LeEco Le Max2 Review Android smartphone: the next flagship killer?

LeEco Le Max2 Review Android smartphone: the next flagship killer?

In our hands we got the flagship of the company – LeEco Le Max2. For a start look at the specifications of the device.

LeEco Le Max2: Specifications

From the table of characteristics shows that LeEco Le Max2 X820, in spite of the word “Max” in its name, is the successor to the X800 Pro LeEco Le1 is evident not only in digital model designation, but also on the similarity of their characteristics.

What has changed? LeEco Le Max2 X820 has an updated top-end SoC, the OS fresh out of the box, a new camera, the screen added a bit in diagonal, but the battery, unfortunately, has scarcely increased in volume.

Proceed to review and learn how “killer” turned out to be the new flagship of LeEco. As always, let’s start with the packaging and accessories.

LeEco Le Max2 Review Android smartphone: the next flagship killer?

LeEco Le Max2: Packaging and integration

LeEco Le Max2 comes in an elegant black box.

A decorated box the ascetic: on the front side is only the company logo and on the back – label with a short list of characteristics of the device.

In addition to LeEco Le Max2 in the box are:

  • Charger;
  • USB cable – USB Type C;
  • Adapter Jack 3.5 USB Type C;
  • Transparent silicone pad on the back cover;
  • The key to open the tray SIM/MicroSD card;
  • User manual and warranty card.

The case is made rather qualitatively and only slightly increases the thickness of the smartphone, while providing a reasonable level of protection back cover and side edges.

LeEco Le Max2 Review Android smartphone: the next flagship killer?

For the panel it should say the manufacturer, but in General the standard. Good that there is an adapter Jack 3.5 USB Type C – not put it in the box with the phone would be shaped mockery on the part of the manufacturer. But the USB Type C Micro-USB, which was completed LeEco Le1 X800 Pro, and there would be not superfluous.

Let’s move on to the appearance of the device.

LeEco Le Max2 Review Android smartphone: the next flagship killer?

LeEco Le Max2: Appearance and design

LeEco Le Max2 is made in a classic form factor: monoblock with a touch screen. The apparatus has a rectangular shape with slightly rounded corners.

Weight and dimensions of the apparatus 185 and 77.6 x 156.8 x 7.99 mm, respectively. Not to say that the smartphone is too big or heavy other smartphones with such diagonal of the display have comparable parameters.

The device case is made of pleasant to the touch aluminium.

The manufacturer gives no information about what kind of protective glass is used and whether it was at all.

The thin display frame also can not be called is a “disease” all devices released LeEco.

LeEco Le Max2 Review Android smartphone: the next flagship killer?

There is an oleophobic coating is very good quality.

In the upper part of the front panel led indicator, front camera and ambient light sensors and proximity.

The led is small in size, but fairly bright. Not to say that it is perfectly visible in any light, but this is far from the worst implementation of LEDs in portable devices.

In the settings you can choose what events will trigger the indicator.

At the bottom of LeEco Le Max2 is the block touch keys: Recent apps, Home and Back.

Keys are only while pressing one of them.

The backlight is bright enough, but not so much blind in the dark.

In the upper part of the rear side of the phone includes a primary camera (21 megapixel) with led flash and a fingerprint scanner. The camera lens protrudes slightly over the rest of the body, which, of course, is not very convenient.

To work with the scanner uses a standard Android app.

LeEco Le Max2 Review Android smartphone: the next flagship killer?

The fingerprint scanner is not as good as I’d like – usually only on the second touch he is able to recognize the fingerprint. It seems that the manufacturer is aware of the problem and must solve it in future software updates.

At the bottom of nothing, except for the logo.

On the right side LeEco Le Max2 set the power button/lock and the single volume key. Keys do not play and are not loose in their housings.

On the left side there is a tray for 2 SIM-cards format NanoSIM. For memory card, alas, was not.

On the upper end of the device is just an IR transmitter.

On the bottom are the USB Type C port, external speaker, microphone, and… everything. Yes, LeEco also decided to abandon the 3.5 mm Jack – a pier, it the device is useless. Sorry, of course, but at least the adapter in the kit laid out – and that is good.

The smartphone is available for purchase in three color versions: rose gold (rose gold, we have been apparatus such colors), gold force (Golden color) and grey (smoky-gray back and a gray front panel).

As for build quality, here LeEco Le Max2 at altitude is no joke, the level of leading world manufacturers. The phone is assembled just fine, and felt that in the manufacture of high-quality materials used.

With the appearance of finished, move on to the screen of the device.

LeEco Le Max2 Review Android smartphone: the next flagship killer?

LeEco Le Max2: Display

LeEco Le Max2 is equipped with a 5.7″ touchscreen IPS matrix. Screen resolution – 2560 x 1440 (QHD), the density of pixels (ppi) is 515 dpi – individual pixels are hard to distinguish, even if we consider the display of the device at close range.

Of course, many will say that the QHD resolution on a diagonal is simply a marketing trick (and lack of framework for the promotional images), which, among other things, negatively affects the battery life of the device, and they would be correct. But, on the other hand, for VR glasses such permission.

Although the manufacturer doesn’t specify this nowhere, it is clear that the technology of OGS – between the glass and the display has no air gap.

With the help of the calibrator X-Rite ColorMunki Display will hold the hardware test screen LeEco Le Max2:

On the chart Luminance red curve is quite far from the reference line.

On the chart the color channels RGB Levels shows that only the curve of green color is close to the reference line.

The color temperature of smartphone display above the reference 6500k, so the display will be “cold” the output.

Color gamut of the screen is significantly wider than the sRGB standard, which is not very good for the honesty of color.

All the points of the gray wedge is situated outside the deviation DeltaE<10, but pretty close to it, then, “parasitic” shades of colors are present, but they are expressed not so strongly.

LeEco Le Max2 Review Android smartphone: the next flagship killer?

LeEco Le Max2: Hardware platform and performance

LeEco Le Max2 is equipped with a powerful SoC production Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 MSM8996.

It is based on a processor with 4 cores architecture Kryo (14 nm process). The kernel is organized in two blocks: one for resource-intensive tasks (core frequency up to 2.15 GHz), the other for less demanding applications (core frequency up to 1.6 GHz). As the accelerator is used Adreno 530.

LeEco Le Max2 depending on the version is equipped with 4 or 6 GB of RAM. In our case the device had 4 GB of RAM.

Usually free around 2 GB of RAM, which in itself is good, but there are various questions to the “extravagance” of the firmware, in fact it occupies a large part of the remaining memory.

Anyway, the problems with lack of RAM for the smartphone usage time never arose, and the problem with the “appetites” of the system will surely improve in the new firmware – if not the LeEco, as “craftsmen”.

On a normal official firmware manufacturer LeEco Le Max2 is gaining about 150,000 parrots in AnTuTu, and the results of the other benchmarks is also higher.

LeEco Le Max2 Review Android smartphone: the next flagship killer?

Whatever happened with the box firmware in games LeEco Le Max2 is just amazing: everything runs on maximum graphics settings, and every game gives a stable 60 FPS without a hint of brakes.

The same applies to the daily work of the device: not a single frieze or freezes, everything works quickly and smoothly, applications run very quickly. Web surfing is similar – no problems in any browser.

Under load, the smartphone is moderately heated, the heat is felt tactilely weak performance and stability problems do not arise.

LeEco Le Max2: Firmware and software

LeEco Le Max2 is controlled by the operating system Android 6.0.

Installed proprietary shell LeEco – EUI 5.8. We’ve seen it on other smartphones of the company, despite the increased version number, in terms of interface and appearance, little has changed.

Has its own program to control the appliances using an IR sensor with a sufficiently wide base of devices that can be controlled.

As we were holding apparatus designed for the Chinese market, the phone has several pre-installed media programs, and specialty store applications. Unfortunately, all this is useless in our country and only takes place in the internal storage and RAM.

Obtaining Root rights on LeEco Le Max2 no problems, everything is very simple. Presently, smartphone already exists a large number of custom firmware based on official, with several builds of CyanogenMod.

LeEco Le Max2 Review Android smartphone: the next flagship killer?

LeEco Le Max2: Multimedia

In LeEco Le Max2 uses a proprietary music player with beautiful interface and its own EQ.

In the settings you can enable “improvizer” – Dolby Atmos, but it is made more “for show” and affect the sound slightly.

FM radio in smartphone there.


The external speaker has medium volume, but the quality of granted they sound very good, even at maximum volume level.

To work the earpiece and microphone, even in noisy places, in most cases, the speaker is heard loud and clear, and he hears the caller.

When testing in RMAA smartphone connected to the sound card ASUS Xonar U7 with ratio signal/noise on the recording 113 dB.

The maximum volume of the signal when testing the device in RMAA was ~ -7.0 dB.

As mentioned above, in LeEco’s new line of devices decided to abandon the classic 3.5 mm headphone Jack in favor of its technology of sound transmission through a USB Type C port – CDLA (Continual Digital Lossless Audio). Unfortunately, CDLA headset when testing we did not have (it is currently underrepresented, there are a few models), so we connected audio devices via the supplied adaptor.

Consequences of the refusal of 3.5 mm Jack on the sound quality? According to the test results above shows that, at least, not become worse. Speaking subjectively, the headphones in a smartphone sounds nice, loud, but without the frills, and does not reach the results smartphones-leaders with a dedicated DAC.

LeEco Le Max2: Memory and file system

LeEco Le Max2 available to be purchased in variations with flash drive capacity of 32, 64 or 128 GB. In the version with 32 GB storage device to the user of them are available about 24 GB.

The hero of the review does not support the installation of MicroSD memory cards, but it’s not critical, given that even the younger version of the device equipped with a storage capacity of 32 GB.

The smartphone supports OTG (USB On-The-Go) via a special adapter.

By default, the device connects to the computer as MTP device.

LeEco Le Max2: Communication and wireless capabilities

LeEco Le Max2 works over cellular networks 2G, 3G, FDD-LTE (Band 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 7/ 8/ 12/ 17/ 20/ 25/ 26) and TD-LTE (Band 38/ 39/ 40/ 41). Yes, there is finally a flagship smartphone from China which not only supports Band 7, but Band 20!

Accordingly, LTE in Moscow and Moscow region, works with all operators, and, judging by the scope of supported frequencies, should work not only across Russia and Europe and partly in America, which, of course, will be an indisputable advantage for people with fast mobile Internet in the travel.

LeEco Le Max2 perfectly catches the signal where other devices and then lose it. The signal is very grippy, the test has never been the case that the phone lost connection. Great result!

LeEco Le Max2 works with SIM cards in mode Dual SIM Dual Standby radio in the smartphone one, simultaneously work both SIM cards – but only in standby, when receiving a call or transmitting data on one SIM card the second is inaccessible.

In the settings you can set for each of the SIM cards in his name and for what it will be used by default.

The smartphone supports Wi-Fi Display and Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth v4.1 and Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac. Technology support NFC (Near Field Communication) HotKnot or not. In addition, there are technology support VoLTE (Voice over LTE, voice over LTE).

GPS module in LeEco Le Max2 works well, but there is one complaint that is associated, according to simu curve firmware our copy machine began to see the satellites only after 2-3 minutes since I started. Otherwise no complaints about it.

LeEco Le Max2: The battery life

In LeEco Le Max2 has a removable Li-polymer battery capacity 3100 mAh. Yeah, it’s pretty small, given good appetites SoC with 2k display.

For starters we will test the autonomy of the device in the special tests.

LeEco Le Max2: Camera

LeEco Le Max2 is equipped with two cameras: the main with a resolution of 21 megapixels (module Sony Exmor RS IMX230, the physical size of the matrix – 1/2.4″, aperture F/2.0, optical stabilization) with autofocus and led flash and front with a resolution of 8 megapixels (aperture 2.2). Module Sony Exmor RS IMX230 has already been used in devices LeEco, for example, in the first Le Max.

Preset Camera app wide functionality is not. The set of parameters that can be set in manual mode, is extremely scarce: in fact, you can only select a specific ISO and set exposure compensation. You can choose one of the scenarios or to shoot in fully automatic mode.

Again, judging from the reviews, the quality of the footage is pretty much dependant on the firmware version, so it’s worth keeping in mind.

LeEco Le Max2: Comparison with competitors

Given the filling, the hero of the review is able to compete with other, more expensive solutions. And if you take into account the price of the new item, the latter virtually has no chance. Therefore we shall find to compare the leaders of Chinese brands that have already made a name for himself, but it is not yet reflected in the cost of their devices.

Version Xiaomi Mi5S Plus with 64 GB of permanent memory is the successor of the previous flagship, the Xiaomi Mi5, and could boast of a more powerful SoC and long battery life, but less RAM. However, the main advantage of the smartphone – huge user community, and with it a number of firmware.

The new flagship of the brand OnePlus, OnePlus 3, turned out to be extremely successful (unlike the second version) and is able to compete with LeEco Le Max2. Staff have already visited our lab, where they were studied in detail, and left a good impression.

Frameless flagship ZTE Nubia Z11, came out recently, but has already attracted attention primarily due to its excellent design. In addition, the device has different memory card support, and this is one of its advantages over other top models.

LeEco Le Max2: Conclusion

The new flagship LeEco did it again is not entirely unambiguous. To compete with the top devices of other firms, it lacks gloss and identity, a kind of zest. But to compete with someone there, because in middle and older version LeEco Le Max2 ask for an amount comparable to the cost of the flagship solutions from other, better known companies. In addition, LeEco did not learn how to do out of the box adequate, and although the progress is definitely there, but to properly use a smartphone, you will have to spend time on the selection of optimal firmware.

However, the firmware can be changed, but to drill holes in the housing of the 3.5 mm Jack just will not work, and how to add support for memory cards. And if with the last paragraph, the situation is similar with most of the flagships of other companies, the rejection of the usual audio connector looks to be at least ambiguous.

Summing up, one can say that the middle and older version LeEco Le Max2 recommend to buy difficult in this price range, they look quite pale. And the younger version, on the contrary, simply no competitors, and it is a great offer on a parity the price/quality that can be safely recommended for purchase.

Pros LeEco Le Max2:

  • Reasonable price (for a younger version);
  • Very good display;
  • Good call quality, support for many LTE frequencies;
  • High performance;
  • Excellent materials and build quality.

Cons LeEco Le Max2::

  • Lack of support of memory cards;
  • Average battery life.

May not suit:

  • Lack of 3.5 mm Jack;
  • “Raw” firmware out of the box.

Source: indianexpress

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