Intel begins to create a self-propelled robots.

intel robots, intel, self-propelled robots

Intel create Robots???

Intel company is going to confidently enter into the field of self-propelled robot cars. This venture was recently reinforced by a deal worth 15 billion. As a result, Intel acquired a well-known Israeli corporation Mobileye, which specializes in automatic driving technologies. Immediately after the purchase, Intel began to “take the bull by the horns” while announcing its intentions to create a fleet of robotic cars. Self-propelled robots – wow!

In it till the end of this year there will be not less than 100 cars. The systems developed by experts of the company Mobileye, adapted for their use in cars of 237 marks! The number of specialized Mobileye chips installed on cars today exceeds 3.3 million.

intel robots, intel, self-propelled robots

In its future work, Intel will combine the experience and technical solutions of Mobileye in the field of computer vision and mapping with its capabilities in the transmission, storage and processing of large amounts of information. This need is justified by the fact that each robot car generates up to 4 gigabytes of data per day.

Self-propelled robots everywhere.

Intel plans to create a new car cloud system, a single integrated technology. It will allow the robot cars to communicate with each other and store their data in the depths of one cloud service. To start developing and debugging the elements of a future integrated system, Intel plans to create its own fleet of robotic cars. This park will not be concentrated in one place, its parts will be located with the USA, Israel and Europe. The park of Intel will include robot cars of 4 levels of autonomy (SAE Level 4).

This indicates a high level of automation, in which human intervention is required when some unexpected conditions arise. And from level 4 automation to level 5, it will only take a few small steps, after which the robot cars absolutely will not need human intervention under any circumstances. The distribution of the fleet of robot cars in different regions is of great importance for further work on the scientific values used.

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