INNO3D ICHILL GEFORCE GTX 1070 X3 [C107V3-1SDN-P5DNX] Review and test graphic card

INNO3D ICHILL GEFORCE GTX 1070 X3 [C107V3-1SDN-P5DNX] Review and test graphic card

In the modern world of graphics cards Inno3D company has its own niche, standing out among other manufacturers in its approach to model creation. Manufacturers do not hesitate to use his graphics card a reference PCB, but the fundamental work of the cooling system. Crowns their creations became a graphic accelerator, however, the best of them is referred to the iChiLL series. They have always received efficient and quiet cooler with lots of improvements, proprietary technology and high quality. So is graphic card Inno3D iChill GeForce GTX 1070 X3 able to surprise and fight on par with more expensive models.

Inno3D iChill GeForce GTX 1070 X3: SPECIFICATION

  • Manufacturer: Inno3D;
  • Model: iChill GeForce GTX 1070 X3;
  • Graphics processor: Pascal GP104;
  • Process technology: 16 nm;
  • GPU frequency: 1620 MHz;
  • The number of Shader processors: 1920;
  • Video Memory: 8 GB;
  • Type VRAM: GDDR5;
  • The bus width VRAM: 256-bit;
  • Memory clock: 2050 MHz (8.2 GHz QDR);
  • Support SLI: Yes;
  • Ports: DVI-D, HDMI, 3 x DisplayPort;
  • Additional power connector: 8-pin;
  • Length: 303 mm;

INNO3D ICHILL GEFORCE GTX 1070 X3 [C107V3-1SDN-P5DNX] Review and test graphic card

Inno3D iChill GeForce GTX 1070 X3: PACKAGING EQUIPMENT

Inno3D iChill GeForce GTX 1070 X3 comes in a large package with dark printing that identifies the label iChiLL line and brand image of the snowfields in the background. In the lower section of the developers noted the peculiarities of your model belonging to the series X3 Edition, advanced package, which includes rubber Mat and a pair of keys for 3DMark benchmarks and VRMark. As always, the graphics accelerator from Inno3D is armed and prepared for battle.

The reverse side contains a description of the model in ten different languages, including Russian. It is worth noting the high level of performance of GeForce GTX 1070 and the availability of factory overclocking. Who better than a company Inno3D, understands the importance of this feature in their video cards, trying different improved frequency characteristics.

INNO3D ICHILL GEFORCE GTX 1070 X3 [C107V3-1SDN-P5DNX] Review and test graphic card

Inside the dark box located packaging of cardboard with a modest decoration in the form of the logo of the series iChiLL. At this stage it looks quite modest.

All components and the graphics card is carefully protected by soft material, the graphic accelerator is in an antistatic bag. The package is placed here.

It includes a rubberized Mat high quality, driver disc, a brochure with recommended power supplies for the entire line of GeForce, leaflets keys 3DMark tests and VRMark, a metal badge on the case and a hex screwdriver to remove the casing. It is worth noting that the usual user’s manual is missing, but the operation for installing a video card is very simple and the documentation nobody uses.

Inno3D iChill GeForce GTX 1070 X3: APPEARANCE AND DESIGN

Inno3D iChill GeForce GTX 1070 X3 are made in the typical gray-black outlined metallic coating and manufacture of inserts. The designers worked on the appearance of the model, giving cover aluminum armor with lots of slots, and bends. Note the three fan size 90 mm, the presence of side lighting and attention to detail.

INNO3D ICHILL GEFORCE GTX 1070 X3 [C107V3-1SDN-P5DNX] Review and test graphic card

The developers once again noted its reluctance to follow the dimensions of the graphics card. Focusing only on the quality of performance and high efficiency, the issue of dimensions was relegated to the last plan: the length of the accelerator is 303 mm, width 111 mm. In PC new block of two and a half expansion slots. Modesty and minimalism are clearly to the Inno3D iChill GeForce GTX 1070 X3 do not belong.

On the back side of the graphics card is massive backplate that protects it from bending. In front of the developers made the ledge, which rests against the radiator of the cooling system, thereby reducing the voltage from sagging of the cooler. Over the entire area done through-slot for a smooth exit of hot air.

The front panel was painted black, which beneficially affects the appearance of the graphics card. It should be noted that such color scheme, the developers of many companies is used infrequently. Inno3D iChill GeForce GTX 1070 X3 uses standard video outputs: DVI-D, HDMI 2.0 and three DisplayPort b 1.4.

INNO3D ICHILL GEFORCE GTX 1070 X3 [C107V3-1SDN-P5DNX] Review and test graphic card

Close to the reference characteristics and the implementation of supplementary feeding in the form of one eight-pin connector. Company Inno3D noted the level of energy consumption of new items at around 190 watts, leaving a very small margin before a possible 225 watts. Connector installed with the latch down, thus resting on the casing, which complicates his connection.

Inno3D iChill GeForce GTX 1070 X3: COOLING SYSTEM

Finally, we can carefully examine the design of the cooling system, Inno3D iChill GeForce GTX 1070 X3, which is striking in its originality and massiveness. We emphasize that the developers are not sitting idly by and produced something new, as reported on the official website. The cooler is secured with six screws.

The cooler is a large two-piece heatsink with a large number of aluminum plates. Being pierced by five heat pipes according to the scheme “8+6+6+6+8” mm in contact with the GPU through the metal insert. All connections carefully soldered.

INNO3D ICHILL GEFORCE GTX 1070 X3 [C107V3-1SDN-P5DNX] Review and test graphic card

Most Inno3D iChill GeForce GTX 1070 X3 interesting organization of cooling of the power subsystem, where engineers placed a solid plate which is connected with dozens of ribs at a time, which allowed not to heat up the VRM area above 70°C during testing.With the power transistor heatsink in contact through the black thermal pad. The clamp is strong and uniform, which can also be attributed to the pluses.

The cover attaches very securely, and despite many attempts to examine more closely the cooler and the details proved impossible. For this reason, fans were considered a bit unusual perspective.

We have three fan size 90 mm, the diameter of the blades is slightly smaller – only 86 mm. Model CF-12915S manufactured by ColorFul and has the following characteristics: voltage of 12 V with a current of 0.35 Amps. The rotation speed is 0 – 1550 rpm.

Did not remain without attention and memory chips, for which a separate square plate, fastened around the perimeter.

Despite the lack of finning, even a flat structural member copes with the heating of the chips.

INNO3D ICHILL GEFORCE GTX 1070 X3 [C107V3-1SDN-P5DNX] Review and test graphic card

The last element backplate with a variety of slots and cutouts. To wishes want to write to the plate took away the heat from the printed circuit Board through the pads, which we do not observe. Perhaps the developers saw it necessary, because the temperature regime of the CPU VRM area is rather low.

Inno3D iChill GeForce GTX 1070 X3: PCB

But where it is not necessary to wait for surprises, so it’s a new PCB. Inno3D iChill GeForce GTX 1070 X3 is built on the original PCB of the reference GeForce GTX 1070 with the smallest changes. Of the advantages worth noting the use of high-quality circuitry, a design that allows you to install third-party WITH and follower, and support many utilities for overclocking.

INNO3D ICHILL GEFORCE GTX 1070 X3 [C107V3-1SDN-P5DNX] Review and test graphic card

The power subsystem was marked all soldered phases, which now has six for the GPU and one for the video memory.

As the PWM controller, the developers used the chip uP9511P production uPI Semiconductor.

Graphics processor GP104-200-A1 is made on 16-nanometer process technology FinFET. It includes 1920 shaders, 64 ROPS, 120 texture units, manufactured on the 19th week of 2016.

Eight video memory chips with a total volume of 8192 MB operate at a frequency 2052 MHz (effective frequency – 8208 MHz). It is a chip of Samsung, marking K4G80325FB.

INNO3D ICHILL GEFORCE GTX 1070 X3 [C107V3-1SDN-P5DNX] Review and test graphic card


  • CPU: Intel Core i7-4770K (4000 MHz);
  • Motherboard: MSI Z97 Gaming 5, version BIOS 1.11;
  • Cooler: Its Macho Le Grand;
  • Thermal interface: Arctic Cooling MX-2;
  • Memory: 2 x 4 GB DDR3 2133 Kingston HyperX Genesis (KHX18C10/4);
  • Graphics: iChill GeForce GTX AInno3D 1070 X3;
  • Drive SSD: SanDisk X110 256 GB;
  • Power supply: Chieftec APS-1000C 1000W;
  • Case: Cooler Master HAF 922;
  • Monitor: BenQ GW2460HM;
  • Operating system: Windows 7 64-bit Service Pack 1;
  • Driver: NVIDIA ForceWare 375.70.

As the CPU used was Intel Core i7-4770K, the frequency of which was increased to 4000 MHz. The memory frequency was fixed at 1600 MHz with timings of 9-9-9-27. The role of the platform was performed, motherboard MSI Z97 Gaming 5.

If you need a high overclock, then you came to the right place. Inno3D iChill GeForce GTX 1070 X3 has received increasing clock frequencies, which affected productivity growth. The core frequency has been increased from 1506 MHz to 1620 MHz Boost mode – 1683 MHz to 1823 MHz, in games the video card Bostic to 2025 MHz!

Quiet mode operation of the graphics accelerator is no surprise: the novelty is able to stop the fans in idle. The temperature can reach 41-42°C.

In modern games and benchmarks Inno3D iChill GeForce GTX 1070 X3 shows the following results: after an hour of continuous testing graphics accelerator warmed up to 64°C at 1280 rpm, making the model one of the most quiet and cold! Similar results just provided non-standard sizes and a massive cooling system.

INNO3D ICHILL GEFORCE GTX 1070 X3 [C107V3-1SDN-P5DNX] Review and test graphic card

Inno3D iChill GeForce GTX 1070 X3: SYNTHETIC TESTS

To evaluate the performance in synthetic tests used Valley Benchmark, Heaven Benchmark and 3DMark 2013.

Inno3D iChill GeForce GTX 1070 X3: GAME TESTS

Let’s move on to gaming applications and focus on the testing methodology. The measurement of FPS was carried out using tools FRAPS and MSI AfterBurner, the resolution in all games was set to 1920×1080 pixels. Manually disabled the following settings:

VSync (vertical synchronization)

All other settings in game were set to the maximum possible.


We could not abandon the manual overclocking to see opportunities Inno3D iChill GeForce GTX 1070 X3. Maybe we got not the best sample, because the frequency of the kernel managed to increase by only 50 MHz, the memory ran a little better – at 250 MHz. Modest results that have nothing to do with temperature, because it reached only 70°C and the cooler was barely up to 1330 rpm Even at full power, which is only 1550 rpm, acceleration remained the same.

Due to manual overclocking the performance of the Inno3D iChill GeForce GTX 1070 X3 has increased by 6%.

The installed cooling system for the Inno3D iChill GeForce GTX 1070 X3 deserves a special praise: the low temperature at a low noise level. A nice feature, leaving a certain margin for further overclocking. Note that the developers have set up the cooler so that the compound algorithm is not necessary.

Separately, let’s measure the noise level of the cooling system in all ranges.

Inno3D iChill GeForce GTX 1070 X3: CONCLUSION

Inno3D iChill GeForce GTX 1070 X3 turned quiet, cool and efficient: what more do you need for an average gamer? The Inno3D lot of time on their products, so the graphics accelerators from this manufacturer every time there is less and less complaints. The developers are doing a great job on optimization settings, which affects the result. Note enhanced power subsystem, the presence of factory overclocking the core and memory, qualitative element base, excellent package, original design.

As for the comments highlight the huge dimensions of the Inno3D iChill GeForce GTX 1070 X3, and mediocre acceleration of our instance.

Advantages Inno3D iChill GeForce GTX 1070 X3:

  • High performance in contemporary games;
  • Productive and quiet cooling system;
  • The high availability of factory overclocking;
  • Original appearance;
  • Extended delivery set.

Disadvantages Inno3D iChill GeForce GTX 1070 X3:

  • The length of the graphics accelerator is 303 mm.

Source: inno3d

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