Intel starts shipping CPUs Kaby Lake

Intel starts shipping CPUs Kaby Lake

Intel presented the financial report for the second quarter of 2016. The company’s sales increased slightly from 13.2 to 13.5 billion dollars. However, earnings fell significantly – from 2.9 to 1.3 billion dollars.

However, the main interest are the statements made by the company. Among them is the fact that Intel is ready to begin delivery of the 7th generation Core processors. Thus, processors Kaby Lake appear after about a year after Skylake exit. Series Kaby Lake – is the result of optimizing the architecture, since the principle of “tick-tock”, when a change of architecture and process technology alternate, no longer works for the modern technological processes. Even last year, Intel has decided to change the CPU development strategy.

Kaby Lake will be performed on the same 14-nm process technology. Further details can be found in numerous news in recent days and weeks. However, the fact that Intel began shipping does not mean that the new processors will soon appear in retail sales. The first system based on the Kaby Lake will be available, at the earliest, this fall. After that, the company will begin to sell the CPU is not only OEM, but also consumers.

In addition to announcement of readiness Kaby Lake, manufacturer also said a few words on the chip yield. This figure was much better than expected. This is evident from the number of stocks, reported by Intel. Significantly increased output in the first quarter of 2016. Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President of Stacy Smith (Stacy J. Smith) said that “in the second quarter things got even better.” Based on these data, we can conclude, that the production Kaby Lake processors began on time and going according to plan.

At the Intel Developer Forum event in mid-August, we are going to visit, it is expected more information about Kaby Lake and optimization phase.

Source: anandtech

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