Martian A8 Review: Chinese clone of MacBook Air, only very cheap

Martian A8 Review: Chinese clone of MacBook Air, only very cheap

In this article, we will not only perform a detailed review laptop Martian A8, but also tell you about all the pitfalls to be faced when buying a laptop in the Chinese online store.

Martian A8: Packaging

So, let’s begin. This notebook comes in a cardboard box, which can not be determined or the manufacturer or the model name.

Martian A8 Review: Chinese clone of MacBook Air, only very cheap

In general, to determine the name and model of the laptop in this case is very difficult, because they do not appear anywhere, and only run the diagnostic utility (such as AIDA) allows the identification of a model. It seems that the manufacturer of the laptop (Martian company, although full confidence in the correctness we do not have a company name) just encrypted. Whether it was a shame for their products, or no logo because laptops of this manufacturer are branded noname other Chinese companies.

You can even provide a link to the manufacturer’s website , but this is purely a Chinese website without the English version. The only thing that we can say definitely, is the fact that the plant, which produces notebooks Martian A8, located in Shenzhen.

So back to the set. In addition to the laptop power adapter outlet for Chinese and that some kind of leadership in the Chinese language does not have any box.

Martian A8: Configuration

There are several different models of laptop Martian A8, which may have a completely different configuration. Most likely, the total of all these models – body only.

We tested the laptop was a model Martian A8 with the following configuration:

So, the foundation of the laptop is an old dual-core entry-level the Intel the Core i3-4030U . The processor supports Hyper-Threading technology, ie can handle four threads at once and is seen by the operating system as a processor with four cores. It has a clock speed of 1.9 GHz, Turbo Boost mode is not available. The size of its L3 cache is 3MB, and the estimated maximum power – 15 watts. This integrated graphics processor Intel HD Graphics 4400 core.

Processor, of course, can not boast of performance, but … well, at least not overheat.

Martian A8 Review: Chinese clone of MacBook Air, only very cheap

To install the memory SO-DIMM-modules in two slots designed laptop. In this case, the laptop was set only one memory module DDR3-1600: Samsung M471B1G73 8GB.

Laptop Data Storage Subsystem is a SSD-drive Micron RealSSD C400 (MTFDDAT128MAM) c interface mSATA.This is a budget solution with a very mediocre performance. It is certainly better than the HDD, but … not much.

In addition, there is space for an optional 2.5-inch HDD / SSD.

Communication capabilities of a notebook are determined by the presence of a wireless network adapter Broadcom, which corresponds to the specifications of IEEE 802.11a / b / g / n and Bluetooth 4.0.

There is a laptop in a traditional Gigabit network interface based on the Realtek controller.

Laptop Audio subsystem based on HDA-codec Realtek ALC282, and mounted in the housing four speakers (two speakers on each side). In addition, there is a combo audio jack type minijack.

The laptop has a built-in, located above the screen webcam. Web camera resolution is 1.3 megapixels.

And, of course, has a non-removable battery – with a capacity of 45 Wh (6040 mAh).

Martian A8 Review: Chinese clone of MacBook Air, only very cheap

Martian A8: Appearance and ergonomics

13-inch laptop Martian A8 belongs to the category of thin and light devices, before they were called ultrabooks. Meters with ten (but it all depends on view) and it all can be taken for 13-inch MacBook Air.However, we will not irritate Apple fans comparing Martian A8 with the MacBook Air: This notebook completely different quality and price categories. Just describe, without comparisons, that is a Martian A8.

The specification states that the overall size of the notebook is 324 × 218 × 17 mm. Knowing the propensity of Chinese manufacturers fib, we held their size measurement and the following values: 326 × 221 × 19 mm.

Laptop Weight (without power adapter) is 1.35 kg (according to our measurements). As you can see, the notebook is very light and thin.

Martian A8 Review: Chinese clone of MacBook Air, only very cheap

The chassis is made entirely of aluminum, painted in silver, but on aluminum there is clearly trying to save.For example, the thickness of the bottom of the cabinet is only 0.7 mm – no stiffeners. Of course, such a surface is extruded from any depression, and even if you are carrying a laptop in the portfolio, it is likely that the contact housing and plug the power adapter will leave a dent on the surface of the notebook. And this scratch on the body inevitably will, so that its outwardly presentable laptop lose very quickly.

On the lid of the laptop there is a pattern of black-headed alien or something else. Most likely, the graphic is pasted just as decal, and the execution is very similar to a beach in translation tattoo that is sure to rub off after some time. As it turned out, this figure represents the company logo Martian.

The thickness of the screen (the lid) is 7 mm. The hinge system of the screen mount to the housing provides sufficient bending stiffness and good locks the screen position at any angle of deflection. The maximum angle of deviation relative to the screen keyboard plane is 130 degrees.

Silver laptop screen frame is made of plastic. On the sides of the frame thickness is 15 mm, and the top – 20 mm. At the top of the frame in the center is a webcam.

Lower metal laptop case has an air inlet panel. Furthermore, the bottom panel has a slot for which speakers are arranged.

Laptop power button located in the upper right corner of the keyboard.

There are three miniature notebook status indicators, which are located in the upper right corner above the keyboard.

On the left side of the case is the laptop connector port USB 3.0, power connector, audio connector minijack type headphones and tiny recessed button Reset.

Martian A8 Review: Chinese clone of MacBook Air, only very cheap

On the right side there is a USB 3.0 port, a slot for SD / MMC-Card memory, HDMI video output and an RJ-45 connector with a hinged lid.

The flip cover RJ-45 connector is made disgusting. It is not at all biased and spontaneously folds with horizontal laptop location.

However, this is not the only problem. As we have noted, on the left side of the case has a slot USB 3.0 port. However, in this embodiment, the port turned pacifier he generally showed no signs of life. Well, it’s on this fact, you can get an idea about the output quality control in the manufacture of these laptops.

So, in our laptop there was only one “living» USB 3.0 port, which created some problems at work. And with the conditional “live” port too, not everything is in order: connect it to external HDD will not work (not enough food), so really only the flash drive or mouse can be connected to this port. A connection to a laptop external HDD you want to use an active USB-hub.

Martian A8 Review: Chinese clone of MacBook Air, only very cheap

Martian A8: Opportunities for disassembly

One of the features of this laptop is its ability to disassemble. To do this, you must unscrew the screws on the back panel and carefully remove the bottom cover. Then you can get access to the cooling system, the two memory slots, SSD-drive and so forth.

Martian A8: Input Devices


The Martian A8 notebook uses island type keyboard with a larger spacing between the keys.

The keys on the keyboard have a standard size of 16 × 16 mm, and the distance therebetween is 4 mm. The key travel of 1.5 mm.

Martian A8 Review: Chinese clone of MacBook Air, only very cheap

The keys are black, and inflicted on them symbols – white. The symbols on the keys contrasting and clearly visible even in low light.

In addition, the keyboard has a two-level backlight white – though much point in it. The fact that even in the dark letters on the keys themselves are not highlighted, a highlighted contour of keys. In short, the lights miserable and meaningless.

With regard to the quality of the keyboard, it is, oddly enough, is very high. The base below the keyboard does not flex and rigid. The keys are well-spring loaded, typing on this keyboard is very comfortable (but print will have, of course, blind, if you do not order a sticker or engraving).

Martian A8 Review: Chinese clone of MacBook Air, only very cheap


Martian A8 uses klikpad with simulated key press. The size of its working area is 105 × 65 mm.

Touch the surface of the touchpad a little recessed and separated from the rest of the surface of a thin silver rim. Klikpad pressing depth is 1 mm. The function of this multi klikpad not support.

klikpada work satisfactory. cursor positioning accuracy using this touchpad is very low, to work with him almost unreal. Perhaps the problem is that we did not install a special driver that klikpada, limiting the driver as part of the operating system Windows 10. However, on the issue of drivers for this notebook, read on.

Martian A8: Drivers and support producer problem

As already mentioned, the laptop Martian A8 for sale without pre-installed operating system. Experienced users of this fact, as well as the absence of a localized keyboard, do not bother. And indeed, with the installation of Windows 10 (64-bit) operating system, no problem. However, there are problems finding drivers for this laptop. On the site of the manufacturer, we have not found the driver. Online Store, which sells these laptops, no technical support is not engaged in production. In principle, of course, no special drivers, and it is not necessary: ​​after installing the operating system will be a couple of devices that are not yet decided, but if you run a search for drivers on the internet, they are there (a very rare case, but this method worked here) and install. Yes, you can start the next phase of the diagnostic utility to identify the remaining devices and for each specific device driver to find, but it was too gemorroynaya this procedure. And by the way, to create a report about the devices and parameters AIDA64 utility system in this case does not pass: in step sensor interrogation system falls in the blue screen.

Once again, we note that the installation of Windows 10 does not cause problems, and drivers for an unknown device can be found automatically on the Internet. However, you have to look for any special drivers for the touchpad, as the driver default is very difficult to work.

Martian A8: Sound

As already noted, audio subsystem Martian A8 based on NDA-codec Realtek ALC 282, and four speakers are installed in the notebook chassis.

Subjectively, the acoustics in this laptop is quite satisfactory, but the maximum volume level is very low. In order to watch a movie on this laptop, the volume is sufficient, but “hang out” will not succeed.

Martian A8 Review: Chinese clone of MacBook Air, only very cheap

Unfortunately, hold traditional hardware test sound path designed for headphones or external speakers, we could not because of the incompatibility of our products with the laptop. We confine ourselves to the subjective assessment: when headphones are connected to any claims the sound quality is not, and the level of the maximum volume is quite sufficient.

Martian A8: Screen

The Martian A8 notebook uses IPS-matrix Chi Mei CMN N133HSE-EA3 with LED backlight based on white LEDs. It has a matte anti-glare coating, and its diagonal size of 13.3 inches. The screen resolution is 1920 × 1080 pixels.

According to our measurements, the matrix in this notebook does not flicker in the entire range of brightness levels. The maximum brightness level on a white background is 297 cd / m² and a minimum level of brightness on a white background is 0. With a maximum brightness of the screen gamma value of 2.37.

The color gamut of the LCD screen in a laptop Martian A8 covers 88.7% sRGB space and 64,9% Adobe RGB, and the volume of the color gamut of sRGB 97.7% of volume and 67.3% of the Adobe RGB.

Filters LCD matrix a little mixed ingredients to each other. Thus, in the range of red is mixed green color, but the range of blue is well insulated. This situation is quite typical for LCD matrices used in laptops.

The color temperature of laptop LCD screen Martian A8 stable throughout the grayscale (the dark areas can be ignored due to measurement error) and is approximately 6800 K.

Color temperature stability because the primary colors are well balanced along the entire scale of gray.

As for color accuracy (delta E), its value does not exceed 6 (dark areas not taken into account), which is a very good result for this class of displays.

Viewing angles (both horizontal and vertical) are very broad. When you look at the image at an angle with the horizontal and vertical color almost no distortion.

In general, the screen in the laptop Martian A8 can be considered as excellent. Wide color gamut, wide viewing angles, matte finish, sufficient brightness and excellent 13-inch model release.

Martian A8: Work load

Martian A8 notebook under load will be discussed in a stressful CPU version using Prime95 utility and GPU with FurMark utility.

In an embodiment of Prime95 CPU utility, which is the hardest heats processor, processor speed is 1.9 GHz (this is the nominal frequency for the Core i3-4030U processor the Intel). The temperature in this processor load mode rises to 68 ° C.

In an embodiment, the load utility Prime95 CPU cores while simultaneously downloading utility FurMark GPU clock speed of processor cores is lowered to 900 MHz and the CPU temperature rises to 70 ° C.

Martian A8: Memory subsystem performance and drive

According to the utility AIDA64 Cache & Memory Benchmark, the data writing speed to the memory of 12395 MB / s and read speed – 11915 MB / s. For DDR3-1600 memory in single-channel mode, it is quite typical values.

As mentioned above, the storage subsystem Martian A8 notebook data is SSD-drive Micron RealSSD C400-MTFDDAT128MAM (mSATA) capacity of 128GB.

ATTO Disk Benchmark utility determines the maximum speed of the drive serial read at 280 MB / s, and the sequential write speed – at 185 MB / s. For SSD-drive today is, of course, a very low result.

Here are the results of testing such a popular utility like CrystalDiskMark.

Martian A8: Noise level

The cooling system in the laptop Martian A8 is a little cooler, which draws in cool air through the vents in the bottom of the chassis and blows hot air through the vents on the rear side of the case.

Noise measurement was conducted in a special sound-absorbing chamber, and a sensitive microphone is positioned relative to the notebook so that simulate the typical position of the user’s head.

In idle mode the fan does not rotate and the laptop does not produce noise.

In stressful CPU mode (Prime95 utility) noise level of 30 dBA. This is the average level of noise that can be heard only good in silence.

When stress loading graphics (FurMark) noise is also relatively low – just 30.3 dBA. Even simultaneous stress CPU and graphics card leads to an increase in the noise level of only up to 30.4 dBA.However, prolonged stress load mode (processor, graphics card, or both CPU and GPU) can lead to short-term (less than 10) jumps in the noise level to 43 dBA. Apparently, this is quite a high level corresponds to the maximum fan speed. But once again, we emphasize that we are talking only about the prolonged stress load mode, when working with real-world applications, this notebook stays quiet.

Martian A8: Battery life

Generally speaking, four hours for 13-inch notebook is very small. This laptop was purchased for permanent work in standalone mode, and even if in operation, with the text, when there is almost no load on the processor, it works just 4.5 hours, it is worthless.

Martian A8: Performance tests

For this test suite, we still have only the results of the two high-performance desktop systems based on Intel Core i7-6700K and Intel Core i7-6950X processors. Now we have received the results of an entry-level laptop.

As you can see, the laptop Martian A8 slower than our reference system is more than three times. At the same time in terms of performance of the storage subsystem is second reference system about twice, and processor tests the laptop is slower by almost four times. In short, it is difficult to imagine a more modern laptop is slow and likely to result in the integral 25 points and remains a kind of record (with a minus sign, of course) our test suite. In the meantime, we can assume that for modern laptops and desktops integrated result is placed in the range of from about 25 to 150 points (100 points which correspond to our reference system based on the Core i7-6700K processor).

Test Martian A8 notebook in games we did not even try. Discrete graphics it does not have a built frankly weak, so that it does not play a decision and to launch the game on it is simply meaningless.

Based on the Martian A8 notebook test results can make an unambiguous conclusion that this laptop is perfect for working with office applications for Internet surfing and online communication for watching movies. This is a great option for the student and the student (you can not play, and to work well enough).But for the most demanding applications, this notebook does not fit.

Martian A8: Conclusions

Laptop Martian A8 produces an ambiguous impression. On the one hand, it is thin, lightweight, has a very good screen and good ergonomics keyboard (but non-localized). Laptop, moreover, very quiet.

But that’s all pluses end and begin cons. Among them – the lack of localized keyboard, the lack of guarantees and support from the manufacturer, the problem with drivers, lack of quality control of the output, and therefore a high probability of marriage (in this case showed a non-working port USB 3.0). In addition, the notebook has a short battery life, and the maximum level of built-in speaker volume is quite low.

We add that the silver color of the body is unstable laptop scratch and quickly lose its presentation, and the thickness of the lower metal body panels is such that it is inevitable there will be dents. While this laptop is driving us in his box at the bottom of the chassis has a few dents formed by contact with the plug. In short, the housing quality of slop.

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