LeEco Cool1 Review: Chinese smartphone with Dual Camera

LeEco Cool1 Review: Chinese smartphone with Dual Camera

In August 2016, together with LeEco Coolpad issued a joint smartphone LeEco Cool1. The alliance of these two companies is not surprising, since LeEco is the largest shareholder of the company Coolpad.

The main highlight was the installation of two LeEco Cool1 camera module on the rear panel. Does it help to improve the picture quality, and that more interesting inside, read below.

Features LeEco Cool1

On paper, the Chinese manufacturers have equipped their offspring serious stuffing, but how well it will work, remains to be seen.

LeEco Cool1 Review: Chinese smartphone with Dual Camera

LeEco Cool1: Design, body materials, dimensions and weight

Components LeEco Cool1 well matched, and claims to how the machine is assembled – no. Since the cost of the device is not high, it was placed in productive popytatlis chip and make it a camera phone, but had to sacrifice part quality housing materials. The main part and the rear side frames are made of metal, but the top and bottom end completely plastic.

There are three color options: gold, silver and pink. All of them are bright front panel, which is too conspicuous wide black border around the display. Above the screen is the speaker, camera and sensors, under it – the three navigation keys are backlit.On the left is a tray for SIM-cards, and the right volume buttons and on / off device.

At the rear dual camera and a fingerprint sensor, both have an oval shape and are arranged one above the other. To the right of the lens dual LED flash. At the bottom are visible logos of two Chinese companies.

In this model, the top mounted 3.5mm audio jack and infrared port.Below can be seen the two bars. Behind one hides the speaker for the second – the microphone between USB-C port.

Dimensions of the device: 152 x 74.8 x 8.2 mm, weight 167 g display area ratio LeEco Cool1 to the area his entire front panel of 73.3%.

LeEco Cool1 Review: Chinese smartphone with Dual Camera

LeEco Cool1: CPU

Inside the apparatus described Qualcomm MSM8976 Snapdragon 652. chipset consists of 2 clusters. In one four-core Cortex-A53 processor with a clock frequency of 1.2 GHz, in other more complex tasks 4 Cortex-A72 cores with a clock speed of 1.8 GHz. The GPU is Adreno 510. It was created with the help of the chip 28 nm process technology, which is the thickest in 2017 in smartphones, and most of fuel and energy-intensive. However, the processor is quite productive.

LeEco Cool1 version with 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of non-volatile memory, in a test AnTuTu smartphone is gaining more than 80 thousand points, which can be safely called the average result among smartphones. Performance corresponds to more expensive devices from A-brands. In GeekBench 4 when testing single-core performance, he earned 1463 points, and in testing the performance of multi-core 2429 points.

LeEco Cool1 Review: Chinese smartphone with Dual Camera

During the games, a noticeable drop fps is not revealed. After a short game LeEco Cool1 rear panel is heated to about 33-34 degrees Celsius, and the front – up to 31 degrees. Indications of synthetic tests, starts immediately after the game for up to 30 minutes, I have only a couple of dozen points in GeekBench 4 and somewhere in the 2000 points in AnTuTu.

LeEco Cool1: Memory

Released in three versions LeEco Cool1. In the first 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB constant. In the second 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of ROM. The third 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of ROM. The smartphone is no memory card slot. Type LPDDR3 RAM, and a constant – eMMC5.1. To store files and install applications available a little more than 22 GB.

LeEco Cool1 Review: Chinese smartphone with Dual Camera

LeEco Cool1: Battery

LeEco Cool1 comes in a white box, which has a cable with USB-C and an adapter to connect to an electrical output of 2A / 5V. The smartphone is equipped with a non-removable battery at 4060 mAh. Support for fast charging is not available in firmware, in the Chinese supported. To fully charge the battery will take about 2.5 hours.

The battery life is quite good. With a maximum brightness of the display video playback from YouTube will last about 8 hours. With an average load LeEco Cool1 enough for a couple of days.

LeEco Cool1 Review: Chinese smartphone with Dual Camera

LeEco Cool1: Camera

Of particular interest is the dual camera, placed on the rear panel. According to the manufacturer, the additional module improves the brightness of the picture by 20% and reduces the amount of noise by 8%. And in the “Camera” application, a new SLR mode. He must simulate the behavior of a camera and a mirror to create the background blur effect.

The SLR only change the depth of field. To take advantage of the new regime, the recorded objects must be at a distance of no more than 2 meters away from the lens. It becomes evident that the blur is not always there where it is necessary if you look at the photos taken in this mode. By itself, the function is interesting, but its performance is a bit weak.

LeEco Cool1 Review: Chinese smartphone with Dual Camera

Let us return to the two modules of the main chamber. Both have a resolution of 13 megapixels, phase detection autofocus and aperture of f / 2.0. One unit takes color images, and the second black-and-white. A similar system is used in other smartphones such as Huawei P9. In this second module of the smartphone has not played a significant role, as in the photographs do not see any difference when compared with taking a picture with a single module. Here are a few shots in different conditions on the main camera:

According to some reports, in LeEco Cool1 on the rear panel mounted sensors from the company Sony IMX 258, in which a pixel size of 1.12 microns. The appendix “Camera”, you can adjust the white balance, ISO, exposure, manually put the focus, saturation, watermark image. We note also that the main camera can shoot video with a resolution of 4K. However, the receiving rollers are not too high quality, as evident that LeEco Cool1 often do not have time to focus on the subject.

LeEco Cool1 Review: Chinese smartphone with Dual Camera

The front camera has a resolution of 8 MP and an aperture of f / 2.2. She is not too large angle of view – only 80 0. The pixel size of 1.4 microns, a video is removed from 1080p. Qualities get a self sufficient for placement in social networks.

LeEco Cool1: Display

5.5-inch display is covered with glass with oleophobic coating. the screen surface with your fingers glide well, but the glass is made by the standard technology, rather than the ubiquitous 2.5D. Around the display are wide black box, that spoil the first impression of LeEco Cool1, but, as we are assured by the owners, you can get used to them. Most likely they did not have a smartphone with no frame on the sides, as you get used to a good faster.

The display refers to the IPS type, has a Full HD resolution and accepts up to 10 simultaneous touches. pixel density of 401 pixels per inch. The selected color temperature settings, but the mode of reading, we have not found. Viewing angles are large enough, bright picture, in direct sunlight the image can be seen, but it could be better.

LeEco Cool1: Communication

LeEco Cool1 supports two SIM-card-sized nano, who work on 2G, 3G and 4G. Wireless communication is performed via dual-band Wi-Fi a / b / g / n / ac, WiFi Direct and Hotspot, Bluetooth 4.1. Finding your way on the ground to help A-GPS and GLONASS. Present infrared port can be used to control home appliances, especially in the smart phone is set for this special application. Also has FM-radio, and supports VoLTE technology.

LeEco Cool1: Sound

As has been described above, although at the lower end of the lattice can be seen two stereo speakers are not, as a single grid is only a microphone. The sound quality coming from the main speaker is poor. The situation is much better when listening to music through headphones. In LeEco Cool1 characteristics also contains support for Dolby Atmos. A positive factor is the presence of a 3.5 mm audio jack as in the last few smartphones from companies such port LeEco absent.

LeEco Cool1: Operating system

LeEco Cool1 runs on Android Marshmallow 6.0.1, on top of which the EUI 5.6. The interface is similar to that of other Chinese manufacturers. No separate application menu and all of the downloaded program are displayed right on your desktop. If you hold your finger down from the top, you will see the notification menu where nothing except the notification. Separately, there are Dual app function, it allows you to install one application with two different accounts. While its capabilities are not too large and is only available for WeChat.

In general, the operating system is running smoothly and quickly launch applications, although sometimes some programs are emitted.

LeEco Cool1: Features

The main feature of LeEco Cool1 – dual camera, but buying a smartphone for the sake of it, not the best idea, since with a single sensor, it would be removed at the same level.

Pros and cons LeEco Cool1


  • good photos on a sunny day;
  • Snapdragon 652;
  • infrared;
  • good battery life.


  • healthy black frame around the display;
  • no memory card slot;
  • the second module of the main chamber in fact just a marketing ploy.

Definitely smartphone is not suitable for people who do not play nicely with appliances or English. At the moment, its target audience in our country – it is the youth. For a young person has a good picture quality, powerful processor and good battery life.

Our review LeEco Cool1

Overall was a good smartphone for the price category. And although the presence of a second camera module We assigned a disadvantage because it is not important, the picture quality to be good, especially in sunny weather. LeEco Cool1 have enough power to run a variety of games, and the deterioration of image quality over time were observed. Note good battery life and a good 5.5-inch display.

Source: leeco

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