Lenovo K5 Note Review metal smartphone with good sound

Lenovo K5 Note Review metal smartphone with good sound

The company Lenovo could not stay away from PHABLET race for the second year continued in China. In 2016 she released a few smartphones with a diagonal of 5.5 “, and one of them became Lenovo K5 Note. Now you can buy a smartphone from the $ 200 version with 3/16 GB. Version with 3/32 GB will cost around $ 250. There are models with 2 GB of RAM (for China), and 4 GB (K5 Note Pro).

The characteristics of the machine belongs to the middle class and is designed to compete with the other Chinese PHABLET. And externally and internally, the smartphone is very similar to the brainchild of Meizu and Xiaomi. But that’s the price of these “Chinese” sometimes markedly lower than in the review of the hero. The same device better than the competition, it is worth buying Lenovo K5 Note, try to understand.

Features Lenovo K5 Note

Nothing special at Lenovo K5 Note there is a typical smartphone in 2016. With these or similar parameters on sale you can find a lot of models.

Lenovo K5 Note Review metal smartphone with good sound

Lenovo K5 Note: Design, body materials, dimensions and weight

Any self-respecting Chinese manufacturer can not do without the use of metal in the middle-class smartphones. I was no exception and Lenovo K5 Note, which was the rear panel of aluminum. Dimensions of the device constituted 15.2 x 7.57 cm, thickness – 8.5 mm, and it weighs 165 grams.

Rear panel for the most part consists of an aluminum alloy, but the top and bottom strip made of plastic. They are painted in metallic color, so do not particularly stand out. At the boundary of the metal and plastic areas placed the camera lens. Below that is a ring flash and a fingerprint scanner. At the bottom of the plastic insert made holes for the speaker.

The front panel is made of glass, on it – three touch-sensitive buttons, speaker, camera lens-selfie and window sensors. At the bottom are placed in microphone jack and MicroUSB, on the top – jack for the headset. The left side is occupied slot for cards right – the volume buttons and power key.

In general, the design and dimensions of the smartphone is very similar Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, the difference is only in the side frame. Here, it stands out clearly, while in Xiaomei flows smoothly into the cover end portion. Due to this design decision Lenovo K5 Note looks a bit “brutal.”

Lenovo K5 Note Review metal smartphone with good sound

Lenovo K5 Note: CPU

Smartphone Processor – has long been familiar to all vosmiyadernik MTK Helio P10. It operates at a frequency of 1.8 GHz, providing a good level of performance. Graphics Mali T860 MP2 does not claim to gamer solutions. But the ability to provide acceptable FPS games (at medium or low settings). The “synthetic» AnTuTu device shows the result of about 45 thousand points. Vulnerabilities remain exactly the performance of the graphics accelerator: Antutu estimates it at 6,000 points. This is 3 times less than the outstanding graphics processor Snapdragon 650, which belongs to the same class.

Lenovo K5 Note: Memory

The amount of RAM – that’s what sets it apart Lenovo K5 Note from the competition. Smartphone presented in versions with 3 and 4 GB of RAM, scored LPDDR3 chips. At the start of the system freely around 1,800 and 2,700 MB, respectively. No problems with RAM shortage does not occur, we can minimize the application bundles, and they do not fly.

Lenovo K5 Note Review metal smartphone with good sound

Embedded memory for your smartphone, depending on the version, 16 or 32 gigabytes. Of these available to the user, respectively, 10, or 25 GB. The memory card slot is available, it is combined with a second jack Sims. So it is necessary or to abandon the second number, or make a “sandwich.”

Lenovo K5 Note: Battery

The capacity of the built-in battery Lenovo K5 Note is 3500 mAh: 500 mAh less than the competition and Maisie Xiaomei. In terms of the autonomy of the unit is not far behind them, showing about 6-7 hours of gaming or 8:00 surf the web or watching YouTube. When viewing video from the memory battery sit for about 9 hours. When loading a smartphone for 3-4 hours a day – it will be enough for the full 2 days. Complete with supplied battery charger takes about 3 hours.

Lenovo K5 Note: Cameras

The main photo-camera Lenovo K5 Note has a resolution of 13 MP. Manufacturer matrix could not be clarified, but also on the characteristics and the photo quality, it is very similar to that of the Meizu M2 Note. F / 2,2 Aperture is one of the downsides of the matrix, as it does not allow to get high quality detail even in the daytime. Focus works correctly, you can even get the bokeh effect, but the room is getting a lot of noise.

Photo example Lenovo K5 Note

Photo example Lenovo K5 Note

The front camera of the smartphone has a resolution of 8 MP. A special feature is the gentle images work the system noise reduction. As a result, selfie when we look good so noisy, but the texture of the skin is preserved, the face does not look waxy. Video smartphone wrote in FullHD resolution, at 30 frames per second.

Photo example Lenovo K5 Note

Photo example Lenovo K5 Note

Lenovo K5 Note: Screen

Display Lenovo K5 Note has a diagonal of 5.5 “and a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. It’s designed for IPS technology, and between the sensor array and no air gap. The smartphone uses a typical Chinese 10-dollar matrix, with the brightness of the backlight of 380 cd / m2 (enough for readability in the sun) and a contrast ratio of 1000:. 1 The viewing angles are good, colors are close to natural screen supports manual configuration, and overall not good iPhone 6S Plus, but from the competition is not far behind…

Night photo Lenovo K5 Note

Night photo Lenovo K5 Note

The sensor has an oleophobic coating of average quality. It collects fingerprints, but get rid of them, you can swipe a pair movements. Multi-touch support up to 10 simultaneous touches.

Lenovo K5 Note: Communications

The smartphone has two slots for SIM cards NanoSIM. The radio module supports the work in networks GSM, HSPA and LTE. When you purchase the official smartphone of problems with 3G and 4G compatibility is not, but the “gray” model (with the same version of 2/16 GB, not designed for the European market) can not earn with the Russian LTE networks.

Wi-Fi module can operate in 2.4 GHz frequency range, and the new 802.11ac standard (5 GHz). Bluetooth 4.1 supports the broadcasting of stereo and power-saving mode. The navigation system works with the GPS satellites, BeiDou and GLONASS. Signal Reception confident in open terrain is 15-20 satellites.

Lenovo K5 Note: Sound

The sound quality from Lenovo K5 Note is at a decent level. The smartphone is equipped with a DAC Wolfson WM8281, supports audio decoding 24-bit, 192 kHz. Declared support for standard stereo Dolby Atmos. Built-in speaker is not able to reveal the full potential of the hardware, but the headphones sound very decent. There is a smartphone FM-radio, which is now put not all manufacturers.

Lenovo K5 Note: Operating system

Lenovo K5 Note runs on Android 5.1 or 6 (depending on version and release time), which is installed on top of the shell VibeUI. Update OS 6 version can be on any machine, but if you do it manually – you need to choose a compatible firmware. The fact that the global version (internal model number – A7020) equipped with GSM / HSPA / LTE modem. A Chinese (K52 index) – and still work on CDMA networks.

Operating smartphone system works tolerably well, obvious bugs in it is not observed. Interface shell different from stock Android, but get used to it easily.

Features Lenovo K5 Note

On sale are a few variations of Lenovo K5 Note, different amounts of memory and supports networks. Modification A7020a40 has 3GB of RAM and 16GB of ROM, but lacks a fingerprint scanner. A7020a48 differs from it in that the internal memory of 32 GB is available, as the scanner is present. K52t38 – a model with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of ROM, intended for China. The latter does not work with 3G and 4G in Russia and Ukraine.

K52t58 – is the same as t38, but with an expanded frequency range. It is partly consistent with European networks. K52e78 has 3/32 GB memory and supports CDMA network, but the same LTE Band 20 had not. All Chinese modifications have fingerprint scanner.

Pros and cons Lenovo K5 Note


  • metal body;
  • good screen;
  • high-quality sound;
  • good autonomy.


  • confusion with the versions that are very different;
  • rather weak schedule;
  • not the best camera.

To fit the smartphone

Lenovo K5 Note focused on PHABLET fans who want high-quality sound. From many Chinese competitors it is different in that is represented in the sale of the former Soviet Union formally. However, this apparent advantage the device end, since, except for the sound, the smartphone no trump cards, which give it a distinct advantage in the background Meizu M3 Note, or Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 (which cost less than $ 200).

Our review Lenovo K5 Note

The survey revealed that Lenovo K5 Note – Smartphone typical for its class. Nothing outstanding in it, so definitely recommend it to buy can not. If the improved sound is not an important criterion – even in the model number have Lenovo smartphones that create internal competition. These include Vibe P1 (Qualcomm chip, better battery, a separate slot for a MicroSD) and Moto G4 Plus (Qualcomm chip, the camera is much better, a separate slot for flash cards, design a more unique). And other “Chinese” – and even more ready to give almost the same, but much cheaper.

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