Lenovo IdeaPad Y900-17ISK Review and Test Gaming Laptop

Lenovo IdeaPad Y900-17ISK Review and Test Gaming Laptop

In the summer of this year, retail sales entered the game 17-inch notebook Lenovo IdeaPad Y900-17ISK. Now we have an opportunity to get acquainted with this new product.

Lenovo IdeaPad Y900-17ISK: Packaging

We tested a sample was a laptop Lenovo IdeaPad Y900-17ISK, provided by the company representative. Unfortunately, he was without a box. So what about the packaging of the laptop, we can not say. We had only the laptop itself and the power adapter.

The power adapter has a power of 230 W and a non-standard, but typical for Lenovo notebooks, the output voltage is 20 V plug power supply and brand. It has a rectangular shape (again, this is typical for Lenovo laptops, but is not found in laptops from other manufacturers).

Lenovo IdeaPad Y900-17ISK Review and Test Gaming Laptop

Lenovo IdeaPad Y900-17ISK: Configuration

As the information on the manufacturer’s website, there are several different models of laptop Lenovo IdeaPad Y900-17ISK, which differ and the processor type and the amount of installed RAM, and the configuration of the storage subsystem.

On our test model was a laptop Lenovo IdeaPad Y900-17ISK (80Q1) with the following configuration:

So, the foundation of laptop Lenovo IdeaPad Y900-17ISK is a quad-core processor the Intel the Core i7-6820HK . It has a nominal clock frequency of 2.7 GHz, which is in Turbo Boost mode can be increased up to 3.6 GHz. The processor supports Hyper-Threading Technology. The size of its L3 cache is 8 MB, and the estimated maximum power – 45 watts (can be configured and 35W). This integrated graphics processor Intel HD Graphics core 530, but the laptop is not being used.

Lenovo IdeaPad Y900-17ISK Review and Test Gaming Laptop

Note that the Lenovo IdeaPad Y900-17ISK notebook can also be equipped with Intel Core i7-6700HQ and processor. In principle, performance processors and Core i7-6820HK Core i7-6700HQ are very similar, however, Core i7-6820HK processor can accelerate and this feature is implemented in the laptop Lenovo IdeaPad Y900-17ISK.

The Lenovo IdeaPad Y900-17ISK laptop installed a discrete graphics card Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M with 8 GB of GDDR5 VRAM.

As it turned out during the test, in the laptop Lenovo IdeaPad Y900-17ISK in stressful download video mode (FurMark in a steady mode, the GPU frequency is 680-720 MHz. GDDR5 memory frequency of 1252.8 MHz.

In the acceleration mode, which we describe in more detail later, the frequency of the GPU increases up to 949 MHz.

To install the memory SO-DIMM-modules in a laptop designed four slots. Wherein two slots are arranged on one side of the board, and another two – on the other hand. In this case, the laptop was equipped with two DDR4-2133 memory module with a capacity of 8 GB each (SK Hynix HMA41GS6AFR8N-TF).But these modules are not available to the user with the partial dismantling of the laptop (removing the bottom panel).

Lenovo IdeaPad Y900-17ISK Review and Test Gaming Laptop

Note that the more memory (up to 64GB) can be installed in the laptop.

Laptop Data Storage Subsystem Lenovo IdeaPad Y900-17ISK may be different. It can be a combination of one SSD and one HDD, SSD, or two, combined into a RAID-0 array level and one HDD.

The notebook has two connectors M.2, each of which supports the installation of NVMe-drives with interface PCIe 3.0 x4 and SATA, as well as the standard-the SATA connector for 2.5-inch drives.

In this case, the laptop was set 2.5-inch HDD WDC WD10SPCX-24HWST1, capacity of 1 TB.

In addition, the connector was installed M.2 SSD-drive NVMe Samsung MZVPV128HDGM (form factor in 2280), with a capacity of 128 GB. This drive has a PCIe 3.0 x4 interface.

But most interesting is that in the second connector M.2 has been set exactly the same SSD-drive. Apparently, it is a feature of this notebook sample, since the second drive is not used. It is assumed that both the drive should be combined into a RAID-array level 0, and the total volume of the array must therefore be 256 GB.

Lenovo IdeaPad Y900-17ISK Review and Test Gaming Laptop

Making Connections Lenovo IdeaPad Y900-17ISK determined by the presence of dual-band wireless network adapter Killer Wireless-AC 1535 , which corresponds to the specifications of IEEE 802.11a / b / g / n / ac and Bluetooth 4.1. In general, the site the Lenovo , at the laptop specifications, says he supports a Bluetooth version 4.0, but this is a mistake and actually supported by the Bluetooth 4.1 version.

There is a laptop in a traditional Gigabit Ethernet interface on the basis of Killer e2400 controller.

Laptop Audio subsystem based on the Realtek HDA-codec, and body mounted subwoofer and two speakers.

In addition, there are two types of audio jacks minijack. That is, there is a headphone output and an output for an external microphone.

It remains to add that the laptop is equipped with a built-in HD-webcam (720p), located above the screen, as well as a non-removable battery capacity of 90 Wh (8100 mAh).

Lenovo IdeaPad Y900-17ISK Review and Test Gaming Laptop

Lenovo IdeaPad Y900-17ISK: Appearance and ergonomics

Laptop Lenovo IdeaPad Y900-17ISK can be called a classic representative of the modern gaming notebooks. The specification states that the overall dimensions of the notebook – 425 × 315 × 36 mm. The horizontal dimensions are correct, but the thickness of the … Well, apparently, it is a Chinese millimeters. For gaming notebook shell thickness is not critical, why did it underestimate – is not very clear. In fact, the maximum thickness of the shell is 38 mm, and this is without legs rubberized thickness. And if we take into account and feet, the maximum thickness of 43 mm will be longer.

However, even if the maximum thickness of the shell is 43 mm, it is perfectly normal for gaming 17-inch model.

Laptop Weight (without power adapter) is 4.38 kg. As you can see, the laptop is quite heavy and, of course, assumes a stationary use.

Lenovo IdeaPad Y900-17ISK Review and Test Gaming Laptop

The chassis is made of aluminum and plastic. The cover has an insert of a thin sheet of aluminum, trimmed with a brushed metal black. On the lid emblazoned backlit gaming devices logo Lenovo.

The thickness of the screen (the lid) is 9 mm. And despite the fact that the screen is very thin, it is quite hard and almost no flex when you press on it, and the screen hinge system to the mounting body to provide sufficient bending stiffness and good locks the screen position at any angle of deflection. The maximum angle of deviation relative to the screen keyboard plane is 130 degrees.

The screen in the laptop is closed with frosted glass frame that creates the illusion of frameless screen. But the frame on the screen, of course, there is.On both sides the thickness is about 20 mm, above – 25 mm, and bottom – 30 mm. At the top of the frame in the center is a webcam.

Working surface flanking the touchpad has a checkered coating of soft-touch. The coating is not easily soiled and very comfortable to work with.

The bottom panel of the notebook is made of aluminum, trimmed with a brushed metal black. Lower body panel has air intakes closed red mesh and on the back side of the case are located ventilation holes for blowing hot air. In addition, the bottom panel is a mesh covering the built-in subwoofer.

To the left of the keyboard located on the working surface laptop controls. This Turbo button that allows you to make overclocking processor and graphics card without having to reboot the notebook, as well as four programmable shortcut keys.

Lenovo IdeaPad Y900-17ISK Review and Test Gaming Laptop

Laptop power button located in the upper right corner of the work surface.

Individual LED status indicators in this notebook there. There are only a tiny and barely noticeable indicators CapsLock and NumLock, which are located on the corresponding keys.

On the left side of the notebook has two port USB 3.0 (they are marked in red), the port USB 3.1 (Type-C), HDMI and DisplayPort connectors, RJ-45 network connector and power connector.

On the right side there are two ports USB 2.0 (marked in black), two audio minijack type, memory card slot, a traditional notebook Lenovo Novo button and hole for a Kensington lock.

Generally, about of USB-ports is to make an important point. On the Lenovo website states that in the laptop are three USB 3.0 ports and one USB 2.0 port. If this were true, it would be logical to label all three connectors USB 3.0 ports with one color. However, two laptop USB-connector marked in red, and two more – black. Moreover, we can say for sure at speeds up that red ports – a USB 3.0, and the black – it is USB 2.0.

Port USB 3.1 (Type-C) is based on an Intel DSL6540 controller (Thunderbolt 3.0) and also supports an external monitor.

At the back end of the notebook connectors not, but there are arranged air vents for blowing hot air.

Lenovo IdeaPad Y900-17ISK: Opportunities for disassembly

Lenovo IdeaPad Y900-17ISK Review and Test Gaming Laptop

One of the features of this laptop is its ability to disassemble. To do this, unscrew 13 screws and carefully remove the lower housing cover, then you can gain access to the cooling system, the two memory slots, HDD and SSD-drives.

Recall that the described rapid disassembly user accessible memory slots, only two of the four. Two slots are located on the reverse side of the board and are not available without a complete disassembly of the laptop.

Lenovo IdeaPad Y900-17ISK: Input Devices


Lenovo IdeaPad Y900-17ISK Review and Test Gaming Laptop

Lenovo IdeaPad Y900-17ISK, as in all Lenovo laptops, the keyboard is used with a proprietary type of keys. There is also a separate numeric keypad NumPad.

In general, the manufacturer’s website states that in the laptop uses a mechanical keyboard. Maybe it really is a mechanical keyboard, but any advantages compared to conventional notebook keyboards we have not seen.

The keys on the keyboard have a standard size of 16 × 16 mm, and the distance between them is 3 mm. The key travel is 2.5 mm.

The keys are black, and inflicted on them symbols – white. The symbols on the keys contrasting and clearly visible even in low light.

In addition, RGB keyboard has a backlight, which the user can configure using the tool included in the kit. With this tool, you can choose the color of the backlight and lighting scheme.

Lenovo IdeaPad Y900-17ISK: Touchpad

Lenovo IdeaPad Y900-17ISK Review and Test Gaming Laptop

The Lenovo IdeaPad Y900-17ISK used laptop touchpad type klikpada with simulated key press. The dimensions of the working area is 105 × 70 mm.

Touch the surface of the touchpad a little recessed and separated from the rest of the surface of a thin rim, which lights up when the backlight keyboard. Klikpad pressing depth is 1 mm.

By the touch-sensitive surface sensitivity and ease of positioning the cursor on the screen using the touchpad have no complaints. All very convenient, prefer soft keys with a deep touch, such klikpad you do not like.

It should also be noted that this klikpad does not support multi-touch features.

Lenovo IdeaPad Y900-17ISK: Sound

As already noted, audio subsystem Lenovo IdeaPad Y900-17ISK NDA is based on the Realtek codec, and the two speakers and a subwoofer mounted in the notebook chassis.

Subjectively, the acoustics of this notebook is very good.

To estimate the output sound path designed for headphones or external speakers, we resorted to the instrumental testing using an external sound card Creative E-MU 0204 USB and utility RightMark Audio Analyzer 6.3.0. Testing was conducted to stereo mode, 24-bit / 44.1 kHz. According to the results of testing the audio section in the laptop Lenovo IdeaPad Y900-17ISK received an aggregate rating of “Very good.” Full report with the test results in RMAA 6.3.0 program submitted on a separate page , the following is a brief report.

Lenovo IdeaPad Y900-17ISK: Screen

The Lenovo IdeaPad Y900-17ISK laptop used IPS-matrix LG Philips LPD046E) with LED backlight based on white LEDs. It has a matte anti-glare coating, and its diagonal size of 17.3 inches. The screen resolution is 1920 × 1080 pixels.

Viewing angles (both horizontal and vertical) are very broad. When you look at the image at an angle with the horizontal and vertical color almost no distortion.

Overall screen laptop Lenovo IdeaPad Y900-17ISK can be considered as excellent. Wide color gamut, wide viewing angles, matte finish, sufficient brightness and the “right” to permit gaming laptop.

Lenovo IdeaPad Y900-17ISK: Noise level

The cooling system in the laptop Lenovo IdeaPad Y900-17ISK represents two powerful cooler, one of which is designed to cool the graphics card, and the other – for the processor.

Noise measurement was conducted in a special sound-absorbing chamber, and a sensitive microphone is positioned relative to the notebook so that simulate the typical position of the user’s head. According to our measurements, in idle mode the noise level emitted by the laptop is 22.5 dBA. This is a very low noise level, which actually merges with the natural background levels, and ‘hear’ laptop in this mode is almost impossible.

First of all, consider the case when Turbo mode is not used. In this case, in a stressful CPU mode (Prime95) the noise level of 27.5 dBA. This is hardly noticeable level of noise that can be heard only in silence.

When stress loading graphics (FurMark) the noise level even slightly lower than in the stressful CPU – 26.5 dBA.

When both stressful CPU and video card noise level of 31.3 dBA. It is also fairly low noise. That is, if it uses the acceleration mode (Turbo mode), the laptop Lenovo IdeaPad Y900-17ISK will run very quietly under all versions stressful CPU and graphics card.

If Turbo mode activated, which leads to acceleration and graphics processor, the results in terms of noise will be the following. In all variants of the stress load (only the CPU, but the graphics card, processor and graphics card), the noise level will be 39.5 dBA. This, of course, a very significant noise level at which the notebook will stand out from the rest of the devices in a typical office building.Battery life

Measurement notebook operating time in stand-alone mode, we carried on our technique using a script iXBT the Battery the Benchmark v.1.0 . Recall that we measure the battery life with the screen brightness of 100 cd / m².

Generally speaking, gaming 17-inch laptop, it is a very long battery life. Is it important for such a laptop – is another question.

Lenovo IdeaPad Y900-17ISK: Performance tests

To evaluate the performance of the laptop Lenovo IdeaPad Y900-17ISK we used a standard methodology for measuring performance using benchmarks iXBT Application Benchmark 2016 and iXBT Game Benchmark 2016 .

Since the laptop Lenovo IdeaPad Y900-17ISK involves two modes of operation (normal and Turbo), we tested it in two modes.

According to the integrated performance notebook Lenovo IdeaPad Y900-17ISK exceed our reference system based on the Intel Core i5-3317U processor in more than two times, so he certainly falls into the category of high-performance solutions (non-game applications).

Using Turbo mode (CPU and GPU acceleration) allows to increase notebook performance by an average of 8%, which, in general, very good. And overclocking laptop Lenovo IdeaPad Y900-17ISK shows already a record high performance.

Now look at the results of testing the laptop Lenovo IdeaPad Y900-17ISK games. First of all, we note that the laptop supports Nvidia G-Sync technology, but testing in the games we have deliberately disabled the technology.

Testing was carried out at a resolution of 1920 × 1080 in two configuration modes: the maximum and the minimum quality. In addition, once we have tested the notebook in a normal mode, and the second time – in Turbo mode when accelerates the processor and graphics card.

As can be seen from the test results, even in a mode without overclocking laptop Lenovo IdeaPad Y900-17ISK makes it comfortable to play most games at the maximum quality and resolution of 1920 × 1080. And if you use the optional Turbo mode, then there is without any reservations you can comfortably play any game at maximum quality settings.

Lenovo IdeaPad Y900-17ISK: Conclusions

On the one hand, Lenovo IdeaPad Y900-17ISK laptop is a very high performance solution that can be used for any resource-intensive tasks. Stunning screen, comfortable keyboard ergonomics and high performance make the work with this laptop is very comfortable and efficient. If Turbo mode is not used, the laptop is very quiet.

The presence of a top-level gaming card makes it comfortable to play on this laptop in any modern game.

In addition, Lenovo IdeaPad Y900 is a long time to work off-line, although, of course, for such a solution is not very important, because this notebook is designed for stationary use mode.

Source: tweaktown

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