Leagoo Alfa 2 Review: affordable smartphone with some interesting features

Leagoo Alfa 2 Review: affordable smartphone with some interesting features

The Chinese company Oteda Group, not so long ago that launched the brand Leagoo, recently started with surprising speed to fill the market with their mobile innovations, and completely different level, design and direction. Some of the new smartphones from this company have already visited on our test we looked at the stylish fashion phone Leagoo Elite 1 with an interesting and attractive design, and later appreciated how the company sees itself modern planshetofon the example of its model called Leagoo Shark 1. Now it’s time to look for “last line”: today we tested the unit of discharge for the cheapest and affordable. Price smartphone Leagoo Alfa 2 does not even reach $ 100, and against the backdrop of the prevailing financial difficulties such products acquired in recent years more and more popular. Let us see that the buyer can get the smartphone for $ 70-80 and the user is able to please the Chinese manufacturer for such small money – without interest on the example of the apparatus called Leagoo Alfa 2.

Leagoo Alfa 2: Contents of delivery

Leagoo Alfa 2 comes in a very small size compact box made of solid cardboard unpainted without gloss. The color of its uncluttered design in the form of a logo on the front side of the box is reminiscent of industrial packaging. This kind of styling was present until recently under the boxes of Xiaomi smartphones, but it is true, now those were gone from this path.

The kit consists of a compact power adapter (maximum output current of 1.5 A), connecting the USB-cable, a simple wired headset, and a protective film on the screen and thin booklets documentation.

Leagoo Alfa 2 Review: affordable smartphone with some interesting features

Leagoo Alfa 2: Appearance and usability

Judging by the reviews on the internet design Leagoo Alfa 2 much liked. However, it is worth considering that we are talking about those users, who are used to dealing with budget inexpensive Chinese products, and at the level 2 Leagoo Alfa really looks good. Although, to be objective, the all-plastic body review the hero, of course, does not look stylish or expensive. The same Doogee Y300 with its impressive metal frame and unusual shapes is just next to the handsome Leagoo Alfa 2.

Nevertheless Leagoo Alfa 2 is really pleasant to look at, he has a pretty slim profile, comfortable to hold in hand size, and matte, not easily soiled surface. The metal in the outer part of the body is not at all, all the details of plastic, including a side frame and a removable back cover. Kakimi-to fanciful shapes as the same Doogee Y300, the smartphone does not have, he has quite a simple design: slightly sloping lid slightly rounded sides and corners in the plan, the front glass is 2.5D-also small curves at the edges.

On the downside is attributed quite slippery plastic surface: it is dull, but firm, without the effect of soft-touch, so fingers dry the material slides well. In addition, the smartphone is quite heavy: its weight is about 150 g, while the manufacturer has officially put the figure at 140 g, deliberately understating the weight of the unit on the ’10 However, such tricks we meet often, they are quite accustomed to small Chinese manufacturers, for which sales are at times more expensive than their own image.

Not very much, and the quality of the assembly: the back cover on the edges of adjacent somewhere not quite tight, clearly visible cracks, and fasten the flexible thin cap on its multiple plastic latches is sometimes tedious.

Leagoo Alfa 2 Review: affordable smartphone with some interesting features

The lid itself, however, is rather unusual: on it the manufacturer put the touch pad to control the fingers, which is on the inner side has a contact group, connected to the special connector on the body.

This control method is found for the first time, the area called the manufacturer of Ion Smart Touch Panel, can be called a lightweight version of the usual fingerprint scanner, usually hosted on this site. Although it prints this area and does not recognize: she is able to carry out scrolling pages, unlock the device, and even shooting at the camera, but for the prints – it’s not for her.

Functionality, it should be noted, it is not always convenient. For the most part enjoy this area is not necessary, for horizontal scrolling, at least, it is certainly not comfortable. Although the point touches to unlock or photography, in principle, it is possible to use at times. But still, there is confidence that the majority of the owners of this Ion Smart Touch Panel and will be unclaimed.

Another of the cons can be noted protruding rear camera module. Because it is inconvenient to use the device on the table: Smartphone sways with every touch of the screen like a paperweight. But the flash next to the camera, can be described as very bright, this happens rarely.

Connectors for cards are all available under the lid, convenient to manipulate them, the battery need not be removed for this. And it is not detachable here and tightly hidden under a massive metal plate. The device can simultaneously take two Micro-SIM format card and microSD memory card, do not have to sacrifice anything. Hot-swapping is not supported.

Lattice dynamics of the ring is here, on the back side, so the sound is muffled slightly reclining apparatus. Stereo speakers is not here, but has a separate amplifier, so that the volume of a stock gets virtually any environment.

The front panel is completely covered 2.5D-glass with a slightly sloping edges that make the whole body of the smartphone more streamlined and pleasant to the touch in the side passages. Pleasant surprise is the presence of such a budget system complete set of functional elements in the front panel. It is not greedy and backlight touch the Add button (which, incidentally, often deprives its cheap smartphones, Lenovo), and even its own LED flash Front Camera given.

Leagoo Alfa 2 Review: affordable smartphone with some interesting features

Not forgotten and event indicator: here it is implemented in the form of pulsating with different colors is highlighted by a circle, organized on the site of the central touch buttons below the screen. The color scheme of the indicator, by the way, is adjusted in the menu by the user. The other two on the sides touch buttons are also backlit, which can not but rejoice.

Chagrin is unsuccessful implementation of lateral mechanical keys: keys are quite large, but almost does not protrude beyond the surface of the body. They can not grope blindly, as well as the two keys are located near each other, they often confuse control without looking at the attempt.

Connectors are located on the ends of the usual case: the top you can find a headphone jack (3.5 mm diameter), without the presence of the second auxiliary microphone for noise cancellation.

At the bottom there is the Micro-USB connector, which is what we were pleasantly surprised, supports the connection of external devices to the USB OTG mode (USB Host). Next to it you will notice a small hole microphone spoken. Holes slot cut directly into the plastic protecting the rims do not have and, of course, is not centered about the longitudinal axis – it looks not very neatly. In this picture, by the way, is clearly visible bulge corner of the cover, which can not be pressed any tighter forces.

Fastening strap on the body is not, plugs connectors are not covered, protect from moisture and dust the machine is not received. As for colors, the user then waits for a variety of four different color, you can choose a black, white, pink and gold options.

Leagoo Alfa 2 Review: affordable smartphone with some interesting features

Leagoo Alfa 2: Screen

Leagoo Alfa 2 is equipped with a touchscreen IPS display, combined with the 2.5D-glass with sloping edges. Physical screen size is 62 × 110 mm diagonal – 5 inches, resolution – 1280 × 720 pixels, dot density equal to 294 ppi. A sidewall surrounding the screen have a width of 4 mm, and the top and bottom margins up to 16 mm – a fairly wide frame.

The display brightness can be adjusted manually, and, surprisingly, this low-cost smartphones available and automatic adjustment – among the sensors are not greedy set the ambient light sensor. multi-touch technology supports up to 5 simultaneous keystrokes.

Leagoo Alfa 2: Sound

About sound Leagoo Alfa 2 it may be noted that there is a stereo amplifier Awinic AW 8737, so the smartphone sounds pretty loud. But the quality of the sound, all this has nothing to do: and the headphones and an external speaker sound is loud, sonorous, but entirely without bass, broad band did not indulge. Sounds apparatus simple but loud and fairly clean. For available settings familiar to numerous devices on the platform MediaTek improve BesLoudness and BesAudEnh speaker and headphones. Never before their connection did not seem helpful: with these features sound becomes a little bass, but more dull, dim. In colloquial speech interlocutor dynamics, timbre and intonation are recognizable, but sometimes interspersed metallic ring, ringing appears thin guise of a stranger, though, it is a trifle.

FM-radio with recording programs off the air in the smartphone available, works only with the headphones connected. Built-in voice recorder special sensitivity is different, no noise reduction, as well as the second auxiliary microphone. Staffing function is here and the ability to record telephone conversations with the line.

Leagoo Alfa 2 Review: affordable smartphone with some interesting features

Leagoo Alfa 2: Camera

Leagoo Alfa 2 is equipped with two units of digital cameras with a resolution of 13 megapixel and 5. Front-end module has a fixed focus optics, but with its own LED flash. Shooting for selfie quality level is satisfactory: in good light picture light, color and sharpness in the norm, although, of course, details of the weak, and Scharping extraordinary.

There is a suspicion that the main 13-megapixel camera is equipped with 8-megapixel sensor manufactured by Sony, and the maximum resolution is achieved with the help of image interpolation. The lens aperture is f / 2.8. Autofocus is not a quick, there is an electronic image stabilization, video is recorded at the maximum resolution is only up to 720p. Maximum ISO sensitivity can be set manually up to ISO 400, as in manual mode, you can affect the white balance and exposure. Transfer control using the camera settings Camera2 API to third-party applications can not, in RAW recording capabilities are not.

Leagoo Alfa 2 Review: affordable smartphone with some interesting features

Leagoo Alfa 2: Phone part and Communications

The weakness Leagoo Alfa 2 is the lack of support for LTE: Smartphone supports a part used in Russia 2G GSM wireless bands, 3G WCDMA, 4G support but it does not have. In general, the sensitivity of the device communication modules can only be described as outstanding. In practice, with SIM-card MTS operator comfort even in Moscow, 3G speed and failed to get the device.

The rest of the network capabilities of the smartphone for a budget smartphone is not so bad: the NFC, but there its Chinese analogue Hot Knot, however, of little use for us. Supported only one band Wi-Fi (2,4 GHz), there is the Direct Wi-Fi, you can create a wireless access point through the channels Wi-Fi or Bluetooth 4.1. Micro-USB 2.0 connector supports connection of external devices to the USB OTG mode.

The navigation module works only With GPS (with A-GPS), Glonass satellites domestic unit does not see. The first satellites are found at cold start for a minute. Smartphone mounted magnetic field sensor, which operates on the basis of digital compass navigation software.

Telephone application supports Smart Dial, ie when typing a phone number and immediately carried out a search on the first letter of the contacts. Support unseparated I have no standard keyboard.

Smartphone supports two SIM-cards in the Dual SIM Dual Standby mode when both cards can be in the active standby mode, but can not run at the same time – there is only one radio. With 3G / 4G networks can operate SIM-card in any slot, but at the same time in this mode, only one card can operate. To change the assigned slot card is not required to change places – it can be done directly from the phone menu. Assign the appropriate card for calls or SMS can advance straight during call setup or the pop-up menu, if it had not been done in advance.

Leagoo Alfa 2: OS and software

As the system in the apparatus used Google Android software platform 32-bit version 5.1 installed on 32-bit SoC. Own the shell is called Leagoo OS 1.1, its features and appearance resemble most other Chinese own skins that all resemble each other. Here as well there is no separate application menu, and there is very broad support for a variety of sign options. You can draw the characters on the screen glass to quickly jump to a certain program, you can use the movement of the phone itself (wiggle, shake and coups). There is the possibility of non-contact gesture (Bringing the palm over the screen to scroll through pages and photos), there is not even possible to extinguish the screen while you look at it, and the like. In this regard, the Chinese are very well developed, and another thing, how many people are able to remember all these movements, and they are easy to be controlled?

Additional programs is small, some of them are functional and useful, such as a file manager or Leagoo Share to communicate directly with other smartphones. But apart from that, for some reason, we installed two versions of Opera Mini and Opera Max, as well as the application for further processing photos Leagoo Beauty.

Leagoo Alfa 2: Performance

Hardware platform Leagoo Alfa 2 builds on the quad-core 32-bit single-chip system (SoC) MediaTek MT6580. In the SoC configuration includes four processor Cortex-A7 cores running at up to 1.3 GHz. For graphics processing accelerator meets the Mali-400MP with one working engine. The amount of RAM is only 1GB, which is free from initially about 300 MB, which by today’s standards a little remiss. Own memory for the needs of the user in the device is available for about 10 GB. It is possible to install a microSD card up to 32 GB, but in practice our screening card Transcend Premium microSDXC UHS-1 128GB confidently recognize the device. Also, the device supports connection of external devices to the USB port in OTG mode.

MediaTek MT6580 platform capabilities are very small, this SoC refers to the initial level roughly comparable to an outdated Qualcomm Snapdragon 400. Accordingly, no impressive results in tests do not have to wait for the machine. On the MediaTek MT6580 features practical enough for reliable operation in the most routine tasks, but for high-end cameras, screens with a resolution higher than 720p, and, of course, it is quite demanding games are not designed. In Modern Combat 5 were noticeable braking, play is not comfortable, and the graphics are not impressive with a video accelerator. In World of Tanks game is more smoothly (about 28-38 fps). You can play, but the fun of games are difficult to obtain with a strong desire.

Leagoo Alfa 2 Review: affordable smartphone with some interesting features

Leagoo Alfa 2: Battery life

The fixed battery installed in Leagoo Alfa 2, has a considerable capacity of 2600 mAh. This smart phone even with a low-resolution screen and low-productivity platform has demonstrated a rather average, not a record of battery life. No overheating and throttling here, of course, does not happen. Perhaps the effect is not too energy-efficient platform, made obsolete by technical process, or poor optimization from the manufacturer, but is clearly of such batteries could squeeze more. In standby mode, by the way, the machine behaves quite sparingly.

The manufacturer promises some transcendental numbers, such as 15 hours of talk time, but it is likely embellished data, and given they are probably counting on the presence of energy-saving features in the device. Power saving mode (even two) in the smartphone really there, but our testing, as usual, carried out without the involvement of such functions.

Uninterrupted reading program Moon + Reader (standard, bright theme) at the minimum comfortable level of brightness (brightness was set to 100 cd / m²) with avtolistaniem lasted until total battery discharge 12 hours, and at uninterrupted video viewing in high quality (720p) with the same level of brightness through a home Wi-Fi network device reached the mark of 8 hours. In the mode 3D-gaming smartphone worked 4.5 hours.

This smartphone is charging the battery from the regular network adapter rather quickly, just 2 hours a current of 1.27 A at a voltage of 5.35 V, since it uses a proprietary technology of fast charging a fancy name LGQC1.5 Flash charge.


Leagoo Alfa 2 is in foreign online stores cheap, only about 5000 translated into Russian rubles, and in the local stores, the model is not presented at all. And such a low price, in principle, eliminates most of the shortcomings inherent in this unit. It’s hard to say what guided people buying smartphones so cheap, but it is obvious that they do not expect high-quality recording on the camera and high performance, which is not exactly find here.

Everything else at the standard level. The smartphone has a pretty good level for your screen is bright and clear, resounding and loud sound system, a satisfactory set of communication modules and good ergonomics, supported by a complete set of useful indicators and a variety of sensors, including an unusual touch pad on the back cover.

Slightly spoils the impression unsatisfactorily implemented block side buttons, loose-fitting cover somewhere, but it is a trifle. His price Leagoo Alfa 2 precisely justifies it even slightly rising above the vast mass of such low-cost Chinese smartphones through a series of easy-mentioned amendments.

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