LG 29UM58 Review wide 4K monitor

LG 29UM58 Review wide 4K monitor

One of the latest interesting product in the market monitors was the model LG 29UM58. It refers to the range of an UltraWide, that is has a wide screen aspect ratio is 21:9. In addition, the manufacturer draws attention to the vibrant colors of IPS, stabilizer, black, special game features and the Dynamic Action Sync.

LG 29UM58: Appearance

In the guise of the new model is not unusual. In the end, LG 29UM58 is not flagship or fashion monitor, so the focus of the manufacturer is given to image quality rather than visual style.

LG 29UM58 dressed in a housing made of glossy black plastic. Stand allows you to tilt the screen 5 degrees forward and 20 degrees back. On the back side you can find two HDMI 1.4, and headphone Output. Front center of the lower frame provides a joystick with which you can configure key settings of the monitor.

Also, the product supports VESA mount 75 x 75.

 LG 29UM58 Review wide 4K monitor

LG 29UM58: Display

29UM58 LG received a 29-inch IPS panel with a resolution of 2560 x 1080 pixels. Frequency Is 75 Hz. The brightness is 250 CD/m2, which is typical for modern monitors.

The manufacturer claims the ability to display 16.7 million colors and 1000:1 contrast. Traditionally, matrix IPS, the view angles: 178 degrees vertically and horizontally. Response time (transition from gray to gray) is 5 MS, which is a more than acceptable result for action games.

Taking into account the aspect ratio 21:9, not every game will start to work correctly with LG 29UM58. In an extreme case, have a little “dancing with a tambourine” when working with drivers. But the monitor supports “Display menu”: it will facilitate the setting of the monitor, allowing you to use for configuration settings instead of physical buttons on a conventional mouse. Preset picture modes help you quickly switch between picture modes, and to configure a specific mode for selected software.

In addition, LG 29UM58 great for graphics and photos: the use of IPS matrix and support >99% sRGB color field allows to minimize possible color loss. In addition, the developers have provided a setting not only by the three colors RGB, but the advanced six.

 LG 29UM58 Review wide 4K monitor

LG 29UM58: Additional gaming features

To begin, we note the support for AMD FreeSync. This is an analog NVIDIA G-Sync. The essence of both technologies is to synchronize the operation of the monitor and graphics card. As you know, the graphics adapter is capable of generating frames with different speed, which depends on many parameters, including complexity of calculating the 3D scene, resolution, graphics settings, power of the graphics card and the CPU and other components. In turn, the display operates with well-specified frequency. Because of the resulting differences is not always the picture on the screen will look good. In some shots can appear a characteristic gaps, the upper part will be taken from the same scene, the bottom — from the other. This effect is particularly evident in dynamic games.

AMD FreeSync will prevent the occurrence of such distortion. This technology will be to synchronize the monitor and graphics card. As a result, the display will only display full frames, thus able to avoid unwanted gaps. With this new technology does not require a graphics card made by AMD: the organization of the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) has already included support for AMD FreeSync in DisplayPort 1.2 a. Thus, any graphics card with this interface will automatically support this feature. Compatibility is required and the monitor. Advantage of AMD FreeSync for producers and consumers is the accessibility of the technology: it can be used by any company, as AMD FreeSync is available on a free basis. That is why in future we can expect wide dissemination of new functions.

Among other gaming features LG 29UM58 note the presence of preset picture modes: Game, FPS and RTS. They help to tune the image on the screen, based on the specifics of the genre. Quickly switch between game modes available from the menu Quick Circle. And the function “Stabilizer black” will help to improve the visibility even in the dark gaming scenes. Additionally, the Dynamic Action Sync allows you to make the gameplay more dynamic and exciting, while minimizing the lag and delay of the output signal.

LG 29UM58: Conclusion

LG 29UM58 notable in that it is perfect for work and play. In both cases, useful high-quality IPS-matrix, aspect ratio 21:9, high resolution and advanced technology.

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