Logitech Spotlight test and review: a new generation of presenter

Logitech Spotlight test and review: a new generation of presenter

In our test lab entered remote control for presentations Logitech Spotlight new generation. Presenter is interesting not only a stylish design, but also additional features that facilitate the life of the lecturer. Details of the work Logitech Spotlight, you will learn in the review.

All probably familiar scenario: Lecture begins, the screen starts a PowerPoint presentation, or any other program. But the lecturer does not depart away from the computer because he has to flip through the slides. In such situations, rescue presenter, wireless devices, which provide freedom of movement lecturer at the audience. They allow you to easily manage presentation remotely. Some presenters also include a laser pointer.

Without a doubt, presenters – an interesting and very useful category of input devices. But the special delights they differed. But Logitech Spotlight things can change. New presenter boasts a stylish design, high quality manufacturing and curious features. Range is 30 meters. But Logitech novelty will have a lot to pay, as Logitech Spotlight price is 129.99 euros.

Logitech Spotlight test and review: a new generation of presenter

Logitech Spotlight: High quality workmanship and modern design

The Logitech Presenter, like its competitors, has a design that focuses on functionality. Although at first sight difficult to determine what exactly in front of us for the device.

Logitech lengthened chassis to 131,3 x 28,1 x 12,1 mm, the latter is made of anodized aluminum. Long edges are rounded, in the hand body is good. Logitech Spotlight With such design refers to the lifestyle category, differing from competitors.

In addition to luxurious gold versions are available options with a black and silver coloring. Last exclusively sells Apple.

Logitech Spotlight test and review: a new generation of presenter

Logitech Spotlight on the front panel, you can see three buttons. The biggest button turns the presentation slides, the button below will take you back to slide back. The top button is reserved for the function Logitech Spotlight, we’ll come back to it later.

Behind you can see the large plastic surface, which violates the integrity of the design, but not enough for high-quality signal transmission without it. Logitech indicates the range of 30 meters, which allows the lecturer to move freely throughout the audience. In our tests, the presenter has successfully worked with the line of sight, but it all depends on various factors.

By manufacturing and material quality no complaints. Thanks to the aluminum case presenter Logitech Spotlight not only looks good, but also pleasant to the touch.

Logitech Spotlight test and review: a new generation of presenter

Logitech Spotlight: Fixed, but quickly rechargeable battery

From the bottom of the housing can be seen a loop, which allows the receiver to extract from the housing. For the receiver is located in the back of USB Type C port through which Logitech Spotlight can be charged. It is better to use the bundled cable, which plug has a characteristic shape, which facilitates the connection.

Unlike many presenters, the Logitech did not use batteries, preferring non-removable battery. As for the fact that the charge will end at the wrong time, you can not worry: charging for 60 seconds is enough for three hours of lectures. In our tests, we could not verify this, but on a single charge presenter really work a very long time.

ON / OFF button is not present, this function is performed automatically Logitech Spotlight.

Logitech Spotlight test and review: a new generation of presenter

Logitech Spotlight: Software provides additional advantages

So far we have described how Logitech Spotlight presenter stylish and expensive, high-quality workmanship. But Logitech Spotlight additional value attached to the software.

Logitech Spotlight test and review: a new generation of presenter

After installing it you will understand why the presenter called Logitech Spotlight. And why Logitech abandoned the laser pointer. If you press the button, the software will display in the “circle of light” presentation, the highlight the desired area, and the rest of the slide will be dimmed. Manage the “flashlight” is very easy, much like console Nintendo Wii consoles. Of course, it does not prevent the first time to practice, but when you get used to, control becomes an extension of your hands. With the new decision of the Logitech really adds a breath of fresh air to the routine of lectures. Furthermore, the laser pointer is lost, for example, streaming Internet presentation.

Logitech has also integrated vibration motor. In the utility, you can specify the duration of the lecture, the timer will start automatically after the start of the lecture. Logitech supports PowerPoint presentations, Keynote, Google Slides and Prezi. Five minutes before the end of the Logitech Spotlight lectures will give a vibration signal for the first time and the second time – at the end of the lecture. Conveniently, when there is next to the laptop. If required, the notifications can be configured. For example, add another signal 60 seconds before the end of the lecture.

The software allows you to add keys to the secondary functions, such as dimming the screen with a long press of a button, scroll to another button.

Logitech Spotlight test and review: a new generation of presenter

Presenter also allows you to emulate the mouse. As with Logitech Spotlight feature, first you need to practice here. But this function is useful, for example, if you want to show a video during a presentation. In addition, the program can control the volume.

Logitech Spotlight: Conclusion

Presenter Logitech Spotlight different from competitors noble appearance and high quality manufacturing, everything is perfect. It is a pity that the replacement batteries have been sacrificed to the design, but somewhat compensates for this lack of built-in battery with fast charging port Type C.

The paper presenter showed himself well in the Logitech Spotlight hand is fine. All of the buttons easy to reach, and thanks to the low weight of the hand will not get tired even after long lectures. The benefits can be attributed to a significant range, the lecturer can move freely around the audience.

The software adds new features, we liked the “torch” the Logitech Spotlight, which works with the streaming of the presentation on the Internet, and a demonstration on the big screen in the auditorium. But for the work function must be installed on a laptop software, which can cause problems when you use shared notebooks in the classroom. In practice, very comfortable and vibration function, although there would not have prevented a more flexible set-up notifications in the program.

With the price of 130 euros presenter Logitech Spotlight can be called quite expensive, but stylish design and handy utility price match.

Advantages Logitech Spotlight:

  • Stylish design and good ergonomics
  • High quality workmanship
  • Good range
  • Additional software features

Disadvantages Logitech Spotlight:

  • High price

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