Lenovo Vibe P2 Review metal smartphone with a big battery

Lenovo Vibe P2 Review metal smartphone with a big battery

In 2015, Lenovo introduced the long-running phablet P1, which is then received several new modifications. Continuing the tradition, the company decided to create another such device, more modern and optimized. It became Lenovo Vibe P2, presented in the summer and went on sale in October 2016. The official cost of the device is $ 390.

The 2016 model year received a number of innovations and improvements compared to the predecessor. She became more balanced and attractive, while maintaining all (almost) the merits of P1. What has changed in the smartphone – will try to find out in the review.

Specifications Lenovo Vibe P2

For the price the specs look great, like the camera brand, officially sold in post-Soviet countries. This is not Redmi Note Pro 3 or 4 for $ 200, but not Samsung C7 for $500.

Lenovo Vibe P2 Review metal smartphone with a big battery

Lenovo Vibe P2: Design, materials, size and weight

The material for the housing unit, as before, was aluminum. It is made almost the entire back panel. Assembled apparatus with dignity, to hear a crunching sound only if you purposely try to twist the smartphone. In comparison with the predecessor, the Lenovo Vibe P2 “lost”: his weight dropped from 189 to 177 grams and a thickness of from 9.9 to 8.5 mm. the Other dimensions remain the same: 15,3×7,6 see

The front panel of the smartphone is covered with glass with polished edges, blending smoothly into the chamfer on side frame.Above the display are the standard set from the speaker, cameras and window sensors, with the fingerprint scanner built into almost rectangular button.

The back of the smartphone is aluminium, only the bottom and at the top there are two plastic covers for antennas. On the cover is a camera and flash, other elements (not counting the small logo) no.

Lenovo Vibe P2 Review metal smartphone with a big battery

The side frame is expressed, with shiny chamfers. On the right side are buttons to control the sound and power/lock.The left side has card slot and a slider switch the power saving mode (like the mute switch on the iPhone). Here lies one of the downsides of the new model: P1 previous card was located under a removable panel at the top, and all the slots were separate, unlike P2.

The bottom features the MicroUSB port, both sides of it – the grille and plastic inserts.The same insert at the top, symmetrically located between the headphone Jack and the microphone hole for noise cancellation/stereo recording.

Lenovo Vibe P2: Processor

The smartphone is equipped with Snapdragon SoC 625 – perhaps the best decision in the middle class from Qualcomm. Of course, there are even more powerful 650/652, but they are built on process technology 28 nm (625 – 14 nm). Due to the new SoC, the device shows reduced power consumption.

Lenovo Vibe P2 Review metal smartphone with a big battery

8 cores Cortex A53 – minimum set for a decent CPU in Lenovo Vibe P2 they are working on 2 GHz. Graphics processing deals with Adreno GP 506. This bundle provides about 65 thousand points in AnTuTu, gentle, loads the battery and, in General, perfect for a smartphone of this category.

Lenovo Vibe P2: Memory

The amount of RAM in the international version P2a42 is 3 GB for China (where the company is rapidly losing share to the onslaught of Oppo, Vivo, Huawei and Xiaomi) made more delicious version P2c72 with 4GB. The system occupies just over 1 GB. Built-in memory in the apparatus 32 or 64 GB, respectively, 25 or 56 free. There is also a model 4/32 GB for the international market. Slot for memory card is combined with the second SIM card socket (P1 he was separate). OTG pendrive supported.

Lenovo Vibe P2 Review metal smartphone with a big battery

Lenovo Vibe P2: Battery

Battery – bright dignity of the apparatus, its capacity reaches 5100 mAh. That is a lot, if we take into account that the thickness of the smartphone is 8.5 mm (0.15 mm less than the Redmi 3 Pro with 4050 mAh). The combination of large battery, energy efficient processor, same display and brand violation mode allows you to achieve excellent indicators of autonomy.

From your smartphone you can squeeze up to 15 hours of active screen, if not put it down all day. And not the fact that the smartphone will signal about discharge before you want to sleep. With moderate usage (2 hours screen in a day) you can expect up to 5 days without recharging, but if you put the device and not to touch it – and a week in standby mode and looks fantastic. Adapter function TurboPower adds charge to 100% just over 2 hours.

Lenovo Vibe P2 Review metal smartphone with a big battery

Lenovo Vibe P2: Camera

The smartphone has a camera of 13 MP, based on the matrix Sony IMX258. This is a decent, but not perfect, the matrix previously used in the Xiaomi Redmi Pro Mi4C, Meizu M3E, Sony Xperia XA (front). During the day she is able to take good pictures with decent detail and the normal dynamic range. In the evening the result is modest, the noises and the soap felt. In General, not a fad Lenovo Vibe P2, although very sad it will not be called.

Front end features a matrix of 5 MP OmniVision, it copes with video calls and taking selfies, but on special epithets does not deserve.Frontalka as frontalka. Video unit writes in FullHD, with a frequency of 30 FPS.

Photo on Lenovo Vibe P2

Photo on Lenovo Vibe P2

Photo on Lenovo Vibe P2

Photo on Lenovo Vibe P2

Lenovo Vibe P2: Screen

Lenovo Vibe P2, in contrast to the predecessor, received the display based on the matrix AMOLED (P1 was a traditional IPS). The resolution remains the same, 1920×1080 pixels, 401 PPI. Viewing angles are good, brightness though average (around 350 nits), but because of the peculiarities of technology (lit themselves pixels) the picture looks bright and juicy. Excessive acidity of shades almost no, color does not look quite natural, as the early generations of OLED.

Sensor covered with tempered glass, it has an oleophobic coating kachestvom slightly above average. Supports up to 10 simultaneous touches.


Lenovo Vibe P2: Communication

Both slots for SIM-cards format Nano, the second combined with a second SIM slot. International version works in networks GSM, 3G and LTE all the European operators, but does not support CDMA. The Chinese modification of the Lenovo Vibe P2 works with CDMA, but can make friends with all LTE networks.

The wireless module Wi-Fi works with both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, supporting all relevant standards. Navigator also GPS/GLONASS/BeiDou. Satellites are as fast as on a cold or hot start. Pleased with the presence of NFC on Board for contactless purchases.

Lenovo Vibe P2: Sound

Despite the two lattices at the bottom, a speaker at the Lenovo Vibe P2 only one. It is loud and sounds clean, to stifle it by accident is very difficult because of the strategic location. The headphones sound is also good, but the Hi-Fi, but the upside MP3 320 kbps disclose. The radio in the smartphone is also available.

Lenovo Vibe P2: Operating system

The international version of Lenovo Vibe P2 is equipped with firmware VibeUI Android-based 6. Differences from stock Android can not be called significant, for example, and the cover assemblies identical to pure AOSP. The Chinese version differences more. The OS runs smoothly, is stable, has power saving features. The greatest disadvantage is the theme color of the interface: it’s not very optimized for OLED. In standard apps (contacts, dialer, settings) – a lot of white and this color eliminates the advantage of AMOLED in the economy.

Lenovo Vibe P2: Features

Lenovo Vibe P2 is equipped with a special button that combines features of the fingerprint scanner and keys under the screen.Depending on the nature and conditions of depression, it is possible to unlock the phone, go back or go to home screen, etc. thus, on the smartphone you can enable on-screen buttons, if one button does not fit.

The pros and cons of Lenovo Vibe P2


  • screen;
  • autonomy;
  • perfectly balanced iron;
  • small (for a battery) the thickness of the body;


  • hybrid slot SIM/MicroSD;
  • camera you could put a little better;
  • the interface is not up to the end optimized for AMOLED.

To fit smartphone

Lenovo Vibe P2 will fit almost anyone who doesn’t think phablets 5.5″ huge shovels. It has a great battery, but the smartphone is not a brick. CPU performance is enough for any task, besides, it is energy efficient. The AMOLED screen is bright enough and not hurt the eyes in acid shades. Is that the camera can be a little disappointing, but it’s not that bad. In General, this is a very well-balanced workhorse for everything.

Review Lenovo Vibe P2

Review Lenovo Vibe P2 showed that the smartphone, if not perfect, it is very good. It is a kind of Golden mean for those who do not want to pay more for the flagship, but wants to get a decent implementation of all functionality. Even those disadvantages that he identified is not critical.

Of the competitors of 2016 year to find an analogue is not very easy. Xiaomi Redmi Note Pro 3 is cheaper but it has a slightly worse battery (for the same thickness), no NFC, the camera is weaker, and cheaper appearance. Samsung A7 in 2016 offers a better camera and a slim body, but his chipset is weaker and the process technology 28 nm, and the battery is much smaller. Asus ZenFone ZC551KL 3 has a slightly better camera, but he is weaker chipset and long lasting solution to the smartphone with a 3000 mAh battery pulls. Thus, the truly tenacious competitors Vibe P2 no.

Source: gsmarena

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