Lian Li PC-O10 test and review: premium case with two segments and glass panels

Lian Li PC-O10 test and review: premium case with two segments and glass panels

With the new body Lian Li PC-O10 eminent manufacturer tried to surpass himself, creating the ideal model. Lian Li has chosen the design of the two compartments, and use a lot of glass. Thanks to some tricks the body did not seem larger than usual Midi Tower. We got a PC-O10 body in a test lab, so it will be interesting to evaluate in practice.

The first model in the PC-O line, such as PC-O5S (test and review), is characterized by low and wide use of the panel of glass. The housing can be placed vertically, horizontally or suspended. The glass panel allows you to enjoy the appearance of the set of “iron”. However, there were some limitations body compared to conventional Midi Tower. Lian Li decided to fix them with a massive cube E-ATX PC-O8, which provided an excellent configuration flexibility. The housing comprises two compartments for the motherboard and power supply / storage unit. In this model, the glass covers not only the left sidewall, and the front. The next round of evolution PC-O line happened this year with PC-O9 model. As with PC-O8, housing was a cube with two segments. In PC-O9 glass panel is installed only to a segment of the motherboard, so the outside of the division is clearly seen. A segment with an unsightly power supply / drives is hidden from prying eyes.

PC-O9 The case proved to be quite functional. But the dimensions of 354 x 482 x 465 mm (W x H x D) require a lot of space for installation. Fortunately, Lian Li has prepared another solution, namely a test enclosure PC-O10. It can be called PC-O9 tapered version. Of course, with dimensions of 242 x 493 x 376 mm (W x H x D), it takes a little more space than a simple Midi Tower. But do not forget that the PC-O10 you get two separate segments, but thanks to a glass panel you can enjoy the contents of the segment with the motherboard.

Lian Li had to make some compromises. In particular, to reduce the width of both segments. As a result, it reduced the space available for the CPU cooler in the motherboard segment. Also in block segment of power is no longer able to fit ATX model, only SFX upright. As such a move influenced the retail price – hard to say. Lian Li PC-O10 will begin selling in late October, the price has not yet been approved.

Lian Li PC-O10 test and review: premium case with two segments and glass panels

The package includes a user guide, mounting accessories and cable tightening. Lian Li has also added two self-adhesive cable mount speaker system, USB adapter (with USB 3.0 to USB 2.0) and 8-pin extension cable EPS. The latter is very important for SFX power supplies, cables since they are usually shortened. Finally, the buyer will receive a self-adhesive logo Lian Li.

Lian Li PC-O10: Exterior view

Staffing at the front of the case there is not even a logo, it looks neat and strictly. As might be expected from Lian Li, PC-O10 flawless workmanship. The front segment of the motherboard closed with tinted glass, the segment power supply / drive is hidden behind the panel of brushed aluminum. We did not find uneven gaps or inaccurate transitions. All components are firmly fit together. The circular power button is made in one plane with textured aluminum. Under it is possible to notice two USB 3.0 ports and two audio jacks.

The Hardware is visible from the front and from the left side of the body. Depending on lighting and viewing angle, tinted glass reflects the surroundings. The glass panels are screwed thumbscrews. Holes in the Lian Li panels protected with rubber bushings. The shape of the manufacturer has decided not to go to experiment, PC-O10 – quite strict parallelepiped. Even the legs do not protrude from the bottom of the housing. To optional fans on the bottom of the case could get fresh air, Lian Li added ventilation holes on the side.

Lian Li PC-O10 test and review: premium case with two segments and glass panels

The front housing is completely closed, so the horizontal airflow in PC-O10 impossible. Lian Li has provided a vertical airflow. In addition to the two fan mounts on the bottom of the case there are two 120-mm mounting under a cover.

Aluminum panel attached to the body by simple latches, so it can be easily removed. Under the panel is dust filter with magnetic mount, so remove it for cleaning (or install the fan / radiator) is also very easy. Staffing chassis Lian Li PC-O10 is supplied without fans. But it’s good, because in the past the fans Lian Li often criticized and changed to other models.

At the bottom of the housing two 120-mm fans also installed. They are protected against dust filter with magnetic fasteners. Bottom visible body and legs. Lian Li simply taped four rubber mat, which just serve as pillars. The fact that the body under usual no-leg racks noticeable not only visually, but also during transport. The body can not simply pick up, put his fingers under the bottom, it will have to tilt to grasp.

Lian Li PC-O10 test and review: premium case with two segments and glass panels

Behind clearly seen how the components are arranged in the housing. The motherboard is mounted vertically, as in conventional cases Midi Tower, power supply unit SFX (-L) is also installed vertically against the right of the chassis. Air BP holes located on the right panel, they are also closed dust filter with magnetic fasteners. Like the cover, right panel mounted latches.

Above the expansion cards you can install two optional 80mm fan or 2.5 “drive. More interesting are slots for expansion cards. The whole unit slots can be removed, and then replace it with an alternative optional unit, which comprises two vertical slots. The package includes an alternate block riser-card PCIe x16, which allows the video card to set upright on the bottom of the case. As a result, the graphics card will be better visible through the side window.

Lian Li PC-O10: Interior

Segment PC-O10 motherboard relatively free. It looks neat and thanks covers nine holes for cable routing. Each hole is closed own thin metal cover.

If you want to install in the PC-O10 housing Self-assembling the cooling system, you can use not only the 240mm mount under the hood. The chassis mounted platform for mounting the pump. But the list of compatible manufacturer has not yet provided.

In the segment of the power / drive unit is not so free. Below the bridge is installed SFX power supply.

Lian Li PC-O10 test and review: premium case with two segments and glass panels

Drives in Lian Li chassis are installed in the two compartments, open top. Each compartment can hold two 3.5 “or a 2.5” drive.

3.5-inch hard drives are mounted using screws with thumbscrews and rubber rings isolated, 2,5 “SSD / HDD bolted to the bottom of the compartment. But this bays must first be removed from the housing. However, here Lian Li has found very convenient solution: the compartments are screwed one with knurled screw after loosening the screw slot moves up and can be easily removed from the case..

Test Micro-ATX system is much less than the motherboard ATX motherboard, not to mention the E-ATX, so she literally lost in Lian Li chassis. Note that between the lid and the upper end of the board is a lot of space, namely 9 cm, which allows you to install thick radiator CBO or push-pull configuration with four 120-mm fans. Since Lian Li completely abandoned housing fans, we had to add their own fans. We selected the recently tested SilentWings 3 120mm PWM with a maximum speed of 1,450 rev / min. Also I had to change the CPU cooler. Our passive Scythe Yasya height 15.9 cm PC-O10 body just does not fit, so we used the Intel boxed cooler.

Temperature measurements:

For measurement of the maximum temperature of the CPU test, we used the free tool Prime95, which loads the system for 30 minutes. We chose the Small FFT load that maximizes heat dissipation, and then fixed the maximum core temperature using the system utility Lavalys Everest. We have combined temperature for the individual nuclei, and then divided them by the number of cores. At the same time we loaded the graphics card a demanding test Furmark.

Lian Li PC-O10 test and review: premium case with two segments and glass panels

Temperature evaluation mode in idle mode (single operation of the system) is not so interesting, because processors and graphics cards manufacturers have long implemented a very good power-saving mechanisms. For example, reduce the CPU core voltage and frequency in the event of inaction. Therefore, the heat generation components is significantly reduced.

Temperature Rating:

Because we used an additional fan and boxed cooler CPU, PC-O10 results should not be directly compared with other cases. With one fan SilentWings 3 temperatures were quite high. Therefore, PC-O10 customers, we recommend the use of a few fans of the housing.

Evaluation of noise:

To measure the noise level, we used the Sound meter Voltcraft SL-400, which is located at a distance of 20 cm from the front of the housing.

At 1,450 r / min 3 SilentWings fan can not be called quiet. As a result, we received the average level of noise in our test configuration.

Lian Li PC-O10 test and review: premium case with two segments and glass panels

Other measures in the review:

We measured a maximum height of CPU cooler, and the maximum length of a video card with a tape, as well as the distance between the motherboard tray and the side panel. To measure the thickness of the walls we used a micrometer. We also take into account the data published by the manufacturer. Of course, at the same time we made a certain measurement error. For this reason, we recommend that you consider the values given below for comparison purposes only, and do not take them as the ultimate truth.

The height of the CPU cooler:

When using air-cooled CPU cooler height in PC-O10 officially limited to 13 cm, but in our tests we got 13.5 cm. Therefore, tower coolers with fans of 120 or 140 mm in the case will not fit.

Video length:

But the graphics card is enough space, the length of 34 cm is enough for even the longest high-end models.

Space for cabling:

PC-O10 housing is relatively narrow, but because of the two segments we have enough space for running cables.

The thickness of the material:

PC-O10 refers to the expensive enclosures Lian Li, a producer on the materials are not saved. The right panel has a thickness of 2 mm, so it leaves the impression of a high strength. In general, the whole aluminum case seems durable and reliable. At the same time, he remains surprisingly light.

Lian Li PC-O10 test and review: premium case with two segments and glass panels

Lian Li PC-O10: conclusion

Evaluate the body Lian Li PC-O10 easy. Thanks to the two glass panels and brushed aluminum looks like it’s great, you can enjoy the view of its components in a spacious and neat motherboard segment. The body is divided into two segments, but it is not much larger than usual Midi Tower. However, though the division into two segments and a small width led to its restriction.

For example, PC-O10 not fit the standard tower cooler. Also in the body can not be installed ATX power supply and optical drives. The cooling system is represented by four mounts for 120 mm fans and two to 80 mm. But if you pick up the appropriate accessories, they will look great in a glass Lian Li chassis. But these limitations can be circumvented. Instead of a tower cooler can be installed inside the CBO (Self-assembling or closed loop), under the cover installed 240-mm coil. And there is enough space even for the two groups of fans in push-pull configuration, there is a mount to install the pump. Lian Li left between the end of the motherboard and housing cover as much as 9 cm space. Today you can find a decent blocks SFX-L power supply with output power up to 700 W and efficiency up to 80 PLUS Platinum. Of course, good power supply SFX-L are more expensive than comparable ATX models, but the potential buyer PC-O10 is unlikely to deter.

To work with the body is very comfortable thanks to various solutions, user friendly. The cover and the right panel mounted latches, storage compartments also can be easily removed. Is that to install expansion cards would not have prevented the thumbscrews or another solution. Also, for its price class at PC-O10 could be ports USB 3.1 Type C.

As an alternative to PC-O10 can be considered premium housing PC-O8 and PC-O9, which also allow to enjoy the appearance of components. Also beautiful body with glass panels and manufactures In Win. In particular, I would like to mention we tested In Win In Win 904 and 909. The front casing closed aluminum panel, but the side of the components can be seen behind tinted tempered glass. Of course, Lian Li has more interesting design of the interior, and the system cabling is implemented better, but all-aluminum body has its limitations, which we mentioned above. It may be noted and classic premium chassis Lian Li PC-X510, which can also show their best side, especially with the air-cooled – albeit with a 120-mm fans. Finally, we can note a cheaper and simple body Jonsbo UMX4, which looks quite elegant. However, the retail price of PC-O10 is still unknown, so a comparison is difficult to make in this regard.

If you need a premium and beautiful body, the PC-O10 should pay attention (as well as a more spacious model PC-O9). The case Lian Li is great for users who would like to demonstrate the high-end components to friends and acquaintances, but who are not satisfied with the more bulky models.

Advantages Lian Li PC-O10:

  • Beautiful appearance with two glass panels that allow you to enjoy its components in the motherboard segment
  • Drives (except for one 2.5 “) and a power supply are hidden from prying eyes
  • The excellent quality of materials and workmanship
  • You can install a 240-mm thick heat exchanger under the hood, you can attach the pump
  • The cover and side panel are fastened with comfortable latches, glass panels – thumbscrews
  • Plenty of space for laying cables, unnecessary holes in the tray closed with plugs
  • Removable compartments for 3.5 “drives, 3.5-inch HDD are set by thumb screws, there is a vibration isolation
  • Dust filter with magnetic mount on the lid and bottom of the case

Disadvantages Lian Li PC-O10:

  • Due to limitations of space, you can install only low air coolers and PSU SFX
  • Mounts only for 120-mm fans, nominally chassis fan is not completed

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