A look at new Xbox One S: reduced SoC with increased performance

A look at new Xbox One S: reduced SoC with increased performance

Last updated Microsoft console Xbox One S with the new wireless controller and storage to 2TB went on sale. Our colleagues from Eurogamer were able to hold an interview with Microsoft, and to learn the details of the new console processor.

Many users of Xbox One S will be interesting, first of all, due to a more compact body and built-in power supply, and the availability of the drive UHD Blu-ray. However, the changes undergone not only appearance, and is mainly concerned SoC.

Features Xbox One S

Of course, the manufacturer continues to use AMD chips, but now they are made on 16 nm process FinFET (16FF +) by TSMC. Previous SoC was made on 28-nm process technology (28HP). Reduction of process technology reduces chip area and power consumption. For TSMC, it also means a higher yield of effective chips that for the Microsoft, probably reduced the cost of production of the console and the ability to establish a more “simple” cooling system.

Let us turn to the numbers: Area 28-nm SoC console Xbox One is 363 mm², and Xbox One S – only 230 mm², which is less than about 36%. Some also benefited from AMD and NVIDIA on the transition to the 14- and 16-nm process, but it was not just a reduction in process technology, but also the transition to the new architecture, therefore, directly compare these chips impossible.

The architecture of the new console SoC unchanged. We have all the same eight cores Jaguar, 12 Compute Units, and 768 stream processors. The idea is that the performance of the console should not be changed, but Microsoft has managed to increase the GPU clock speed from 853 to 914 MHz, which is still not able to strongly influence the performance. At the same time, Microsoft has reduced power consumption during playback of Blu-Ray from 60 to 40 watts, and this value decreased even more gaming – from 110 to 80 watts.

Price Xbox One S

However, the first tests show that the cooling system did not perform better. Xbox One S a little louder than its predecessor. Xbox One S with the drive to 2 TB is not available for sale in Russia, and in Europe its price is 399 euros. Soon to appear on options 1 TB and 500 GB.

Source: cnet

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