LG 38UC99-W review and test: Universal widescreen monitor

LG 38UC99-W review and test: Universal widescreen monitor

Why not choose a diagonal of more? If you like big diagonal, then pay attention to the new monitor LG 38UC99-W, equipped with a large 38-inch panel. The monitor provides convincing image quality and a good set of ergonomic features. It should be noted, very easy to use software. All the details you will find out in our review.

What if the workspace 34-inch monitor was too small? It is for these users and LG offers its novelty. Of course, you can take the monitor with a higher resolution, as many 34-inch models on the market offer a resolution of 3.440 x 1.440 pixels, which is less than UHD monitors, not to mention the 5K. But in the case of 4K and 5K monitors have to put up with smaller elements, while increasing desktop space. Most people resort to the scale that the eyes do not tire too much during prolonged work at the computer.

In the case of LG 38UC99-W manufacturer has chosen a different way to increase workspace, adding another four inches in diagonal and increasing the resolution to 3.840 x 1.600 pixels. For applications and the desktop is available on more than 400 pixels by 160 height width that can provide practical benefits. Monitor LG 38UC99-W offers not only a large diagonal and curved panel. And the equipment is very decent.

In Europe in the 38-inch LG novelty will have to pay from 1,400 euros, about 400 euros more 34UC98-W, we tested last year, which may be called “junior” model.

LG 38UC99-W review and test: Universal widescreen monitor

LG 38UC99-W: Design

At first glance LG 38UC99-W visible accessory for LG products as monitor design is characteristic of the Korean manufacturer. It is very similar to the “twin” 34UC98-W, except that larger diagonal.

Side clearly visible bend installed panel IPS. As in the case 34UC98-W, the curvature radius is 1.800 mm, which can be called a new standard among a monitors curved panel. Compared with the initial radius of more than three meters, with a new curvature radius much more noticeable, which improves immersion in movies and games. On the other hand, will have to adjust to this bending.

Nothing wrong in that we do not see, to last year’s model, we are used to quite quickly. Front LG has established a frame of black glossy plastic, it looks very thin, you can easily assemble multi-monitor configuration – of course, if you do not scare the width of the two 38-inch panels format 21: 9.

LG 38UC99-W review and test: Universal widescreen monitor

There are no surprises on the counter we did not get here again LG used a proven solution. The rounded bow of stainless steel fits perfectly into the overall design, which can be called minimalist. The reception is quite securely holds the monitor.

Behind the monitor it looks very different. The back is white with a glossy surface that reminds some older models. In any case, LG 38UC99-W can not be installed close to a wall, the monitor will not appear in the middle of the room too massive.

Unfortunately, LG once again refused to back angular interfaces. Of course, in this case more convenient to connect ports. But you can not easily hide the cables behind, in contrast to the corner connectors.

The set of interfaces is quite full. Buyer HDMI receive two inputs, one DisplayPort and USB Type C, which can be used not only to transmit images from the laptop and data, but also for charging the latter. So it is theoretically possible to connect a laptop to a monitor with a single cable. It is a pity that LG has set USB Type C port without Thunderbolt support 3 as a year ago 34UC98-W supported Thunderbolt 2. At least at the monitor integrated USB-hub with two additional ports (one of which has QuickCharge function). It is a pity that the producer did not carry the USB ports to the side, which would make the same connection USB-stick more comfortable.

The quality of workmanship and materials complaints we did not have. Plastic is used high-quality, all gaps are uniform.

LG 38UC99-W review and test: Universal widescreen monitor

LG 38UC99-W: Ergonomics

Features mechanical adjustment

If you spend many hours in front of the monitor, then the possibility of ergonomic adjustment will come in handy, so you can find the most comfortable location of the panel. LG has added to LG 38UC99-W features several mechanical adjustments. Height of the panel can be changed in the range of 110 mm, which is more than enough. The slope may be adjusted from -5 ° to 15 °, to not so much, but in practice it is also quite.

rotation functions in portrait mode no. But it is doubtful whether it is necessary and because the panel width is almost 90 cm is very difficult to operate in a vertical orientation.

LG 38UC99-W review and test: Universal widescreen monitor

Management OSD and software

The control system can be called the LG monitors forte, in the case of LG 38UC99-W, we again received a familiar analog stick, located under the frame in the middle. It provides navigation in four directions, and pressed with a good tactile feedback. As a result, you can use the joystick to easily and conveniently manage the 38-inch monitor. And it does not affect the appearance. Many competitors be managed worse.

The OSD menu is divided into two levels, it is also very successful. At the first level the user gets quick access to the most important settings. The second level offers have a full menu with a wide range of settings. Users who work professionally with pictures like adjusting color on six axes. There are also features for gamers, we consider them below.

Entitled OSC LG has provided another opportunity to manage a 38-inch monitor. Namely, a software utility that allows you to squeeze out LG 38UC99-W, even more than on-screen menu. You will be able to use all OSD functions with the mouse, navigation is easy and fast. But given the very good OSD, this possibility seems excessive.

But there are other OSC function. For example, you can enable automatic downloading of specific color profiles when you run these applications. It seems to be a simple function, but in practice, it provides additional comfort. Let’s hope that LG in the future to offer more profiles.

LG 38UC99-W review and test: Universal widescreen monitor

You can also specify the breakdown of the panel on the windows, which is very convenient in practice – still display with a diagonal of this can easily replace two 24-inch monitors. Basic options breakdown specified in the OSC, then sufficient to move the application window to the desired area, it will be configured automatically.

So that the LG decision can be called one of the most advanced in this area.

Energy consumption

One thing immediately: the 38-inch display does not hit records for power saving, and panel AH-IPS does not promote it. With a brightness of 150 cd / m² we got a power consumption of 48.6 watts. In view of the diagonal can be called normal. Do not forget that LG 38UC99-W can replace two 24-inch monitors, with LG innovation not only saves space on your desktop, get rid of extra frames, but use one monitor will be less than two. Of course, if we take as a basis the old model, because the new 24 “models work quite efficiently.

LG 38UC99-W: Test results

The subjective evaluation of picture quality

At LG 38UC99-W pay attention to two aspects. The first – the size of the diagonal. With a diagonal 38-inch monitor is already close to the TV for the living room. Of course, such a diagonal noticeable in practice – to reach glance the entire panel, without turning his head, it is hardly possible. At first it seems very unusual, but you get used to over time. But you can use the extra space on the desktop – especially with the opportunities offered by the OSC. But how useful will the extra space compared to 34-inch panels, depending on the specific usage scenarios.

The second aspect – curved panel with curvature radius of 1,800 mm, in combination with the large diagonal of 38 inch Monitor LG 38UC99-W provides deep immersion in games and movies. The more that the format of 21: 9, perfect for watching movies. Since the user is sitting close to the panel, it takes all visible space.

The picture quality was completely convincing. AH-IPS panel provides sufficient brightness for well-lit rooms – 239 cd / m², contrast ratio is also quite high – 1,022: 1. The uniformity of illumination raises no objections – 94%, with the naked eye the difference in brightness is unlikely to be noticeable. As you would expect from a panel IPS, we get a fairly wide viewing angles. Therefore it is possible, for example, to watch a movie company.

However, it should be remembered that detail images larger display gives UHD models or even 5K with 27 “diagonal. But in practice LG 38UC99-W capacity is sufficient, the more so will not have to resort to the scale operating system that can also be attributed to the benefits .

In large-format displays can be observed curved backlight leakage. On the panel IPS, which was used by LG, we have no problems were found. If the display in a dark room black uniform image, the panel angle will be slightly brighter than the center, but in normal circumstances, you will hardly notice the difference.

The monitor in the games:

Of course, LG 38UC99-W monitor is well suited not only for movies but for games. 38-inch monitor is not aimed specifically at gamers, but LG did not lose sight of the gaming audience. For example, supported FreeSync technology with a maximum frequency of 75 Hz. There is also support Black Stabilizer technology that improves detail in dark areas.

LG allows you to save three custom configurations. For the purpose of the display of this amount is sufficient, but many enthusiasts would prefer a larger number of profiles.

In practice FreeSync technology avoids the unpleasant jerks and frame gap, but the feeling of responsiveness specialized fast gaming displays here. However, the 38-inch panel on the gamers still not focused. Afterglow is at a normal level. The best results are observed with an average of the Overdrive, but it all depends on personal preference, some people may like it and gain adjustment Overdrive. Input Delay is not felt.

LG 38UC99-W: conclusion

38-inch monitor, similar to LG 38UC99-W, is an exclusive model, but quickly get used to luxury. Additional screen space offers advantages in daily work, when at the same time have to open multiple windows. In addition, the resolution used by the LG, to avoid scaling – but you get a lot of screen space. The picture quality is subjectively very good, 38-inch panel was quite bright and contrasting. Staffing colors are pretty good, but there are separate settings for personalization.

Close LG display is well suited for multimedia, because the combination of a large diagonal, curved panels and format of 21: 9 provides deep immersion into the movie. The same goes for games, especially LG monitor supports FreeSync and certain game functions. The monitor is suitable for most gamers, but hardcore gamers will probably prefer more speed game models.

LG has chosen a time-tested housing and design. Despite the large bar, the monitor looks almost gracefully, on manufacturing and material quality no complaints. Is that the connection cables LG could realize better, but we are finding fault. On the interface panel has all the necessary inputs, and laptops can be connected via USB Type C – in this case, in general, you can use a single cable. It is a pity that there is no support for Thunderbolt 3.

Ergonomic no compromises. LG implemented the usual convenient control of the monitor system. The combination of joystick and excellent on-screen menu seems convincing. Power consumption, at first glance, is not as low as we would like, but it should take into account the large diagonal. And the fact that LG 38UC99-W can replace two 24-inch display.

In general, we have a very successful model, LG 38UC99-W has a large number of advantages in addition to the picture quality.

Advantages LG 38UC99-W:

  • Stylish design, good workmanship
  • Convenient control with a joystick
  • OSC utility with additional features
  • Considerable space on the desktop
  • Deep Dive through a curved panel
  • Very good image quality

Disadvantages LG 38UC99-W:

  • No support Thunderbolt 3

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