Meizu EP51: Review Wireless Headset

Meizu EP51: Review Wireless Headset

The headset Meizu EP51 comes in a small cardboard box with shades of red, black and gray, sporty orientation of the device. On the front side of the box can be seen directly “ears” and their name. On the back of a translucent screen is easy to see Meizu EP51 live just below – the main features and specifications. Since we have a non-profit version, all the inscriptions, alas, only in Chinese.

Once we remove the outer packaging inside the box is black and red. At the top left is located under a plastic cover nozzles of different sizes (S, L and XL). A small caveat: the ear cups not signed, so they are easily confused with each other – to the eye they are roughly the same size.

Right at the top – the headset, a little lower – case in black, very pleasant to the touch (something like a soft-touch coating). Present zipper and a rubber “tongue” with a white letter «M» on a blue background. Inside of the case are located guide (in English and Chinese) and USB-cable for charging the device.

Meizu EP51: Specifications

  • speaker size: 8.6 mm;
  • Impedance: 16 ohms;
  • Sensitivity: 88 dB;
  • maximum power: 10 mW;
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz ~ 20 kHz;
  • Working time: up to 6 hours;
  • Dimensions: 16 x 23 x 25 mm;
  • Weight: 15.3 g

Meizu EP51: Exterior materials

A similar construction (wire and plugs) we have met more than once: Sony XBA-BT75, Jabra Rox Wireless, Powerbeats2 Wireless, etc. That is, in this case, there is nothing original, moreover, Meizu EP51 strongly resemble (coloring) “ears” of the American manufacturer of the Beats, only cost several times cheaper.

Meizu EP51: Review Wireless Headset

Meizu EP51 headset consists of four components: cable, control unit, headphone ear pads and the body. The wire is made of a rubberized material, quite slippery to the touch. This is to ensure that the wire does not tangle. Material durable: a few times I have unsuccessfully hand touched the cable and headset flew out of his ears. The bends or twists conventional wire is not terrible, it is quite flexible.

The control unit is made of plastic. On the one hand, it is painted in a light gray color, and on the other – is covered with a rubberized material. Cable and block each other are moving smoothly and tightly articulated with each other. The block contains the following elements: a microphone, volume buttons (marked bulging “+” and “-“), the concave play button and the LED operation. Frankly, buttons awkward to use, since they hardly felt the fingers and the extremely stiff when pressed. Especially irritating moments when you need to quickly turn down the volume: do you think that you push the “-“, but in fact – just below, and the button does not work. Of course, this is all nitpicking and vkusovschina, but pay attention to it is worth.

Headphone housing is made of semi-gloss black plastic, exterior, metallic, matt. In the center – a circle with a radial grinding, cute playing in the light. In addition, it is worth noting magnetic holder: if you touch outside parties “ears”, they primagnityatsya. It is necessary to ensure that the headset is not flew off the neck at a time when not in use. The trick is not new, but still cool. Cable and headphone housing fastened through additional protection in the form of a rubber hose, gasket.

Silicone ear cushions and officially presented in three sizes. However, we must not forget that the ear pads is already put on the headphones, so there are four sizes.

I tried to use all the tips, but they no shuffling, no good work. In my ears headset sitting is bad: it constantly dropped out plug left, then right. Or rather, they did not drop out, and held tightly, the sound became less bright and juicy bass disappeared and broken insulation.

Meizu EP51: Review Wireless Headset

Total operating convenience. To me, this headset is not liked because everything ear cushions held tightly in my ear, and the sound becomes flat. Approximately for the same reason I do not like the HD50. There is clearly doing the bow size for elephant: with my head, they slipped almost to the cheekbones.

Meizu EP51: Review Wireless Headset

Meizu EP51: Sound quality

Headset Meizu EP51 I honestly tried to use a few weeks. Why try? As mentioned above, I have it not held in the ear. Often I had to invest more, to press or hold the hand. In general, the great pleasure of testing, I did not get (already read in the comments, “Oh, you a, it still fun to receive, go to work as a loader! ..”)

Meizu EP51: Review Wireless Headset

The sound is shifted to lower frequencies, with no buzzing, and velvet and warm. For lovers of bass Meizu EP51 – just right. However, on this, plus, in general, come to an end. Midrange worked out is not the best way to listen to solo performances are not very interesting. With high here, too, the problem – they are almost there.

The Meizu EP51 used aptX audio codec and a separate CSR8645 chip company CSR.

Meizu EP51: Review Wireless Headset

However, the positioning of the headset is quite clear – sports headphones, so, as I understand it, at the time of exercise sound quality is secondary, the main thing that they were cheering rhythmic music and flew from his head. And then, and another Meizu EP51 performs a hundred percent. We should also note that the Meizu headset is protected against moisture, to be exact – with sweat. I once again came under a heavy downpour, I forgot to remove the “ears.” Here already is the second week, as the Meizu EP51 with all excellent. But I advise you not to experiment.

Meizu EP51: Review Wireless Headset

Meizu EP51: Working hours

Despite such a diminutive size, Meizu EP51 work about 6-7 hours at medium volume. I missed them for 2-3 days, that is, listening to music for about 2-3 hours a day. In standby mode (connected via Bluetooth) – for a day or two. In general, in any case, you have to charge them at least once in two days. Charges hour and a half.

Meizu EP51: Review Wireless Headset


I would consider Meizu EP51 as a gift, such as a teenager: headphone small price, look great, they sound fine, but if lost / stolen – sorry, but do not cry.

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