Lexar JumpDrive: ultra-secure USB storage

Lexar JumpDrive: ultra-secure USB storage

American manufacturer of storage devices Lexar introduced a new model of high-speed USB-drive Lexar JumpDrive, enclosed in an ultra-secure case. This flash drive can be heated (up to 30 meters), frozen (up to -1 degrees), boiled (up to +150 degrees) and “crushed” (up to 5.2 MPa) without any negative consequences.

Lexar JumpDrive: Features

JumpDrive works with the USB 3.1 interface. Here is the software EncryptStick Lite, which allows you to encrypt information using the algorithm AES with a key length of 256 bits. The read speed is 150 MB / s, and the recording is 60 MB / s. A 3 GB file can sent in less than 1 minute, whereas for a USB 2.0 device it takes 4 minutes.

The available capacities are 32, 64 and 128 GB. Lexar JumpDrive has three-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Source: lexar

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