Lenovo K6 and Lenovo K6 Power Review metal smartphone with stereo sound

Lenovo K6 and Lenovo K6 Power Review metal smartphone with stereo sound

In September 2016 the Chinese company Lenovo has presented its new series of smartphones K6, which was shown three devices: Lenovo K6, Lenovo K6 Note and Lenovo K6 Power. If the latter is a 5.5-inch tabletop, 2 other devices more compact, with screens of 5″ and differ slightly. Prices on model K6 range from $ 215, and for the “enhanced” version should be given from 235 USD.

The difference between smartphones is pretty small, so you can combine the review of the Lenovo K6 and K6 Power in a single material. Try to find out what Lenovo K6 and Lenovo K6 Power is different, what model is better and what is special will delight us with the Chinese this time.

The specifications of Lenovo K6 and Lenovo K6 Power

In terms of iron differences between smartphones a bit. And Lenovo K6 and Lenovo K6 Power correspond to the lower limit of an average price category for 2016.

Lenovo K6 and Lenovo K6 Power Review metal smartphone with stereo sound

Design, materials, size and weight

The smartphone is made in almost identical metal housings. Design – a classic for this year: bath of aluminum, plus plastic insert. Same design have different devices from the Chinese – a few Meizu, Xiaomi, Huawei, and found similar in C-series Samsung. The build is good and the contrast between the metal and no plastic, inserts sit tightly. The dimensions of the Lenovo K6 and Lenovo K6 Power idenity, with the exception of the thickness: Lenovo K6 70х141 mm. Thickness – 8.2 mm, weight – 140 grams, and Lenovo K6 Power – 9.3 mm, 145 grams.

The front of the smartphone does not stand out. Glass panel with lightly sanded edges covers the entire front surface, below the screen are three touch-sensitive buttons. Above the display a speaker is placed, and two Windows – the camera and the eye sensors.

Lenovo K6 and Lenovo K6 Power Review metal smartphone with stereo sound

The rear panel is also almost nothing stands out. The top and bottom plastic covers for the antennas in the middle is aluminum. The boundary between the metal and the plastic is highlighted with silver stripes.The top panel of the camera, it’s dual flash, a fingerprint scanner. In the lower part of the mesh of the stereo speakers, now so rare for budget smartphones.

Severe side frames from devices (in contrast to the same Vibe P2) no cover smoothly into the sidewall.On the left is a tray for cards made by the pin on the right – three buttons (volume and power).Center the bottom end alone is the microphone hole.

On the upper side is the MicroUSB port and a Jack for a headset. The solution is not the most popular, but author A. Navagio like it: if you use the phone on charging, the wire does not interfere with the palm not bent.

Lenovo K6 and Lenovo K6 Power Review metal smartphone with stereo sound


Lenovo K6 and Lenovo K6 Power are equipped with chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 430. It consists of OCTA-core Central processor microarchitecture Cortex A53 (1.4 GHz) and GPU Adreno 505. Despite the fact that SoC is made for obsolete norms of 28 nm process technology, the application of GP to a new generation allows sparing to run out of battery when playing games or watching high resolution videos.

AnTuTu test Lenovo K6 and Lenovo K6 Power up to 45 thousand points. Graphics shows about 8 thousand and this means that the Adreno 505 – “half” from Adreno 510 (in turn, the “halves” from Adreno 530). This is enough to at minimum settings all games were flying, and some were given consistently high FPS on medium to high. The processor is able to handle all daily tasks, no brakes.

Lenovo K6 and Lenovo K6 Power Review metal smartphone with stereo sound


RAM LPDDR3 2GB for both the smartphones in the European version. There are also some modifications Lenovo K6 Power with 3 GB, but in our market it will not (launch of smartphones took place only in November). The system consumes about 1 GB of RAM space is enough for any task and multitasking.

The internal storage of smartphones, flash memory EMMC 5 has a 16GB capacity, there are models with 32 GB (but not in our market). Freely, respectively, 9 or 25 GB. To expand the space of possible card up to 256 GB, it also supports OTG drives.

Lenovo K6 and Lenovo K6 Power Review metal smartphone with stereo sound


Battery – one of the differences of the smartphones. The Junior model is equipped with a battery of 3000 mAh, but the Lenovo K6 Power got 4000 mAh (hence the prefix, hinting at the power in the title). Both devices exhibit decent indicators of autonomy, thanks to a new processor and capacious battery.

With Lenovo K6 you can count on 2-3 days of battery life when sparing use Power will last 3-4 days. To play on the Junior model up to 6 hours, elder – 7-8. To moderate exertion (watching a movie from memory, surfing the web) Lenovo K6 will last about 8-9 hours, and the older model 10-11.


The device is equipped with a rear camera of 13 MP with dual flash. According to reports, Sony’s IMX135, quite an old matrix that was used in Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and A5-2015, Xiaomi Mi3, LG G2 and Lenovo P70.

Count on outstanding shots not necessary, as this is not the segment, but of acceptable quality? the camera is quite capable of delivering. Noise and artifacts in low light is something that can not be avoided, but a day worthy of the reality and not dreams. Videos are recorded at 1080p at 30 frames per second.

Examples of photos:

Lenovo K6 and Lenovo K6 Power Review metal smartphone with stereo sound

Lenovo K6 and Lenovo K6 Power Review metal smartphone with stereo sound

The front camera of the devices is of 8 MP, the model sensor not specified, but according to leaks from India, uses a matrix of size 1/3,2″, 1.4 µm pixels and optics f/2,4. Such a matrix Sony once offered for the flagships (Galaxy S3, iPhone 5, Xiaomi Mi 2), and now it is (in a simplified module) is set as frontally. So you can count on acceptable quality selfies even in the room.


Both smartphones are equipped with display 5″, with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels (441 PPI), on the basis of the matrix IPS. Due to this, the screens differ a normal range of brightness, good viewing angles and natural color reproduction. In class, the displays look OK, but nothing extraordinary or too good for a cheap device (like a large supply of brightness, or maximum color gamut) they have.


Lenovo K6 and Lenovo K6 Power have 2 slots for SIM-card format Nano, the slot for the second SIM card combined with the memory card slot. Supported networks GSM, 3G and LTE, max transfer rate – 150 Mbps (LTE Cat. 4). Problems with network compatible devices have no the official adaptation for the European market.

Other communication standard: Wi-Fi b/g/n (2.4 GHz, 5 GHz not stated), Bluetooth 4.1, GPS/GLONASS navigation. Smartphones are not equipped with NFC and infrared port.


Feature of smartphones is the presence of stereo speakers on the rear panel. The manufacturer has declared support technology stereo sound Dolby Atmos. However, given that a dedicated DAC devices have no, one can hardly expect very high quality sound.Slightly better competitors, but no more.

Operating system

On Board devices installed Adroid OS 6.0.1 with a slightly modified interface. In General, it is not much different from the clean version, most of the standard programs are the same. The main difference is the icons are re-clearance, but otherwise nothing unusual.


Stereo speakers – the main feature of the smartphone that is rarely found in this price range. But the fingerprint scanner is becoming a pattern, in 2016, a special chip already can not be attributed.

Differences between Lenovo K6 and Lenovo K6 Power

  • Battery: 3000 mAh at K6, against 4000 mAh from K6 Power
  • Thickness: 8.2 mm for the younger model, versus 9.3 mm for the older

The pros and cons of the Lenovo K6 and K6 Power


  • good batteries;
  • balanced iron;
  • stereo speakers;
  • a good front camera;
  • clear the screen.


  • budget dial communications (no 5 GHz Wi-Fi, NFC);
  • panicly design.

Whom to suit smartphones

Smartphones suitable for people who are looking for inexpensive and small device in a metal housing with modern and balanced with iron. All functions like this are implemented at an acceptable level, for everyday tasks it is enough. For fans to listen to music with dynamics that do not require crystal clarity and saturation frequencies, includes stereo speakers. Connoisseurs of autonomy can choose a model with a beefed-up battery, while opponents of thick shells will be quite simple Lenovo K6.

Our review Lenovo K6 and Lenovo K6 Power

Lenovo K6 and Lenovo K6 Power smartphones, it is appropriate to your price range. The review did not reveal their critical flaws that make the purchase undesirable, with the balance of price, features and price tag they have everything in order. The popular Xiaomi Redmi 3S they win due to full HD screen, stereo speakers and official manufacturer’s warranty in Russia/Ukraine/Belarus, and other former Soviet countries, so worth the money.

Of the downsides of the smartphone can be noted except that the imperceptible form: if put next mentioned Redmi 3S and the Lenovo K6 – untrained user is waiting for the quest “guess who”. Not everyone will like the lack of Wi-Fi 5 GHz, but the competitor from Xiaomi it either.

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