coating. But the producer of the glass, unfortunately, is not specified.

The side frames will not be called narrow, although within the segment is not required.

Above the display is placed earpiece, and the edges of it – front-facing camera and ambient light sensors and proximity.

We are traditionally a mechanical multi-function button mTouch 2.1, combined with a fingerprint reader below the display.

Meizu M5 Review Android smartphone

face of the housing is not allocated a separate element, and are rounded off to the back cover. At the top there is not provided any elements.

But the bottom is loaded heavily. There is a port micro-USB, the main speaker, and microphone connector Elementary AUX. Here you can see two small screw.

Location of components on the side faces has become the standard for all smartphones Meizu – the left is a slot for SIM-card and memory card, …

… And on the right – the power button and volume control.

The back side is smooth and has not received any pronounced texture, is durable and resistant to mechanical damage polycarbonate. Not inclined to it and to the collecting of fingerprints.

At the top is the main camera lens and two-tone LED flash. Just below is the manufacturer’s logo.

At the bottom – the traditional for Meizu small lettering. But the sticker with serial number device can be removed.

Although smartphones with metal hulls quickly gained popularity among users, much like plastic. Among the undoubted advantages of this material is possible to note the mechanical strength and resistance to damage, lack of interference antenna housing will not be cold in the cold, so keep a smartphone in the hands of the winter on the street will be more comfortable.

Meizu M5 Review Android smartphone

Not there claims to build quality, completely missing the play and the creak of the housing elements. This was achieved through the use of a single body, without a lot of elements. The rounded ends make it possible to keep your smartphone Meizu M5 firmly and comfortably, without cuts is nothing in his hand, and the device is not trying to slip out.

Meizu M5: Display

The smartphone Meizu M5 has a diagonal display with 5.2 inches. This screen size can be considered the “sweet spot” at the moment. A resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, but does not provide an amazing picture quality will save battery power as possible. And the 282 ppi pixel density is not so modest. Of course, with a strong desire, you can see the individual pixels, but only if you look closely.

Points gray wedge grouped near the borders of the Delta. Parasitic hue, the more significant, is not expected.

In general, the display is pleased. Here we note oleophobic coating quality and good responsiveness of the sensor, a wide range of brightness enable comfortable use of a smartphone as in bright sunlight and complete darkness. Not bad for a budget device, the manufacturer has worked on calibration and color rendering. Of course, there are some flaws, this is often only in flagship phones of the leading brands they are larger.

Meizu M5 Review Android smartphone

Meizu M5: Hardware platform and performance

As used herein, the CPU – this eight-MediaTek MT6750. Four cores clocked at 1.0 GHz and is used when the smartphone and performs basic tasks are not too demanding. If you need to unleash the full potential – in the works include four high-performance cores with a frequency of 1.5 GHz each

Depending on the modification of the device, RAM may be 2 or 3 GB. This standard indicators for this price segment. We got to test minor version with 2 GB of RAM.

We estimate the speed of work using various benchmarks.

Nothing surprising here. Although it should be noted that the same hardware platform with the model M3S Mini, the results were slightly higher. Most likely, it is a merit of software developers and a more recent version of Android.

The case is no different, and a tendency to heat up. Although the housing under load becomes warm, it does not create any discomfort.

The hardware platform is no surprise, nor should have been, considering the price tag. But its capacity is enough for all day to day tasks, including modern games. Although in the most demanding of them need to reduce the graphics quality. However, this is not surprising, because the smart phone and the budget does not have to be a leader in performance.

Meizu M5 Review Android smartphone

Meizu M5: Software and firmware

Meizu M5 running the Android 6.0 operating system. As always, the Meizu company uses its proprietary shell Flyme OS, completely changes the interface and control of smartphone.However, our readers are perfectly familiar with this shell.

Supports wireless function update OTA.

Anyone who ever use modern smartphone Meizu will not find anything new here. By the way, since smartphones are available in Russia officially, no problems with the support of Google-services or the Russian language interface does not occur.

While using the Hot Apps applications will need to install the Google-services if you need them.

Familiar interface, is nothing new, we do not see it.

Our hero is equipped with a proprietary fingerprint sensor mTouch 2.1, security settings, I found a section of the scanner settings.

Once again, pleased with the speed of the sensor – read print in just a fraction of a second.During testing, not a single case has happened to the scanner does not recognize the mark on the first try.

Brand application “Security” allows you to scan for viruses on your smartphone or clear the memory from unnecessary files. It also contains information regarding the use of RAM.

Flyme OS shell is of high quality optimization. As a result, regardless of the output level devaysa it operates smoothly and stably, with no lags. But a person not familiar with the interface, you may have to adapt to the interface, shortcuts, and some rethinking of the settings menu. However, it will happen quickly and seamlessly.

Meizu M5 Review Android smartphone

Meizu M5: Multimedia

To begin to evaluate the possibility of our hero on playing various video formats.

The results were typical of the devices of this brand – supported by virtually all formats, except for movies in high definition. However, the latter support is not required.

Standard video player has all the necessary functionality and easy to use.

A similar situation is observed in the case of a music player.

The settings available for manual adjustment of EQ, you can also select one of the preset profiles.

In general, the aforementioned applications are standard Flyme OS, we have already got acquainted with them when testing the previous models.

With the help of the sound card ASUS Xonar U7 with the signal / noise ratio at a record 113 dB we tested the quality of the playback, headphones, sound. The signal level for calibration was -7.5 dB.

As you can see, testing shows a good picture. It corresponds to the subjective impressions.Of course, some noticeable shortage of bass and treble. However, notice that this isnt particularly demanding users with high-quality headphones. And it may not be the perfect sound at a budget smartphone.

Meizu M5: File system

The smartphone Meizu M5 will be available in two versions, with a main memory of 16 GB and 32. If you select must take into account the fact that a memory card is only possible to abandon the use of the second SIM-card.

The speed of the file system was tested using AndroBench applications.

The results are familiar, they are more than enough for the trouble-free use of the device.

The standard file manager for traditional Flyme OS. In addition to standard functions, it is also able to work with the file archives, which is very useful.

Meizu M5: interfaces and communication

It supports all types of modern mobile communication. Since the smartphone is approved for sale and use in the Russian Federation – any difficulties connecting to the LTE network will not occur.

Two SIM-card nano-SIM standard work consistently. It should be borne in mind that the installation of the memory card slot will close for the second SIM-card – will have to choose.

Appendix phone is the same as in any other smartphone Meizu. Bad moment, we note the lack of support T9 speed dial in Russian. But, many will be useful feature is recording telephone conversations.

The rest is a simple application, clear and convenient. For the development will not take long.

We were pleased with the work of navigation. Cold start takes just a few seconds, after which the device communicates with a list of satellites. By the way, support the GLONASS satellite works without problems.

If call quality is important to you when choosing a gadget, the new Meizu certainly not disappoint. It’s worth noting that in versions for the Chinese market may have problems with support for LTE networks. Another reason to choose the certified version.

Meizu M5: Battery

Built-in battery has a capacity of 3070 mAh. It does not provide for removal is a service center. Some specific information the manufacturer has not reported.

The main question is how long the device is capable of operating on a single charge. To begin to test the autonomy of synthetic benchmarks.

As you can see, despite the increase in diagonal display, indicators were slightly higher than the Meizu M3S Mini. Again, this can be explained by a modified and better optimized software.

Traditionally, there is an application for the battery consumption monitoring and control of power consumption.

And in the power settings you can choose one of three modes of performance.

Complete power adapter provides a current of 2 Ampere. Fast charging technology, unfortunately, is not supported.

As is the case with the Meizu M3S Mini, the results were quite good for everyday use. That is, charging the smartphone Meizu M5 at night, you can safely leave the charger at home and not worry about the fact that the battery charge is finished before you get back home in the evening.But more than two, or in the case of a serious saving three days do not count – it is still the basic state employees rather than “survivor”.

Meizu M5: Camera

There used camera, completely similar models Meizu M3S Mini. Home with a resolution of 13.0 megapixels. Here we can mention the use of a panoramic lens with F / 2.2 aperture, it is reported the presence of a phase autofocus that really pleases speed and accuracy. Front-end module has a resolution of 5.0 megapixels with F / 2.0 aperture.

Camera application standard for Flyme OS.

It is best camera quality can be estimated on the exemplary images – they are listed below.

Something new about already studied the camera to say will not work. The device can be used as an improvised camera for every day. But expect amazing quality, especially at lower ambient light – is not necessary.

Meizu M5: Comparison with Competitors

Smartphones with a diagonal display similar characteristics and the market is not so much, but still less than its competitors lack – how among the big-name brands, and among low-end brands of second and third-tier. Here are some interesting proposals.

The first among competitors note Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016) . What can we offer a smartphone with a famous logo and the higher price?

If similar parameters are used to display SuperAMOLED matrix. Processor Qualcomm’s SoC yield performance review of the hero, but the volume of RAM and main memory are the same. As a nice bonus, there is provided an antenna NFC.

Next on our list is the recently released for sale ASUS Zenfone 3 Max. The main difference between this model – a weaker quad-core processor.

A major advantage is the capacious battery – all this should provide an advantage in autonomy. The rest of the smartphones are comparable with each other, except that the ASUS slightly more expensive.

The most accessible from among the opponents became the LG G4s . This model has for some time been on the market and has proved to be a good idea. With minimal difference in the cost of the smartphone is able to offer a good Qualcomm processor and a display with a resolution of Full HD.

But memory as RAM, and basic, there is less. Moreover, the main memory is less than half, and this must be taken into account. Another factor is the lower battery capacity. But the manufacturer has provided NFC antenna.

Meizu M5: Conclusion

Meizu M5 is good budget smartphone. Despite the fact that as the plastic housing material is selected, it looks neat, and is not affected to an assembly. Traditionally, the high quality display and perfectly optimized software. Pleases speed and accuracy of fingerprint scanner, and mention deserves high-quality sound in the headphones.

Nice to stir nimble and stable browser. Start “in the cold” in a matter of seconds, and in the future satellites connect even faster. However, when you select should take into account the use of the hybrid slots of the second SIM-card and memory card, and to decide in advance how much memory you need.

After testing Meizu M3S Mini we noted as a lack of durability of the controversial plastic frame around the display. Here, at this point will not carp. It is very similar, devices and have about the same consumer characteristics. Focusing on the budget segment of the market, we can safely say that this is a balanced, high-quality and low-cost smart phone without the expressed defects.

However, it all depends on the final assessment of the manufacturer of the model, as indicated by us Estimated price. So it can only wait for the official cost of the ad. And if it is higher than the alleged, can be written in the absence of the technology cons fast charging and banal FM-radio.

Advantages Meizu M5:

  • High quality of materials and workmanship;
  • Excellent oleophobic coating;
  • Well calibrated display;
  • Fast and accurate fingerprint reader;
  • Fast navigation work;
  • High stability of the software.

Disadvantages Meizu M5:

  • Given the expected price the disadvantages are absent.

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