Jabra Elite Sport review and test wireless headphones

Jabra Elite Sport review and test wireless headphones

Jabra Elite Sport can boast the best sound of all hitherto tested wireless sports headphones. Although this model lacks a little volume and saturation of sound, the rest of the device sounds remarkably balanced and detailed.

Out opinion: The best sound that we met until now: Jabra Elite Sport – this is the first completely wireless sports headphones, which are of a good quality of sound. However, such characteristics are achieved in part because of the fact that the headphones are fairly large and therefore sit in the ear not the most convenient way. Furthermore, this model is equipped with cool fitness features, although the accuracy of the gadget could be higher.

a simple, intuitive operation via integrated buttonsmore uncomfortable
good, solid soundsound could be a little more volume and saturated
comprehensive applicationfitness function is somewhat inaccurate
perfect delivery

Jabra Elite Sport review and test wireless headphones

Jabra Elite Sport: Good sound without powerful bass

In the «Burn The Witch» by Radiohead singer Thom Yorke’s voice (Thom Yorke) clearly stands out from the “sawing” guitar strings. However, the dance electro pop song «Life Itself» Glass Animals from the bass could be stronger: in the composition of a lot of low frequencies, ie they are for sports and fit best.

Jabra Elite Sport: Bulky headphones with good equipment

In contrast to the production company rival Bragi, data headphones endowed with simple and intuitive controls. It is carried out with the help of small buttons located on each of the “halves” of the gadget, and not as “abrupt”, like headphones Munich startup.

Other points of the specification, on the other hand, look in the same way: the battery life time is 3 hours, the charging case can extend this period to two more times – as a result of up to 9 hours of music enjoyment. Supplied with Jabra Elite Sport includes a large number of nozzles. In particular, you will receive 3 tips to the so-called «Memory Foam», which are able to take the shape of your ear canal, and 3 conventional silicone nozzle.

Jabra Elite Sport review and test wireless headphones

In addition, in the box you will find an accessory that is called «EarWings» – this is a pair of small fasteners that allow for a more secure grip headphones during sports. Users with the “wings” does not need small ears, and at the same time for them headphones may not be very comfortable: Jabra Elite Sport is very bulky and therefore can enter the ear canal is too tight, or even completely. Moreover, if the gadget will sit quite right, the heart rate monitor will not function.

Jabra Elite Sport: Powerful fitness function with application

Jabra Elite Sport – this is a very good sports headphones and they deserve this title primarily because of its fitness functions. The right earpiece is integrated heart rate monitor. It monitors the pulse and at any time displays it in the free app Jabra Sport Life. Generally speaking, this application – a real find for the athletes: you can always get acquainted with the results of the review exercise, create a lesson plan and get suggestions to optimize the training process.

headphones of the route are tracked through GPS, but is used for this module is located in a smartphone. The application also shows, in a regeneration phase, it is your body. Depending on how tired you are, Elite Sport recommend to a better start training.

While other sports headphone monitor a distance, heart rate and calories burned, Jabra Elite Sport also show information on how many times you have to wring out or sat. In this menu you can select one of the predefined sequences of exercises, or make your own cycle. Appendix quietly count down the number of actions for you and tell you when to go to the next exercise.

During test trials found some inaccuracy gadget: for example, the headphones after nine instead of ten push-ups said that the exercise is completed. In the case of other listed in the application workflows such a situation was also not a matter of chance.

Jabra Elite Sport review and test wireless headphones

Jabra Elite Sport: Alternative

Jabra Elite Sport is one of the most expensive sports accessories. However, due to its extensive list of features data headphone / fitness tracker are virtually uncontested. Therefore, as an alternative, we can recommend you only Teufel the Move BT .

They are produced without all the above functions, but can become good sport headphones for anyone who in fact only need to listen to music. At a cost of about 120 euros, they are also much cheaper.

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