iPhone X problems: not everything is so good

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Practically each release of iPhone is followed by the juicy scandal connected to quality of assembly of the smartphone. iPhone 4 had “Antennageyt” (in hands I lost touch), at iPhone 6 – “Bendgeyt” (bent). How in this plan the situation at iPhone X is? iPhone X problems: not everything is so good…

iPhone X problems with screen.

One of users of Reddit published a post with the complaint. It noted that at the edges of the screen its iPhone X unusual air bubbles appear. “If to pressure them, they disappear, but in 10-15 minutes return again”. It is obvious that the problem has no single character – some more subscribers of Reddit complained of the same.

iphone x, iphone x problem with display

Apparently, they had a problem with glue which connects glass and the OLED display. In build process iPhones pass all through the procedure of pumping of air so before us a normal manufacturing defect. One more user of Reddit marked that on the display its iPhone X the small circle appeared: “With the upper part of the display everything is all right, and here lower very easily collects spots and fingerprints.

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Such feeling that there is no [oleophobic] covering of the display generally there, and still remains this circle”. None of users of Reddit are more about a similar problem – apparently, something not so with an oleophobic covering – is not reported.


From the words of one of owners of iPhone X: if to reduce display brightness to a minimum, then where on the screen the gray text is displayed, “network” from different bands begins to run. Its observations were confirmed by one more user: “I think that I noted what you speak about …

When I scroll posts, on the gray text appear an easy red shadow”. Other user marked the same in Control center and in the menu of multitasking (when application of gray or white color).

One more commentator recalled that this problem already met on other devices: “I not absolutely understand, what do you mean as bands, but on we wash old Galaxy S8 the display disgustingly displayed the picture when I looked on is mute mostly dark videos on the minimum settings of brightness”.

Now it is not absolutely clear what there is a speech about in this case. Options can be two – production defect or a problem, standard for OLED technology, with shades and flowers which was already recognized the other day by Apple.

iPhone X problems with the speakers

Owners of iPhone X also complain of appearance of a crash and buzz in case of any sound playback, including listening of music and video, telephone conversations, tunes of the alarm clock and a ringtone. The problem is found on all configurations of iPhone X.

Problems with Face ID on iPhone X

Social networks flooded the numerous rollers showing cracking or incorrect operation of Face ID. So, the Vietnamese enthusiasts showed deception of a sensor of iPhone X with use of a mask worth 150 dollars. Besides, the history of the ten-year-old boy who could unclamp by means of Face ID iPhone X of the mother is known.

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Problems with the iPhone X casing

Specialists of the SquareTrade company say that the new smartphone of Apple is the most brittle smartphone created by developers from Cupertino.

The iPhone X display, as well as its glass back part easily crash after falling into a solid surface from height a little more than a meter. It should be taken into account that changeover of the screen or a back part in official service will manage almost in a half of cost of iPhone.nolvadex without prescription

iPhone X problems, iphone x, iphone 10, iphone problems with

Of course, several disturbing messages – yet not a reason for panic. Nevertheless, it is possible to understand feelings of detuned owners of iPhone X: when you acquire the smartphone at the price of the good computer, necessarily you wait that with it everything will be as it should be.

But spoilage in the first batches – an inevitable board for an opportunity to become one of the first buyers. In this respect there is a checked rule long ago: that who does not want to fall a victim of a manufacturing defect and to spoil to itself mood, it is better to acquire the new smartphone of Apple in half a year after start of sales.

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