Materials for production iPhone 7 priced at $224.80

Materials for production iPhone 7 priced at $224.80

When the market there is a new top-end smartphone, colleagues from the IHS estimate on the cost of materials for its production. Do not remain without attention and the recently introduced iPhone 7. As it turns out, the cost of a 32-GB iPhone 7 totaled 224.80 dollars, which is somewhat higher than it was with its predecessor.

Price for production iPhone 7

The most expensive part of the smartphone, according to IHS, – is the screen. Apple buys screens at a price of about $ 43 apiece. This is followed by Wi-Fi module, Bluetooth and the telephone network. The amount of 33.90 dollars per chip including the antenna. The new processor A10 Fusion is bought at the price of 26.90 dollars, the memory chip costs 16,40 dollars. Note that in this case it is about 32 GB version. More capacious models cost a bit more expensive. The most inexpensive part – is the battery. It costs $ 2.50.

Accessories such as power supply, Lightning cable and an adapter for Lightning, and Lightning are new headphones 11.80 dollars. Add to that $ 5 on iPhone assembly. In sum, we get about 225 dollars, and it’s 36.89 dollars more than last year’s model iPhone 6s. Plus version costs Apple more expensive because it has larger screen and body.

The calculations do not include development costs, transportation and advertising. Also included here are not sending the payment and working Apple stores workers. Therefore, the profitability of new products is not as high as it might seem at first. However, probably, Apple could earn a good income from sales iPhone 7.

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