JBL Charge 3 Review: waterproof speaker with power bank function

JBL Charge 3 Review: waterproof speaker with power bank function

Of all the lines of portable speakers JBL average buyer is likely to attract exactly Charge. Against the backdrop of questionable benefits of other series, such as light music or carbines, JBL Charge trump card is more practical – a big battery that can be used to charge other devices. Earlier this year, it introduced the JBL Charge 3 – the fourth model in the series. We will tell more about it.

What is in the box?

Options in the JBL Charge 3 is the same as that of Charge 2 – bright orange power supply (5 V, 2.3 A) with interchangeable plugs and micro-USB cable. Thanks to protection class IPx7 need to cover completely disappeared.

JBL Charge 3 Review: waterproof speaker with power bank function

JBL Charge 3: Design

Previous models JBL Charge resembled beer cans. JBL Charge 3 looks like a little modification of the “barrel» JBL Xtreme.

In addition to the colors presented above, speaker is available even in black, gray, red and blue. Although the official website stated that we have received a modification teal, actually the color of a hair’s breadth turquoise – turquoise.

In the center of speaker  housing the JBL logo stands out, at the bottom – a five-way charging indicator light, bright and very comfortable. Even when viewed from above, one can understand the level of charge on the reflection surface of the table.

JBL Charge 3 Review: waterproof speaker with power bank function

All buttons are displayed upstairs and symmetrically arranged. From left to right: pairing a Bluetooth, a decrease in volume, including installing JBL Connect connections, increasing the volume and track suspension.

All connectors are tightly closed massivnorezinovoy stub. When to use it carefully, it is unlikely to start to flow with time.

Set of connectors is the same as in JBL Charge 2 – 3.5mm output TRS, micro-USB charging speakers, USB-port (5, 2 A) for charging other devices. Note that JBL does not skimp on the output amps in Charge speaker that can not but rejoice

With the ends in the recesses, as before, placed passive radiators. As far as we could see, the water, they can not miss.

To complete the picture, look at the bottom of the speaker. The base has a small footprint and an embossed texture. Given the considerable weight of the speaker, fear is not necessary for stability.

JBL Charge 3 Review: waterproof speaker with power bank function

In addition to the charge indicator, JBL Charge 3 highlights the power button: blue when paired via Bluetooth and a white in the ON state. JBL Connect button also lights up next to white when the regime.

Design JBL Charge 3 is really a success. Beautiful symmetric design, interesting textile coating and no questionable design decisions such as touch buttons. It is not surprising that some of the other JBL speakers are very similar to this. Producers will have to try very much to the following generations portable speakers to do something more interesting.

JBL Charge 3: Measurement

We took measurements of acoustic frequency response of the system on the axis of the main speakers.

Almost the entire length of the schedule keeps the acceptable difference without needing extensive dips and peaks. In the stated frequency range is surprisingly clearly matches the lower limit of – 65 Hz. But the opposite side beyond the level of -6 dB much earlier stated 20kHz.

JBL Charge 3 Review: waterproof speaker with power bank function

The transition to 10-watt speakers did not leave indifferent our measurement microphone. The figures show that even the Sound Blaster Roar 2 reinforcing the regime can not compete. Backlog, though only slightly.

JBL Charge 3: Sounding

Since the days of JBL Charge 2 sound became more balanced. This is evident, if we pay attention to the vocals in compositions: among many other speakers, he dominates, while JBL Charge 3 sounds in harmony with the rest of the ensemble. In place of accents barrels, attack strings ringing cowbell. The inherent openness of the series will not sound had happened to – to cheat with the installation is not necessary, the main speakers look straight ahead.

We had the opportunity to play with the JBL Charge 3 different wiring diagrams. First, we have put together a speaker via a cable to the output sound E-MU 0404 USB, which is reproduced FLAC-song from the computer. Then we connect the speakers via Bluetooth to Huawei Nova Plus and passed on the same acoustic tracks from the streaming service Deezer in the so-called “high” quality, the characteristics of which are not specified.

As a result of comparing the conclusion is that it is not necessary to dismiss from the portable audio system, which “only home videos from VKontakte voice.” When you connect a different sound differed dramatically. When Bluetooth-connection almost disappeared tools strokes, dynamics, vocal started confidently turn off the rest of “porridge”. With better quality path fared much better. If the form factor of the system JBL Charge 3 fit perfectly into tight concrete boxes, then why not try to use them in stationary scenarios? Did you have enough, and this, and saved the space you can use to better advantage.

The JBL Charge Mode 3 is implemented JBL Connect, with which you can synchronize multiple speakers JBL. Everything works the same way as we have described in the review JBL Pulse 2 – through JBL Connect application. In addition, JBL Charge 3 can function as a wireless headset, and the implementation of this regime is not unusual.

JBL Charge 3: Battery life

As usual, we measured the battery life when connected via Bluetooth. For 40 minutes before the deadline marked JBL Charge 3 is turned off. Apparently, in an attempt to save the remnants of charge. But the disco must go on, and we squeezed out of the speaker is still something what time.

Compared with the second version of the battery life was reduced, and the charging time increased. It’s nice that the device does not interrupt the music reports of low battery, only flashing red charge indicator.

JBL Charge 3 Review: waterproof speaker with power bank function

JBL Charge 3: Conclusion

JBL continues to conduct a series of confidence Charge to perfection. It is commendable that the priority is the sound quality and design. A bright feature JBL Charge 3 is the highest class of protection against moisture. On the sum of all the benefits we get a universal portable device: in the summer it is ready for adventure on the beach and in the winter – to the party in large living rooms.

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