Lenovo X3 Lite (A7010) Review smartphone: simplified version of flagship

Review smartphone Lenovo X3 Lite (A7010): simplified version of flagship

Lenovo X3 Lite (A7010) is positioned as a multimedia smartphone. In addition, the device is simplified, cheaper option flagship Lenovo X3. The model was released in 2015. On average, the smartphone is on sale for $ 240. Information on the cost of the current at the time this review was created.

From the flagship Lite version has less RAM, the lack of a separate audio chip, more modest camera and the battery of smaller capacity. Of the total remains unless the design. Also, the model is found, called K4 Note. Designed for the Indian market, and is characterized by an increased amount of RAM up to 3 GB, as well as the presence of an audio codec Wolfson WM8281.

The technical part is more consistent with the average person 2016 release devices.

Lenovo X3 Lite: Design

The main body material – plastic. The back cover has a matte finish: pleasant to the touch, and the smartphone will not slip out of hands.

Of the minuses – gather fingerprints (can be seen in the black panel). Case in white does not collect fingerprints and scratches.

On the back part there is a slot in which to place the camera module and fingerprint sensor. This compartment is made of metal. Important Note: The touch buttons below the screen does not have a backlight. Housing dimensions: 76.5 x 154 x 9.3 mm. Weight: 160 g

Lenovo X3 Lite: CPU

Lenovo X3 Lite has a filling that can match the performance to budget decisions of other Chinese manufacturers. At the head is the 8-core processor MediaTek MT6753, which has 8 cores Cortex-A53. The maximum frequency reaches 1.3 GHz, although officially this model of the chip is designed to operate at up to 1.5 GHz. Built-in video chip – Mali-T720.

Review smartphone Lenovo X3 Lite (A7010): simplified version of flagship

If you test the performance of the iron through Antutu application, we obtain about 37 thousand. Points. Smartphone performance corresponds to its price category (among the devices in our market). However, when solving trivial tasks smartphone behaves adequately. iron capacity enough for gaming. It’s worth noting that for the normal operation of the “heavy” games need to reduce the graphics settings. Due to poor optimization podlagivaniya observed in a game like World of tanks – would have to reduce the quality of the graphics.

Lenovo X3 Lite: Memory

RAM is 2 GB. Enough to in the cache without a few sorties kept running applications. That is, turning the game and open the messenger can be back to expand the game and it starts from the moment at which the user stopped.

Memory for data storage, and other applications is 32 GB, can be expanded with a memory card with capacity up to 128 GB, thus greatly expanding the space. But, even the built-in volume is sufficient not only for applications but also for games. The user will be available approximately 28 GB, the rest goes under the system needs.

Lenovo X3 Lite: Battery

The battery capacity is 3300 mAh, which is pretty good. Given that the smartphone FullHD display, but economical processor, the battery lasts for one and a half, and perhaps two days operation of the device in the normal rate of use. If you frequently use, you can expect to work on a single charge during full daylight. Talk-time battery holds a charge for 22 hours.

For the budget conscious user provided power save mode (in addition to the standard settings from Anroid developers). When the mode is limited to the intensity of the backlight reduces the overall performance, the cache is cleared. At this rate, you can achieve longer battery life.

Review smartphone Lenovo X3 Lite (A7010): simplified version of flagship

Lenovo X3 Lite: Camera

The main camera is represented by 13-megapixel module, equipped with a two-tone, powerful flash, and autofocus. The intensity of the sensor does not reach the average level in the smartphone market, and is F / 2.2. For those who want to make a quick snapshot, it has a neat feature: the camera application is started when you double-click on the physical volume key. In this case, the camera instantly takes a picture. The application interface is non-standard, but intuitive, it contains a lot of filters, future results can be viewed in “real time.”

The quality of the pictures. Relatively good, but for the money you expect something more. Yes, the day of the normal pictures, details at an acceptable level. With a lack of lighting is difficult to make a normal frame: white balance begins to not work, auto focus too often misses. In addition, noise and considerable loss of detail can not be avoided. But with the kind of situation a little better. The rollers can be removed with a FullHD resolution with 30 frames per second. The image is sharp, rich enough – it seems that the video gives the smartphone easier than photographing.

The front camera can shoot at a resolution of 5 MP. A special quality of the resulting photo does not shine, the level of detail and presence zamylenny not say that there 5MP. But to do all of it was bad, too, can not be argued. But for video calling will suit perfectly.

Lenovo X3 Lite: Display

The device is equipped with a 5.5-inch display with FullHD resolution (1920 x 1080). The number of dots per inch is 401 PPI (pixels have to look at under a magnifying glass). Use the matrix IPS, with a very good viewing angles. Color reproduction pleases the eye, the maximum brightness level high enough to ensure that the image remains readable even in sunny weather outdoors. I want to note. that the good display resolution, pixel density at altitude. The screen Lenovo X3 Lite pleases.

The minimum brightness is high enough, so in the dark when reading lights can “push” on the eye. To avoid this, you can go to the display settings, and set the “Night mode”. There you can adjust the color temperature of the screen, according to the taste and preferences. The glass covering the display has a high wear resistance. Use Gorilla Glass 3 Glass.

Review smartphone Lenovo X3 Lite (A7010): simplified version of flagship

Lenovo X3 Lite: Networking opportunities

The Lenovo A7010 can install two SIM card microSIM format. It works on 2G, 3G, and 4G. Navigation possibilities presented by the presence of GPS (with A-GPS technology), and GLONASS. Also in the arsenal of available network communication module NFC, Bluetooth v4.0, and WiFi, which can operate in two ranges: 2.4 and 5 GHz. You can acknowledge the support OTG function, which allows you to connect external USB devices to the MicroUSB connector.

Lenovo X3 Lite: Sound

Lenovo X3 Lite sound plan for the height. Firstly, it is equipped with two stereo speakers, which have a capacity of 1.5 watts. Secondly, both speakers are located on the front side (top and bottom). That is, the sound is always sent directly to the user, and when the device is on the table display up, the sound is not blocked. Third, the sound quality is excellent. For this is to thank the Dolby Atmos technology.

We can not say that the sound from the main speakers stunning: it just loud without wheezing. Not enough bass, but it’s a whim. But the headphones sound really excellent. With regard to the volume – the owner of the device is unlikely to miss an important call or notice, because the volume of the main speakers is really high.

Lenovo X3 Lite: software part

Used operating system – Android 5.1. From the manufacturer installed a proprietary shell VIBE UI: it partly changes the interface, but also includes some pre-installed games and applications. It looks good shell, and to the speed of its operation there is no claim.

Lenovo X3 Lite: Features

Of the features include the presence of two high-profile speaker with stereo sound, directed towards the user, not from him. We can also add support for Dolby Atmos technology, positively affecting the sound quality.

Also in the smartphone installed a fingerprint reader that can be praised for a sufficiently high response speed, and a very precise definition of the prints. High detection rate observed even if a finger, for example, sweat.

And you want to features include Full HD resolution reproach Samsung smartphones.

Pros and cons Lenovo X3 Lite


  • 2 stereo speakers, good sound;
  • good display;
  • capacious battery, good autonomy;
  • nice design, cover with matte soft-touch coating.


  • as a multimedia smartphone, rather weak processor;
  • no backlight touch buttons.

To fit the smartphone

Lenovo X3 Lite can be considered the best option for those who like to watch movies, videos, and listen to music on your phone. The large 5.5 “display is convenient to view multimedia content while on the road, and two stereo speakers and support for Dolby Atmos will allow enjoy a loud and high quality sound.

Our review of smartphone Lenovo X3 Lite

Based on the review, it begs the question: what the user still pays 240 dollars? The device has a lot of competitors in this price range among the Chinese, there is even a better option (but not the fact that they are just going to buy). And if we consider the Lenovo X3 Lite (A7010) as a standalone device – yes, it deserves attention. The battery is decent, the sound is wonderful, with the order screen, the camera is quite bearable for the undemanding user. More or less adequate, and other characteristics, but they could no longer save on the lighting of the front touch buttons, and the processor could deliver more powerful.

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