In win 509 (IW-BXR 148) review and test: stylish housing E-ATX with real glass

In win 509 (IW-BXR 148) review and test: stylish housing E-ATX with real glass

In Win is relatively long understood that the present glass is catching on. Other manufacturers are also not left behind, one after another, they release body with glass windows. In Win, meanwhile, increases its range. The company introduced a new model 509 with tempered glass. Housing E-ATX has good capacity and a powerful cooling system that allows you to install inside the high-end configuration. Fans like ASUS and ROG certification.

In Win’s approach is interesting not only consistent use of glass in new models of buildings. The company is trying at the same time also reduce the price to housing remained affordable. The same model In Win 303 ATX format can be bought for less 100 euros. But if you want to establish a system of E-ATX, or you just need more space for cooling components and then have to fork out. Enclosure Full Tower In Win 909 with tempered glass costs about 400 euros.

In win 509 (IW-BXR 148) review and test: stylish housing E-ATX with real glass

The gap between the two buildings decent, and it just closes the new model 509. In Win “Senior” brother In Win 303 allows you to set E-ATX format system, and can establish a 360-mm coil storage rack thanks to a specially designed forward. In order to save the In Win chosen from materials steel, but the front and on the left is used tinted tempered glass. Front through the glass emerges logo In Win, and the highlight color can be selected from an RGB palette random – but the motherboard should be the appropriate interface. And if that’s not enough, In Win 509 can be ordered in a version with ROG certification with red interior accents.

Price from In Win 509, of course, is much higher than 303. For Full Tower will have to pay 184.90 euros, but it is still cheaper In Win 909.

In scope of supply also can be traced parallel to the 303 installation accessories are packed in sealed bags. Just a bag of screws fastening the fan has a reusable fastener. You will also receive a user manual, black cable tightening, video support bracket, self-adhesive rubber feet and an adapter. The latter is very interesting: on one end it has a 4-pin RGB connector on the other end – SATA power connector. If the motherboard is no corresponding RGB port, you can still power the lighting in front of the logo, at least one color. We got to test the model ROG, in which the light was red. When RGB plug connection should be aware of the polarity. Any protection against misuse is not provided, so you need to look at the small arrow in the plug and socket – they must match.

In win 509 (IW-BXR 148) review and test: stylish housing E-ATX with real glass

In Win 509 | Exterior view

One of the advantages of In Win 509 -. 5.25 “drive bay This bay is not present at In Win 303 or 909. Therefore, in the glass panel does not take the entire front side of the body, and ends just below the optical drive and I / O panel Last offers. four ports USB 3.0, two connectors audio, but the nest Type C, unfortunately, no. to the right of the tray 5.25 “optical drive, you can see the flat power and reset buttons. The plastic has a textured finish aluminum.

On the left side of the body is closed large tinted glass panels. As before, In Win has installed rubber gaskets, to which the glass is screwed thumbscrews. The ROG version has a corresponding designation. Optional front fans get fresh air through the sidewall of the front panel, because the front glass enclosure is closed. Before the front fan manufacturer installed fabric filter dust.

In win 509 (IW-BXR 148) review and test: stylish housing E-ATX with real glass

Top and bottom of the housing 509 In Win is fully closed. Front fans, as we have already mentioned above, get fresh air through the sidewall of the left pane, the right pane In Win 303 also can be seen the cooling vents in the form of a honeycomb structure. But here already it is necessary to abandon the dust filter. As will be appreciated later, here the manufacturer has provided the installation of fans on the hood. By the way, fans are nominally 509 In Win is not installed at all. So that the user can select arbitrarily fans. On the other hand, the body with a similar price I would like to receive several pre fans.

We found another unusual feature for expensive housing: rubber feet may have to be glued. Bottom mounted dust filter, which is pulled back for cleaning.

In Win 509 | Interior

ROG version is equipped with a window to the ROG logo and also has color accents within the ROG. Indeed, a few red components on a black background looks cute. Note the unusual internal structure. In Win refused to classical storage racks. But in the package are four mounts for 2.5 “drives, which can be fastened with a single screw at different heights. It is interesting that the same attachment can be used for the installation of 120-mm fans. The user can set up to three additional 120- mm fans and a 360-mm heat exchanger for the air vents in the form of a honeycomb. three 120-mm or two 140-mm frontal fan can also be installed. Again, the front is also possible to install a 360-mm coil. Finally, the red inner beam can be three to tie 120-mm or 140-mm two fan and radiator 360 mm.

In win 509 (IW-BXR 148) review and test: stylish housing E-ATX with real glass

3.5 “hard drives in the In Win 509 shifted from the front of the back. At the bottom of the housing mounted rack with three trays of hard drives. If you want to install additional fans or a long power supply to the bottom of the housing, the stand can be easily removed. The power supply is installed on the steel tabs without any insulation, and then screwed to the rear panel. to install expansion cards, eight slots used in Win thumbscrews.

After removing the rack storage “does not have to give up hard drives. Over the motherboard In Win has provided two 3.5” bays 3.5. 3.5-inch hard drives are installed in trays just for vibration isolation meet the small rubber ring. Plastic trays can be used to install a 2.5 “drive, but they should be screwed.

Laying cables In Win has provided for the motherboard width E-ATX. To pay less format more holes provided in the tray. With the exception of the upper holes everywhere rubber plugs provided. Of course, it was not without a large cutout for installation of the back plate of the processor in the motherboard tray.

At the bottom of the front drive bays are not quite normal: EZ Swap bays make it easy to connect storage devices, since it is added back to inventory.

The internal structure of the In Win 509 is not quite standard, but to install components is quite simple. Of course, narrow motherboard micro-ATX board lost in a large enclosure, and on it is clearly seen that the holes for cable designed for E-ATX format. Also in the photo is visible, our benchmark 140-mm fan NF-A14 PWM from Noctua, which we fastened to the rear wall of the housing.

In win 509 (IW-BXR 148) review and test: stylish housing E-ATX with real glass

In Win 509 | conclusion

In Win 509 is a less expensive alternative to In Win 909 format 909. To save money, the manufacturer chose steel instead of aluminum, but the price has decreased more than twice. Of course, more expensive housing In Win 303 in the ATX format, but it is justified by the difference in price?

It all depends on the user’s preferences. Like the 303, the new model In Win 509 – Quality construction steel body, which greatly ennobled panel of real glass. In Win has installed glass only on the left side panel, so you can hide all the cables behind the right panel. Inside the case, we get quite a vast space for the assembly of the system E-ATX, and also for the CPU cooler places more than the In Win 303. Actually, the interior two buildings just vary the most. At 509 you get RGB-illumination and an additional glass front panel, and optional trim ROG (logo and the red backlight). For the body best suited motherboards with the appropriate RGB jack. But you can also use a power adapter with SATA to RGB, although the In Win logo will burn only one default color.

Inside the In Win is well thought out, the best way to use a decent body depth. The model E-ATX to install the radiator CBO provides the front part of the body. You can install a 360 or 280-mm heat exchangers, not only directly behind the front panel, but also to the additional beam. Also on the right side panel screwed 2.5-inch drives or additional 120mm fans or a 360-mm coil. Thus, In Win maintains a good balance between cooling capacity and drive mounts. The case In Win 509 -. One of the few gaming models, equipped with a 5.25 “bay Mounts for HDD / SSD mounting distributed throughout the body, so that in any configuration you will be where to install drives on the bottom of the case is set for the HDD rack /. SSD with EZ Swap technology. In contrast to the In Win 303, vibration isolation is provided for 3.5-inch drives. In general, the housing 509 In Win offers much more configuration options than less massive and costly In Win 303.

E-ATX enclosures on the market a great variety. But if you need a model E-ATX with real glass window, then the choice is not so big. Many manufacturers have recently introduced housing with side windows made of tempered glass, but they support the most, the ATX motherboards. This applies to low-cost Sharkoon DG7000-G and Corsair Crystal Series 460X, as well as the recently tested Jonsbo / Cooltek UMX4. If you need a housing E-ATX, then pay attention to Enthoo Evolv ATX Tempered Glass-Edition with advanced ITS installation. It belongs to the same price category as the In Win 509, but the front and top casing ennobled aluminum panels. In Europe, you can find less expensive housing anidées AI CRYSTAL and 150 euros. Visually, it is somewhat similar to In Win 509, but the more traditional and less flexible configuration within the body. But at CRYSTAL AI power supply and rack drives are hidden behind a screen.

In general, In Win 509 – a modern and interesting building with lots of glass, which not only looks beautiful, but also provides a good configuration flexibility and a great feature set. We have before us one of the most attractive option if you need the E-ATX casing with glass.

Advantages In Win 509:

  • Large housing E-ATX, enough space for tall CPU coolers and long graphics cards
  • The panels of the present glass, front left, the additional design features, such as RGB-lighting logo and (optionally) the execution-style ROG
  • Gikai cooling system, especially in front of the case; suitable for SVO
  • The flexible configuration of the system drive, including a three-compartment EZ Swap, there is also a slot for 5.25 “drive
  • Partially bezotvertochnaya assembly, the dust filter from the bottom and from the front
  • I / O panel with four USB 3.0 ports

Disadvantages In Win 509:

  • Comes without a fan (but the user can select fans at his discretion; regular fans still often replaced)
  • Feet user will have to stick yourself in the air vents on the right panel of the case there is no dust filter
  • Unlike other models of In Win is no port USB Type C

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