Laptop Dell Inspiron 17 7778 review and test: laptop with transformation in tablet mode

Laptop Dell Inspiron 17 7778 review and test: laptop with transformation in tablet mode

Most recently, Dell introduced a new model 17-inch Dell Inspiron 17 laptop line model series 7000. This Dell Inspiron 17 7778, we discussed in detail in this article.

Dell Inspiron 17 7778: Packaging

As with all Dell Inspiron series laptops, Dell Inspiron 17 7778 comes in a simple cardboard box unpainted.

Package is minimal. In addition to the 65 watt power adapter is supplied laptop (19.5 V, 3.34 A), and a reminder of the warranty service.

As you can see, according to the configuration, it is a classic all-purpose notebook that can be used as a substitute for a desktop PC.

The basis of the laptop Dell Inspiron 17 7778 is a dual-core processor Intel Core i7-6500U. This processor has a nominal clock frequency of 2.5 GHz, which is in Turbo Boost mode can be increased up to 3.1 GHz. The size of its L3 cache is 4 MB, and TDP – 15 watts.

Laptop Dell Inspiron 17 7778 review and test: laptop with transformation in tablet mode

Recall that the U-series processors (low power) are SiP, i.e. the processor and the chipset in a single package. Accordingly, no external chipset in this case.

The processor Intel Core i7-6500U integrated graphics Intel HD Graphics core 520, a base clock speed of 300 MHz, and the maximum (in Turbo Boost mode) – 1.05 GHz.

In addition to the integrated graphics core into the CPU in a laptop Dell Inspiron 17 7778 and has a discrete graphics card Nvidia GeForce 940MX with 2GB of GDDR5 memory. This new graphics card Nvidia, which is focused on multimedia notebooks.

Notebook Dell Inspiron 17 7778 comes with 12 GB DDR4-2133 memory. To install the memory modules provided by two slots, and in our version two memory modules SK Hynix (4 and 8 GB) has been established in the laptop.

Laptop Data Storage Subsystem is a single 2.5-inch HDD WDC WD10SPCX-75KHST0 1TB. This drive has a SATA interface 6 Gb / s. The drive is very slow, which, of course, a very negative impact on the performance of the laptop. However, performance will talk later.

Communication capabilities of a notebook are determined by the presence of a wireless network adapter Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 3165, which corresponds to the specifications of IEEE 802.11b / g / n / ac. In addition, this adapter module Bluetooth 4.0 is also integrated.

Laptop Audio subsystem based on the Realtek codec. But what kind of codec used, we can not say: it is not defined diagnostic tools, and the fact that we are talking about the Realtek codec, can be determined only by the driver.

Two speakers built into the laptop case, and there is a mini jack (combo jack mic / headphones) among the interface connectors. For the audio settings used Waves MaxxAudio Pro utility.

We add that the laptop is equipped with a built-in large format infrared webcam with HD resolution (720p) and two digital microphones, as well as a non-removable battery capacity of 56 Wh.

And the last thing that you can add, speaking of configuration Dell Inspiron 17 7778 Laptop: it comes with pre-installed Windows 10 Home operating system (64-bit).

Laptop Dell Inspiron 17 7778 review and test: laptop with transformation in tablet mode

Dell Inspiron 17 7778: Design and ergonomics

laptop case Dell Inspiron 17 7778 is made of metal and plastic. Cover laptop and the work surface, framing the keyboard and touchpad have a metallic coating (brushed aluminum silver).

In the center of the lid is a mirror traditional logo of the company Dell.

But the bottom panel of the case is made of plastic, painted in dark silver color.

Cover with screen enclosure has a thickness of 8 mm, it is quite tough: Pressing almost no flex.

Sam and touch the laptop screen with the frame closed the glass. Left and right of the screen frame width is 16 mm, above – 17 mm, bottom – 40 mm, and centered on the bottom of the frame is mirrored Dell inscription.

Laptop Dell Inspiron 17 7778 review and test: laptop with transformation in tablet mode

This LED is only one laptop. It is located in the center of the front end of the body, and lights up when the battery is charging.

One of the main features of the Dell Inspiron 17 7778 is that its screen can be rejected at any angle relative to the plane of the keyboard, up to 360 degrees – turning a laptop into a kind of tablet. Of course, to use a laptop in tablet mode is extremely inconvenient (it is hard to do so), but, in principle, possible.

The ability to screen at any angle deviation suggests that the laptop can operate in four modes. This is a standard laptop mode, the aforementioned tablet mode as well as two intermediate modes, called presentation mode and the console for movies. The difference between modes only, which angle deviates at the screen plane with respect to the keyboard.

Note that the console mode for movies, when the screen is deflected by an angle of 270 degrees or a little more, means that the laptop is based on the keyboard. However, in this case, the keyboard and touchpad are blocked, so that the accidental pressing of the keys to nothing lead.

Taking into account the various possible modes of operation of the laptop Dell Inspiron 7778 17 power button is not installed on the working surface, and on the right side of the case (as in plates). Next to the power button is a button kachelnogo type to adjust the volume. More than any buttons in the laptop is not provided.

Laptop Dell Inspiron 17 7778 review and test: laptop with transformation in tablet mode

On the left side of the case is a laptop USB 3.0 port with PowerShare technology connector USB Type-C, the HDMI video connector, combo audio jack (minijack) and power connector.

On the right side, except for the power button and volume control, there is a USB 2.0 port, a slot for SD-memory card, and a hole for the rarely occurring Noble Castle.

Note that USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports do not differ from each other in color and markings of these ports can be seen except under a magnifying glass. So we’ll just remember where a port is located.

Regarding USB Type-C connector there is no information at all, that is not even specified, which is the port: USB 2.0, USB 3.0 or USB 3.1. But the speed of a flash drive, you can conclude that this port is USB 3.0.

Dell Inspiron 17 7778: Input Devices


Like the vast majority of today’s notebooks, in the model of Dell Inspiron 17 7778 is used island-type keyboard. The keys have a size of 14,7 × 14,7 mm. The distance between the keys is 3 mm, and the key travel – 1.2 mm.

The base in this keyboard quite hard, and when you press the buttons, it is almost no flex. The keys are black and white letters on them (like Latin and Russian). There is a separate numeric keypad NumPad.

The basis for the keyboard in this case is itself a working surface in which slits beneath each key.

Laptop Dell Inspiron 17 7778 review and test: laptop with transformation in tablet mode

The keypad has a white backlight. If the keyboard is not used for some time, the backlight is automatically switched off, which is very convenient. But it is necessary to touch any key, and the backlight is turned on again. The backlight has two levels of brightness and is controlled using a function key.

The quality of the keyboard as a whole can be assessed as good. As already mentioned, the keyboard is almost no flex, and when printing does not produce klatsat sounds. But biased obscenities keys, and lock keystrokes barely noticeable.

The top row of keys as standard has two functions: a traditional F1-F12, a laptop management functions; one set operates directly, the second – in combination with a functional key Fn.


The Dell Inspiron 17 7778 notebook uses touchpad (klikpad) with dimensions of 105 × 81 mm. The touch surface is slightly rough to the touch, its sensitivity is not satisfactory. The touchpad is very easy to use, but note that a separate function key to disable the touchpad (which is important when you connect a mouse) is not provided.

Laptop Dell Inspiron 17 7778 review and test: laptop with transformation in tablet mode

Dell Inspiron 17 7778: Sound

As already noted, audio subsystem laptop Dell Inspiron 17 7778 is based on the Realtek codec, but the diagnostic utility does not define this codec. Subjectively, the acoustics in this notebook is not very high quality. At the maximum volume level heard a metallic rattle, and the bass is clearly overwhelmed.

Testing the sound section for connecting headphones or external speakers was carried out using an external sound card Creative E-MU 0204 USB and utility RightMark Audio Analyzer 6.3.0. Testing was conducted to stereo mode, 24-bit / 44.1 kHz. According to the results of testing the audio section was rated “good”, although, in our opinion, is an unsatisfactory result with a completely “killed” response. Full report with the test results in RMAA 6.3.0 software on a separate page, the following is a brief report.

Dell Inspiron 17 7778: Screen

As already noted, in Dell Inspiron 17 7778 laptop uses a touch screen glass glossy finish and a resolution of 1920 × 1080. It is based on IPS-matrix AUO B173HAN.

According to our measurements, the maximum brightness of the screen on a white background is 304 cd / m². With a maximum brightness of the screen gamma value is equal to 2.25. The minimum brightness of the screen on a white background is 18 cd / m².

Laptop Dell Inspiron 17 7778 review and test: laptop with transformation in tablet mode

Dell Inspiron 17 7778: Cooling and noise

Laptop Cooling cooler it is one that is associated with the heat pipes teplosemnymi plates on the GPU and CPU. It is this cooler is a source of noise in the laptop.

Noise measurement was conducted in a special sound-absorbing chamber, and a sensitive microphone is positioned relative to the notebook so that simulate the typical position of the user’s head. According to our measurements, idle this notebook is very quiet mode. The noise level of just 20 dBA, it merges with the background level.

In the mode of stress load (whether alone or at the same time the processor CPU and GPU) the noise level increases to 37 dB. This is quite a significant level of noise that is heard well in the afternoon in a typical office building.

Speaking about the noise level, it should be noted that as long as the CPU temperature is below 70 ° C, the laptop remains almost silent. Only after passing this milestone cooler dramatically increases the fan speed and noise becomes obvious. Thus, if we are talking about games or long-term work with demanding applications, the laptop will make noise and annoy. But when it comes to working with office applications, watching videos or surfing the internet, the laptop is virtually silent.

In general, we can say that the Dell Inspiron 7778 notebook 17 is classified as medium-level device noise.

Laptop Dell Inspiron 17 7778 review and test: laptop with transformation in tablet mode

Dell Inspiron 17 7778: Battery life

Measurement notebook operating time in stand-alone mode, we carried on our technique using a script iXBT Battery Benchmark v.1.0. Recall that the battery life we measure with the screen brightness of 100 cd / m². In addition, when working in offline mode used graphics processor.

According to the results of testing the battery life in Dell Inspiron 7778 notebook 17 very long. Its enough without charging almost the whole day. However, we recall that we are talking about a 17-inch laptop is quite heavy, which involves mostly stationary use, so an indicator such as battery life, this notebook is hardly falls into the category of important. In this case one can speak not so much about long mobile work, and the possibility not to take the charger when traveling for a few hours in the office.

Dell Inspiron 17 7778: Conclusions

At the time of writing review Dell Inspiron 17 7778 has not yet entered the retail sales. This is, in general, a lot, so let’s just weigh the pros and cons. Thus, the advantages of this model is the nice screen, good keyboard and touchpad. Battery life is also excellent, but we think that for the 17-inch notebook is not the most important indicator.

As for the possibility of using a laptop in four different modes (transformation into tablet mode and two intermediate states), to what extent this is true – a moot point. 17-inch tablet weighing 2.8 kg – quite a strange thing. Hold a tablet in his hands for a long time, hardly anyone will be able to, but the idea of using it as a stationary plate – is simply absurd. The screen of the laptop touch, and it is made specifically for the tablet mode (use the touch screen to the laptop mode is very inconvenient), so it turns out that the touch screen and the laptop is a very questionable advantage.

Laptop Dell Inspiron 17 7778 review and test: laptop with transformation in tablet mode

Now for the cons. First complaint to the laptop – is its audio support and audio section for connecting headphones or speakers. Their quality is poor. Furthermore, the laptop, in our opinion, not enough plugs: only one port USB 2.0, one USB 3.0 port, and is still less common USB 3.0 port with built-in Type-C.

Laptop Dell Inspiron 17 7778 review and test: laptop with transformation in tablet mode

According to the integrated performance in non-gaming applications, this notebook refers to decisions of the middle (closer to primary) level. The weakest point in its configuration is slow HDD. As a result, the notebook long time to load, and applications work quite uncomfortable. As for games, here you can only say one thing: this is not a game solution.

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