LeEco Le Pro 3 X720 Review smartphone from “Chinese Samsung”

LeEco Le Pro 3 X720 Review smartphone from "Chinese Samsung"

The recently introduced Leeco Le Pro 3 is a logical extension of Le Eco Le Pro 2 – the average in size, but “stuffed innovations” smartphone

Changes all logical and minimal. The main difference – in the chipset, Qualcomm now it is 821, chetyrehhyaderny, 64-bit, at a frequency up to 2.35 GHz. There is a version with 6 and 4 GB (in presale now – with 4 GB). Sad that LTE Band 20 is still not supported.

Leeco Le Pro : Appearance and ergonomics

Despite the fact that inside the well the smartphone Leeco Le Pro 3 has changed its appearance can easily be confused with Le Pro 2. At least the front. The smartphone also all is not the best choice for those who enrage frames around the screen.

The front surface is also covered with 2.5D glass, which looks quite impressive, however, can get scratched if the smartphone is put face down. Sim card tray located on the left (you need to remove them by using paper clips), no microSD slot support. For what?

LeEco Le Pro 3 X720 Review smartphone from "Chinese Samsung"

Bottom – USB Port Type-C. To charge it is convenient, good balanced. Grids around the connector perform more decorative function.

Perfectionists also hasten to inform that the chamfer on the smartphone Leeco Le Pro 3 is now uniform, but not like before. Button on-off switch and volume rocker are also all right.

Here is the black dot on the top – a mark, it is necessary to ensure that those who have a drill, drilled themselves into your phone jack for headphones.

Above is an infrared port.

Kind of a little closer to the front camera, earpiece and proximity sensor. It’s easy to see 2.5D glass.

The most noticeable change in the design of the rear. Plastic inserts are much thinner now, according to the manufacturer, “the back cover is 98% of the metal” (apparently, by weight). Little has changed and the topcoat. The camera also all the “sticks” of the body, but the lens is protected by a metal rim, so, theoretically, scratch it must not be very easy.

LeEco Le Pro 3 X720 Review smartphone from "Chinese Samsung"

I think that compared to the previous version, Le Eco Le Pro 3 has become much more “bleskuchim” and “Gypsy.” Even now the logo looks like something vulgar.

In addition, the brilliant handset brilliantly visible and fingerprints.

In general, Le Eco Le Pro 2, and so did not have the taste and pattern design, and with the advent of the new model, this situation is not improved. Though, someone may like the looks rich, particularly in the gold version.

LeEco Le Pro 3 X720 Review smartphone from "Chinese Samsung"

Leeco Le Pro 3: Contents of delivery

Compared with the previous model, nothing much has changed. The same black box, the same charger (up to 2A at 12V, but with the “Chinese” with a fork), silicone case, and the same adapter with Type-C at 3.5 mm.

Also included is a clip for pulling out the tray with the SIM card.

Leeco Le Pro 3: Software

Nice icons, but the “all apps” screen there, so that the programs are piled on desktops. Well at least the folder are supported.

LeEco Le Pro 3 X720 Review smartphone from "Chinese Samsung"

Generally, the firmware LeEco «sharpened» by working with their Chinese ecosystem (TV, media content, cloud). And when the ecosystem is not present, the shell looks simple and primitive. From the pre-installed software – only a TV remote control (not for nothing that the smartphone has an IR port).

Leeco Le Pro 3: Screen

On the one hand, the smartphone screen is excellent. It is bright, with outstanding viewing angles, with nice colors. In general, a typical example of a In-cell technology. On the other hand, I know that there are many people who are black border around the screen becomes annoying.

LeEco Le Pro 3 X720 Review smartphone from "Chinese Samsung"

Leeco Le Pro 3: Camera

The smartphone Leeco Le Pro 3 is set to 16 Mpixel unit, the quality of shooting the camera is very good, if the result parallels in Chinese smartphones, it’s probably worth mentioning OnePlus 3.

Even in a dark room the device copes well, a minimum of noise and clear details.

Photo on LeEco Le Pro 3 X720

Photo on LeEco Le Pro 3 X720

When shooting objects near it is evident that the natural colors and minimal distortion. Sometimes the camera is slightly pessimistic about the illumination of the object.

In scenes with high dynamic range it can be seen that the camera is well able to cope with fluctuations of illumination. Particularly impressed with the photo light bulb – color is not “knocked out”!

Photo on LeEco Le Pro 3 X720

Photo on LeEco Le Pro 3 X720

In scenes with a lot of small items the built-in JPEG becomes a bit of detail is not to be missed.

The firmware can be glued good panorama, even in very difficult conditions (large frame depth).


Pros Leeco Le Pro 3:

  • Excellent screen
  • Wonderful camera
  • Super speed
  • Familiar form factor
  • Support for fast charging
  • Normal battery

Minuses Leeco Le Pro 3:

  • Lack Band 20
  • There is a 3.5 mm jack
  • Gypsy design and materials, collecting fingerprints

The smartphone Leeco Le Pro 3 is a good, strong, thin, fast, with great battery. But the design on the fan, and the lack of a 3.5mm connector does not paint. LTE support is poor.

Source: gadgets.ndtv

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